Starclan the powerless by Kindheart

Kindheart analyses the control that StarClan has in the Clans’ lives.

Art by Espenfluss

Hello Blogclan! i know the title sounds weird but it’s a theory article it’s weird already. anways today I will be proving to you just how powerful starclan REALLY is.

1. They cannot control the weather
It says in the books that they can, yet thats the clan cats opinions we never hear from a starclan cat that they can control the weather. There are just way too many times that Starclan should have done something with the weather and they didn’t. for example when Skyclan was banished from the forest starclan should have showed their displeasure by covering the moon with clouds. but they didn’t. When firestar was going to reveal Tigerstar’s treachery the storm came, starclan should have stopped it. The flood that almost destroyed the clans? yeah they could have at LEAST made it rain for less days but did they? no. they did not. Now I know your thinking but Kindheart you silly goose what about the time Starclan told Moth Flight “We will split the skies and later stars will rise.” then they split the skies? and other instances like it? huh? what do you have to say about that? and I say They told her ahead of time. we know for a fact that starclan DOES have the ability to at least see the future a bit. They would know that the lightning would flash across the sky and hit that tree. therefor they could shape their sign after that. It explains so much more. it explains why they are so helpless in helping the clan but seem to know it’s coming.

2. They can tell the future sort of
It’s a sort of because sometimes they can’t see the future. Like for instance they didn’t know that Cinderpaw was going to ruin her legs until she decided to go to the thunderpath (i realize they never said that they realized until then but it does say that they didn’t see it coming. just making a bit of an educated guess there on that part) Also they where not able to see how the battle turned out. My guess is that starclan can see the future to a limited amount. they can see large event when they are decided. however smaller decisions or events they cannot see until someone has made the decision to go and do something. and the battle against the dark forest couldn’t be seen because both sides where evenly matched. it was unsure who would win.

3.They cannot out right tell the living cats what will happen
not saying it’s a bad thing just saying they can’t do it. and you don’t need to take my word for it they say so themselves!

so in total Starclan can really only see certain events of the future and can’t even outright tell the living cats! yeah i am shuddering at the power…..
Until the Next Article! Cyo 😉

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    • I agree with Ebony! Also, things happen for a reason. Maybe SkyClan was supposed to be banished. Maybe the flood was supposed to happen. Maybe, just maybe……..if StarClan hadn’t stopped SkyClan from leaving, well, what about Firestar’s Quest? That wouldn’t have happened. What about Alderpaw going on his quest? What about the AlderxNeedle ship we all know? What about Twigpaw (branch) and Violetpaw (shine)? Would they not have been found? Or would they? Would things be different? StarClan cats are like the living. They aren’t some powerful…..idk gods or whatever. Like Christians won’t go to heaven and suddenly have God’s power (they will be more….perfect though I guess). It just doesn’t work that way. StarClan are made up of the once living cats. They have more power over the Clans but they don’t have powers per-say. Sure there’s Jay, Lion and Dove but they were given powers for a REASON. Then they were taken away because their powers purpose had been fulfilled. What about Leafstar meeting Billystorm (I think he wasn’t from the old forest, at least near the other four Clans)? What about their kits? The ship of HarryxBella might not have happened. What about Sol? Sure if they had stayed maybe Sol wouldn’t have manipulated the other Clans. But then again Sol played a big part and made the series interesting.
      Maybe the four Clans in StarClan agreed with each other that the SkyClan in StarClan needed to leave. Maybe that’s why they didn’t cover the moon.

      There are so many questions that need answers yet we cannot give them. And things happen for a reason or maybe for reasons we can’t begin to understand. StarClan wouldn’t be powerless. I wouldn’t use that word. They were just uncertain and scared and doubtful that they didn’t know what to do. They probably had the “power” to do it, but they were afraid to act in fear that it would make things worse than it already was.

      But anyway, this article was very interesting! 🙂 (I probably didn’t make much sense up there though, haha. Typical me having the most confusing logic ever 😛)

  • I think that the Tribe of Endless Hunting is actually the most powerful, because they actually give the StarClan cats the prophecies.

  • I believe that only Rock and Midnight, maybe, can determine the future. They have seen it before. StarClan ISN’T as powerful as the Clans think they are. Clouds covering the moon isn’t really a StarClan sign, I believe. However, I think that when absolutely necessary, StarClan will use supernatural powers.

    What I believe is that StarClan CAN do supernatural things, but they don’t choose to. Semi-quoting from a book, how would the cats of the Clans live their own life naturally if StarClan was consistently making it better and telling them what to do?

  • Well StarClan is technically powerful. in the last hope they sent cats down to fight. the cats could actually fight.

  • Well great article but I think that StarClan wanted SkyClan to leave(I know that’s crazy) and they do have the power to grant leaders nine lives. Granting someone a life,that’s power.

  • I wonder how StarClan actually see the future? Do they look in a pool or something or do they just have visions?

  • I was thinking about making a article like this but I wasn’t sure how to put it together. Good article. Although you could have meantion when Firestar was told to give a prophecy in VOS. They couldn’t even tell him what the prophecy meant. Makes me wonder. Who’s the Starclan cat that comes up with these prophecies? (o_0)