Picture Article- A Clan Cat’s Life by Stoatpaw

Stoatpaw shares the life of a Clan cat through pictures.

Hi BlogClan! Stoatpaw here, with your article for the day; a picture article! I’m going to show you a Clan cat’s life in images.

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A Clan cat begins as a kit, cared for by their mother or the queens of the Clan. Some kits are born with siblings, while others aren’t. The suffix for kits is always -kit.


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The next step to a Clan cat’s life story is apprenticeship. Some, like the cat in this image, train to be warriors, to hunt, fight, and more.


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Other apprentices might follow a medicine cat’s path, learning to heal and know which herbs are harmful and not, and learn to receive messages from StarClan. Regardless of the path they choose, apprentice names always end in -paw.


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In the end, training pays off. When an apprentice becomes a warrior, they sit vigil to guard the camp the night they get their new name. After their vigil is over, they can perform their warrior duties. Warriors can train apprentices and take on mates. Warrior suffixes are varied, though some like -fur, -tail, or-claw are more common than, say, -brook, -spirit, and -mask.


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Female warriors who give birth to or adopt kits are known as queens. They stay in the nursery from when they are expecting kits/adopt kits to when their kit turns six moons old and can be promoted to apprentice. Queens do not change their suffix.


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Aside from the high ranks, elder is probably one of the most respected ranks in the Clans. Elders are the cats of the Clan who retire. Elders are cared for by seemingly all the Clan, whether they get prey, new bedding, or checked for ticks. Elders tell stories of older times to the Clan and bury their deceased Clanmates. Elders do not change their suffix, though some cats get their names changed when they are elders, such as White-eye/One-eye.

Medicine cats get their full names at a sacred site like the Moonstone or the Moonpool at the half-moon. Medicine cat apprentices may get their full name, but still be apprentices until their mentor leaves their post or believes they have learned all there is to learn. Medicine cats cannot take on mates, but can train the new medicine cat. Medicine cats get the same suffixes as warriors.

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Warriors who train at least one apprentice in their life can be promoted to deputy, the Clan’s second in command. They organize the patrols, help the leader, and when the leader leaves their post, they are the Clan’s new leader. There is no suffix change for deputies.

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The highest position in a Clan is the leader. They are given nine lives with different gifts from their ancestors in StarClan. Leaders speak for their Clan at gathering and make very important decisions. Leaders get the suffix -star to show they have been given nine lives from StarClan.

I hope you enjoyed this picture article!Thanks for reading, and have a nice day! 🙂

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  • Wow this was a very unique article and I loved it 😀 For some reason at first glance I thought that the cat in the picture of a warrior was head butting the log 😛 Also, medicine cats do kinda have the same suffixes as warriors but they’re generally more calm and peaceful. Eg. -pool, -heart, -shine, -feather, -whisker, -leaf. However, some do have more fierce prefixes like -fang, -thistle and -scar, but with Yellowfang she had been a warrior before and the others’ might just have been to reflect their personality. Amazing job Stoatpaw!