Summing Up Darktail (Spoilers) by Crookedstar II

Crookedstar II discusses Darktail’s character. Spoilers for AVoS! You have been warned!

Art by Marshcold

Okay, so Darktail was abandoned by his father with a mother (her name was Smoke) that taught him to hate the clans. He then disappeared to only Starclan knows where and eventually ended up by the gorge where Skyclan lived. Hawkwing took him into Skyclan. He then killed Sharpclaw and many more cats before driving Skyclan out and claiming the gorge for himself. Many moons later, Alderpaw received a prophecy from Starclan. he then went to find Skyclan. Shortly after they arrived at the gorge they meet Mistfeather who tells them who Darktail really is. Darktail kills Mistfeather, and imprisons the thunderclan cats. They escape him, and return to the lake. Later, Darktail comes to the lake, attacks Windclan and settles outside of Shadowclan territory. He then (half) blinds Rain and drives out Shadowclan while they are weak from Yellowcough. Bramblestar leads an attack on the Kin, Darktail whispers in Onestar’s ear, making onestar call a retreat. The Kin then drive out Riverclan. After, Violetpaw agrees to help the clans get rid of Darktail. She catches some prey and puts poppy seeds in it to make Darktail and his ”Closest Kin” go to sleep so the clans can finally beat the Kin. She is discovered, and Darktail kills Needletail as punishment. Violetpaw runs away to Thunderclan where she learns her sister is (presumably) dead. Later, Twigpaw (alive and mostly well) brings Skyclan back to the lake, where they settle temporarily in thunderclan campT The Clans then decide to attack the Kin. They go to see Onestar who tells them why he ran away during the battle with Darktail and his kin. Onestar then tells the clans that Darktail is his son and that Onestar is on his last life. he agrees to fight beside the clans in the final battle to drive out the Kin. During the battle, Onestar is killed by Darktail who also dies at his father’s paws. The Skyclan cats make their camp where the kin once settled, and the clans live happily ever after.

So basicly, darkail was nutso, (what else is new!)

I hope you enjoyed this article! (don’t be mad at me if it is bad, it Is my first one.)

Sincerely, Crookedstar the second.

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  • Darktail is totally nutso… I wonder where he got it from? *cough cough* Onestar *cough cough*
    JK…. I liked Onestar as Onewhisker, I just hated him after he became leader.

  • Spashwhisker who had a mouse bump into her knee and run over her foot and her cat chasing it and is also getting the flu for real says:

    Great article, Darktails my favorite character. Idk why though

  • darktail was VERY reasonable by wanting to kill al clan cats. although he could also just have killed onestar. because, come on! if you want revenge on your father(who is a total jerk by leaving you when your a kit putting your mother to forcing you to hate al clan cats!)just kill him and a few of his friends(al clan cats) and then you have your revenge!

  • Nice job! One thing I would like to know : we know where Darktail came from, but where did he go before going to the gorge? (Where did you come from, where did you go, lyrics from ” Call me Maybe”)

  • Good article, but why do people hate Darktail? I thought he was a pretty good villain, one of the best we’ve had and although what he did wasn’t right, (Don’t stand up for what he did, what he did was wrong.) he still deserves a bit of love due to him being one of the best, if not THE best villain we’ve had.

    • I feel like (I’m not sure; this could be just me) we hate him partially because he is such a good villain, compellingly written and able to inspire strong emotions. I admire him from a character design standpoint, and I’m actually interested to see more of his character… but if I see him as an actual person and look only at his in-story actions and justifications, he’s a villain I can constantly hate and rant against. He fulfills the villain’s out-of-story purpose well, which is to be truly dislikeable.