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Tigerclaw of ShadowClan : Did he really deserve power? by Jasminepaw

Jasminepaw wonders about Tigerstar’s story and potential alternate future. Spoilers ahead!

Art by DemiiDee

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Hi! It’s Jasminepaw here, with an odd a query.
Did Tigerstar deserve the power he was given?
Here are some thing I was thinking about while writing this.
Did Tigerstar have nine lives?
Did he mean to hit Cinderpelt?
What would his name have been if he wasn’t evil?
I’ll be answering those while giving evidence to prove he did deserve it.
Did he have nine lives?
I do not believe so. See, he hadn’t lost a life yet when Scourge killed him. It could have easily been such a harsh blow he writhed a bit on the ground before he died. To cats, it can look like a cat has lost nine lives. He hadn’t already lost a life before that, therefore no one had yet witnessed him lose one of his nine lives. Plus, who in StarClan would give Tigerstar nine lives knowing his plans?
Did he mean to hit Cinderpelt?
No. You might already know this, it’s a common fact. The trap was meant for Bluestar, he might have been thinking how much better ThunderClan would be without a leader as crazy as her. Cinderpelt got hit and we all blamed Tigerstar, saying if he never had gotten this ambitious Cinderpelt would be a warrior. Give Tigerstar room,maybe he became evil after be blamed so much for Cinderpelt’s injury. No one died. Cinderpelt was reincarnated.
What would his name have been if he wasn’t evil?
Well, first, lets say he stayed the weakest of the litter in Bluestar’s Prophecy. He would have made friends with Whitekit, and be adorable in general. He would be apprenticed to Thrushpelt (guess) and be oddly good at hunting instead of fighting. Scourge would have not been beat up, Thistleclaw would stay a warrior, Bluestar would not have to give her kits away, leaving Mosskit alive. He would probably have been called Tigerchase, for his ability to chase intruders to the edge of the territory without a scratch. Ye would then become the leader of ThunderClan, Tigerstar. Either way he wins.
After all this, I believe Tigerstar deserved to be a leader. He had the ambition, though he had not the smarts. He had the courage, though not the wit. Many leaders had the smarts, but no claws to back it up. Some had wit, though no courage to show. Why should we be mad at Pinestar for leaving? He stayed with Thunderclan until his last life was only left. He was brave enough to be a leader. Why should Tigerstar be any diffrent?

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  • Technically, it was not just Thistleclaw’s fault. In Pinestar’s choice when Doestar tells Pinestar that his son(Tigerclaw) has a shadow over his destiny and that he is born with the power to destroy the clan. Doestar also told him that he could stop it if he was there for his son to guide him.

  • nice article! I agree! but he did get 9 lives (you probably know that from all these comments 😛 ), but i don’t think he should have

  • i think its a nice article but i think tigerstar had to much ambition to become leader. if he would have become leader he would have plunged thunderclan in to a never ending war that would end with al three clans attacking thunderclan and tigerstar at last getting killed.

  • Other people already pointed out how he got nine lives in The Ultimate Guide, but here are some other things…
    I think Tigerstar’s warrior name still would’ve been Tigerclaw because he had longer claws than most cats, and the suffix -claw isn’t just for evil cats 😛
    Ambition doesn’t always have to be bad. What makes Tigerstar and Thistleclaw evil was them being power/battle hungry, not them being ambitious (Whitestorm and Crookedstar are some good examples of GOOD ambitious cats)
    I don’t think Tigerstar deserved to be leader of ThunderClan, and he was an evil leader of ShadowClan, but I think after Brokenstar (especially if you read Tigerclaw’s Fury and get more details on how he actually became leader), it just makes sense that he became the leader of ShadowClan, even though he wasn’t a good leader.
    The way ShadowClan leaders worked is actually really interesting when you think about it though…

    Anyway, interesting article!

  • Tigerstar did have nine lives, it literally said in a book that he got nine lives and it described him going to moonstone and dark forest and Starclan cats gave him his nine lives and the Starclan cats encouraged him to not be a villain but he didn’t listen. Dark forest cats also gave some of his nine lives to him. Tigerstar lost all of his nine lives to scourge.

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