Favorite Books: SE, Novella, Guide and ‘Normal’ by Sorrelpaw

Sorrelpaw shares their favourite books from the series.

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Greetings fellow BlogClanners! I’m Sorrelpaw with another article. It’s been quite a while since my previous one got published.
One of the things I cherish most about Warriors as a dedicated fan are the scenes that break your heart, make you want to cry. This is one reason why I like Moth Flight’s Vision, because it contains these heartbreaking scenes.

Take a look at Micah’s death for example. This scene is my ultimate favorite in ALL THE BOOKS!! Micah’s dying words. Moth Flight’s responses, I honestly almost cried. I bet I looked pretty crazy to my mom back then, sitting with a book in hand and shaking my head continuously. But really it was brilliant. When Micah says he would see MothFlight again, maybe half-moon, Mothflight’s first reaction is relief and then– OH MY GOD NO. Moth Flight realizes that he would be seeing her from StarClan when the medicine cats went and gathered by the Moonstone.

Favorite scene ever…

Also, consider the whole book itself. What is is about? A young ‘harebrained’ WindClan cat goes off to the Moonstone and tells everyone they have to get medicine cats, gets Micah to go to SkyClan, becomes a medi herself, and gives away her kits. It’s amazing isn’t it? I think the book is reasonably important. It tells you highly vital history, where it illustrates the process of how the Clans gained medicine cats and how STARCLaN was named.

If this is not important, I don’t know what is. Even the Warriors themselves would love to be able to read of this amazing thing. Before you shoot disbelieving comments my way, remember that most Warriors are respectful of StarClan. Wouldn’t they be interested to know how StarClan came to being? I would.

I simply love how brilliantly Moth Flight’s Vision is. I’m considering doing a detailed analysis but then idk, not very sure. Sometimes the best books are better left unprobed 😛

Yay and onto Long Shadows which in my opinion is a great non-special-edition book. Why? Because its ingenuity is, well, ingenious. Haha. Funny Not funny. The scene where Jaypaw and the others fake the sign from StarClan is a favorite. It’s so cool, like Jaypaw’s preparing to be more powerful than the stars.

The whole thing is written brilliantly, I think, and deserves a prize. Fading Echoes is, of course, also brilliant but it doesn’t contain any favorite scenes like the JaypawFakeSign one.

My favorite field guide is, guess what, Battles of the Clans!! Okay I’m not a fan of battles wars violence and all such, but Battles of the Clans is really a great book. It has everything you could look for: short stories in all sorts of styles, introductions to each Clans’ unique fighting style, a special list-thing for each Clan and muuuuch more.

My favorite would be the Rushpaw Splash thing. When Rushpaw delightfully asks if she’s finally done something right and Mistystar’s like you’be just invented a new bAttle move! What do ya think? It was so adorable!

The only thing I can complain of really is that I don’t see much mentioning outside the guide. Like in the Chapter where Dustpaw suggests a double Lightning Strike. It looks so simple and so obvious on the guide but in the normal books I haven’t actually seen many cats going like, “Ooh why don’t we use the Lightning Strike?” Or from SkyCLAN, “Come on let’s do the Sky-drop!” Or anything like that.

But enough chattering. We’ll go onto novellas. Undoubtedly my favorite novella would be………. What would it be……..?

MaPleshAde’s VenGeaNce! Mapleshade’s VENGEANCE OMSC YAYYYYY!!

It’s pretty obvious ssincee my favorite character is Mapleshade 😛 But still, I love it. Not much more to be said. you haven’t

Wooohoooo! I’d like to call an end to this article. Once again, I’m Sorrelpaw and enjoyyyyy your day!

Keep faith!

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  • Nice article. 🙂

    I will definitely admit that Moth Flight’s Vision is a really sad book, though it’s not my favorite SE due to its inconsistencies with DotC. Plus, Battles of the Clans is a great book. It has a fantastic cover, too.

    My favorite ‘standard’, or main series, Warriors book would probably be Shattered Sky at the moment, though it’s difficult to say with the number there’s been; SE would be either Hawkwing’s Journey or Crookedstar’s Promise; novella would be either Ravenpaw’s Farewell or Pinestar’s Choice; and my favorite guide would be the Ultimate Guide as it combines a lot of them into one and it’s nice to have the pictures of how most of the characters look.

  • I love those books so much! I like Crookedstar’s Promise and The Last Hope a lot too though because they made me cry.

  • Great article! I think that for my favorites, it would be:

    SE- Crookedstar’s Promise, definitely! I loved the plot, and poor Crookedstar going through all those challenges, only to soon become one of RiverClan’s greatest leaders. His story taught me that even through the greatest challenges you can still reach your goals if you never give up. (Also, that book was the first book that I read with Mapleshade in it, and I hated what she did to Crookedstar for no apparent reason. That thought kind of stuck with me as I continued reading the series and that’s why I don’t really like her much. But hey, that’s just my opinion for you. 😛 ).

    Novella- Tigerclaw’s Fury. I love books told in the villains point of view, so it was interesting to see Tigerclaw’s side of the story.

    Guide- Same as you!

