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  • Can I please join?
    BlogClan warrior name: Emberpaw
    Housecat/loner name: Pepper
    House cat or loner: loner
    TwolegplaceClan name: Pouncepaw
    Fursona: brown with black tabby stripes, black tail, white paws, chest, and throat, blue eyes, light blue collar
    Age and rank in TwolegplaceClan: six moons/apprentice
    Backstory: She was born to a kittypet, and she was the runt of the litter. When she was four moons old, her housefolk’s daughter heard her parents say that they were going to “get rid” of Pepper, and so she took her and left her on the street. Pepper just barely managed to survive and became very suspicious of twolegs and other cats. However, she kept her collar, because it reminded her of her mother.

  • Can I join too?

    Housecat/loner name –Mila
    TwolegplaceClan warrior name – Magnoliafern
    Age and rank in TwolegplaceClan – 3 years, warrior/queen
    Housecat or loner – housecat
    Collar(optional for loner,needed for housecat) – Pink
    Housefolk’s name(only for housecats or former housecats) – Jenna and Mest
    Fursona – cream tabby and white
    Backstory(optional) — She’s had a litter before, but her kits got taken away. She didn’t want that to happen again, and joined the clan. Loves taking care of kits, and always on the lookout for her own lost kits.
    Other –Also looking for a mate