Top Five Ideal Pets by Sorrelpaw

Sorrelpaw analyzes which characters would make the best pets.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Hi I am Sorzi! Long time no see. Anyway in this article today I shall list the top five characters who I’d love to have as pets.

In fifth place we have Spottedleaf. My pet preference has always been those who are more relaxed, calmer. And Spottedleaf seems relaxed and calm.

Oh, Spottedleafffff…

In fourth place we have Smudge, the already-kittypet. You see, Spottedleaf is very loyal to her Clan. If I were to take her away to live in a Twoleg nest she would probably try to escape. But Smudge, on the other hand, cannot even think of escaping. He’s also pretty cute and calm and would make a pretty awesome pet.

Yayayayay. In third place we have Pinestar. As a Warrior, I hate Pinestar. How could he desert his Clan just like THAT?!?! How could he go live with kittypets? How could he? He was a coward, not worthy of becoming a Clan leader.

But as a kittypet, I’m sure Pinestar would be GREAT. His fear would keep him from venturing out of the house, and like the time Lionpaw/heart saw him with the Twoleg, he was really fun and nice to the Twoleg.

In second place… BARLEY. YESYESYES HIM. He is such a nice, kind helpful great cat. He’s so gentle! I’m sure he wouldn’t bite me if I wake him from a happy warm little sleep like my own pet Gingermuffinz (Gingie for short). And he already lives in a Twoleg barn– he’d have some sort of idea about living around Twolegs so YES BARLEY.

And in FIIRST place we have… Mapleshade!!
No just joking. Mapleshade ha. As if. To be honest, I’d love it if Mapleshade became my pet. But she’d claw my ears off as would Yellowfang. *sighs*

So inSTEAD we have Hattie from Firestar’s Quest in first place. She is, like Pinestar, loving of her home and her Twolegs. She would not try to escape. This makes her an ideal choice in the first place. But also, she’s so adddoraaabllleee! In Firestar’s Quest when Firestar goes to sleep a night in Smudge’s nest, Hattie’s like OH why isn’t firestar sleeping in MY garden?! doesn’t he LIKE me? and it’s so adorable, like a cute little innnocent kitten. The purrfect pet.

And there we have it! My top five! This is a weird list, the Top Five Ideal Pets but still.

I’ve talked about my ideal pets, but I already HAVE a pet. Gingie is PURRFEECT!

Meow 😛
Here is a pic of Gingie:









And here we go, goodbye.

Keep faith *waves*


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