    ‘Normal’- Probably the Darkest Hour. I could not put that book down when I first read it. I finished it in about two weeks. XD

  • Awesome article, Sorzi! I’d have to agree that for the moment Moth Flight’s Vision was my favorite since it was the first SE I ever read (my mom got it for me one or two Christmas’ ago) but then again I haven’t read many SE’s (ahh I am dying to read Tigerheart’s Shadow and I also want to read Bramblestar’s Storm too). However I wasn’t too sad about Micah’s death for some reason. The part that made me sad was when Moth Flight was so distraught that she pushed away her family and friends when they were trying to comfort her. I mean, I get it though.
    Actually, the funny thing is is that the scene that made me cry was when Wind Runner was receiving her nine lives. I loved when she saw her kits again and just I loved all of her lives and the scene just made me so…..well I don’t know I can’t find the words to describe it. I just really liked that part.
    Idk I just never liked Moth Flight, or I couldn’t get myself to connect with her (quote by Russet 😛). I liked the fact that she was like Luna Lovegood though and I absolutely love Luna! But still I don’t know……

    Anyway wow I can’t choose which book is my favorite! I loved all of the books in The Prophecies Begin.

    The New Prophecy…..um I don’t really have a favorite book for that one honestly.

    Power of Three: Yeah I don’t have a favorite book for this either, though my favorite parts were the confrontation with Ashfur which was pretty lit and scary, though honestly I already knew they weren’t Squirrelflight’s kits cause I’m such a bad cat I spoil so much for myself. Dang. *shakes head* 😔

    My favorite, but saddest, part in Sunrise was when Hollyleaf was running away from her brothers and told them the truth, then raced away into the tunnels and the conversation between Jayfeather and Lionblaze afterwards. My heart literally broke! I almost cried even though I knew she wasn’t dead (ugh another spoiler for me), just that part still made me terribly sad.

    Omen of the Stars: Wow just I don’t know. I don’t have any favorite books since after the first series cause I had so many spoilers, though I think the first series is always the best (though I am really thinking that AVOS might top it off! I am dying to read it!!). But I do have favorite parts: I liked Flametail’s perspective in Night Whispers and I absolutely was jumping for joy when Hollyleaf came back!!!!! *squeals* (even though I knew she would) My favorite part in The Forgotten Warrior was all the scenes with Hollyleaf in it ^^ Her and Cinderheart sitting together again, her talking with Lionblaze (or was it Jayfeather) about the prophecy, her teaching the Clan how to fight in the tunnels and lastly her awesome confrontation with Sol!

    “We have to let the warrior code rule our hearts. The death of a warrior does not mean victory.”
    ~ Hollyleaf

    The Last Hope was pretty epic though! Even though I knew lots of stuff about it, I still cried when Hollyleaf died and her dying words to Leafpool with Ivypool screeching in the background to save her. I also was very sad when Ferncloud was killed just like that. 😢🙁

    My favorite Novella would have to be Hollyleaf’s Story (I’m on a role here, aren’t I with her? 😛). Though I liked Goosefeather’s Curse, Mapleshade’s Vengeance and well I really want to start/finish (I skimmed through it) Ravenpaw’s Farewell (RIP 🙁).

  • Cool article!

    My favourite Super Edition was probably Bluestar’s Prophecy because it explained the whole backstory of Bluestar and I really like the character of Snowfur 🙂 My favourite Novella was definitely Hollyleaf’s Story since, again, it gave info on something barely touched on in the books and yet it was so vital to see what really had gone on while Hollyleaf was in the tunnels. Also…HollyxFallen 😀 My favourite guide is Code of the Clans, but then I’ve only read two guides. It’s so hard to pick a favourite book, so I’ll go with The Forgotten Warrior AND Moonrise 🙂 The Forgotten Warrior because not only does it include Hollyleaf coming back, but also Cinderpelt 🙂 Moonrise because Feathertail. No other explanation needed. 😉

  • My favorites would be:

    Super Edition-TIGERHEART’S SHADOW! XD 😛

    Novella-Tigerclaw’s Fury (I like reading in the POV of villains, but I haven’t read Mapleshade’s Vengeance)

    Guide-The Ultimate Guide and Battles of the Clans (I remember freaking out when I read those four pages in the POV of Tigerheart in Battles of the Clans… Wow… Now there’s actually a 410 page book in his POV! (He doesn’t have a page in the Ultimate guide though… and now there are lots of other cats and books… Maybe there should be an updated guide, but it probably won’t happen (what if it included characters from other Erin Hunter books too? That would be awesome, but it’s very unlikely 😛 )))

    Main series-Shattered Sky and Darkest Night 🙂

    Manga (I’m going to do this too 😛 )-The Rise of Scourge, 2-3 of Tigerstar and Sasha, and 2 of Graystipe (I like the villain POV of Scourge and finding out about his story, and I like a lot of scenes (some of them cute/funny) from the other books)

  • Great article, Sorrel!

    My favorite SE is Crookedstar’s Promise, my favorite novella is Mapleshade’s Vengeance, my favorite guide is Code of the Clans, and my favorite book is probably… umm maybe Shattered Sky or Rising Storm. 🙂