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Why did Cinderpelt have to become a Medicine Cat? by Fawnspot

Fawnspot wonders why Cinderpelt had to become a medicine cat.

Art by Wayne McLoughlin (Warriors Illustrator)

If you read the title than you know already that this article is going to be about Cinderpelt and why she has to become a medicine cat. In this article is going to compare Cinderpelt’s story with two other cases of a warrior being crippled, in this case Briarlight and Jagged Peak.
If you’ve read Dawn of the Clans you know that Jagged Peak breaks his hind leg. Basically he joins SkyClan, then Clear Sky/Skystar sends him hunting in the trees before he’s ready and when Jagged Peak falls sends him away. Jagged Peak joins WindClan and stays as a warrior eventually having a mate and kits. But his leg is irrevocably damaged.He has a injury almost exactly like Cinderpelt’s yet gets to stay a warrior. He even invents special moves that take into account his crippled leg and no one ever implies that since he has one crippled leg that he should become a medicine cat. Why? My best guess is because at the time there where no medicine cats, every clan just had a cat who knew herbs. And when medicine cats appeared he already had been a warrior for moons and would probably not want to be told that he had to become a medicine cat after all these moons.
Even though Jagged Peaks reason for not becoming a medicine cat is valid, Briarlight’s isn’t.
Briarlight gets her spine broken when the beech falls into the Thunderclan camp, killing Longtail and paralyzing her hind legs. She has a worse injury than Cinderpelt but still is allowed to remain a warrior even though she can’t hunt or fight. Maybe she doesn’t become a medicine cat because Jayfeather doesn’t want an apprentice, or maybe because StarClan doesn’t want to have to go through the whole Cinderpelt/Cinderhaert reincarnation thing again. Whatever the reason Briarlight gets to stay a warrior.
Another thing I don’t get is that Cinderpelt can still hunt and fight after her accident but is still pressured by cats to become a medicine cat.
This article is not trying to say that Briarlight and other warriors who decide to stay in the nursery or not hunt and fight are warriors but try and understand why Cinderpelt was forced to become a Medicine cat but Jagged Peak and Briarlight weren’t.
If I offended anyone with this article I am sorry.

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    • Totally agree no wonder Cinderpelt became a medicine cat. I’d also like to add on that when Cinderpelt was injured she became friends with Yellowfang. That’s another reason.

  • Briarlight already had passed her assessment so it was fair that she got to become/stay a warrior. Cinderpelt was still an apprentice and was still pretty young and the Clan needed another meddie anyway (it probably would have taken Yellowfang longer to find a meddie app.). She also made/had a close bond with Yellowfang while she was injured so maybe that was what made her want to become a medicine cat (or at least inspired her). And if she hadn’t, what would have happened to Littlecloud? What about her saving Sorreltail from the badgers? Who would train Leafpool if Yellowfang died early (if she still died in the fire)? Things happen for a reason, or for reasons we can’t begin to understand.

    “Put your energy into today; stop worrying about the past.”
    ~ Yellowfang (I think), Cinderpelt

    But it’s an interesting thought to think about! ๐Ÿ™‚ I think Cinderpelt becoming a medicine cat added onto her awesome personality/character ^^ Though I do think it was a bit unfair. But I still love my Cinderpelt! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • *yells in Cinderpelt*

    You are correct about Jagged Peak, but Briarlight had already passed her assessment and gotten her warrior name (I think) when her legs were crippled. Cinderpelt, being an apprentice at the time of her injury, had not passed her final assessment and therefore did not become a warrior due to her inability to successfully complete the assessment. Briarlight did not necessarily have to hunt or fight as a warrior, so long as she helped in some way, but Cinderpelt — paw — at least had to hunt for her Clan, at least as an apprentice.

    Also, correct me if I’m wrong — it’s been a long time since I’ve read that book — but I believe Cinderpaw wanted to become a medicine cat apprentice? At least, that’s what I remember.

    • If I remember correctly, Briarpaw had passed her assessment before the branch fell but had not received her warrior name. Cinderpaw didn’t want to become a medicine cat apprentice, being very adamant that she wanted to be a warrior, but had to change her plans after the incident. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I agree. There is also Deadfoot, who became a DEPUTY, yet Cinderpelt is a medicine cat! WHAT!?! HOW!?!

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