Should there really be a Dark Forest? by Beechpaw

Beechpaw shares why they think there might not be a need for the Dark Forest.

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Hello BlogClan!
This is my first article, and it’s on something that you guys are totally going to disagree with me on: Should there really be a Dark Forest?

1st Point: Tallstar
Okay, if you’ve read Tallstar’s Revenge, you know that Tallstar sought out revenge to kill Sparrow after he *supposedly* killed his father. Even though Tallstar didn’t end up killing Sparrow, he still sought out revenge to kill for his father, who was already quarreling with him anyway. Tallstar makes it into StarClan, after years of service and leadership to his Clan, leaving the Sparrow incident behind. Sound familiar? See the second point below.

2nd point: Hollyleaf
Okay, I’m 99% sure Hollyleaf got into StarClan, even after murdering Ashfur cold-blooded. Why? Because she was scared everyone would view her as a half-Clan, or a no-Clan rogue or stray. However, she had no proof that Ashfur was even going to mention anything about her lineage at the Gathering, or if Ashfur even believed Squirrelflight. For all he knew, Squirrelflight was just telling a lie to protect her kits, which could’ve been 100% possible. In conclusion, Hollyleaf only murdered Ashfur out of self- protection, fear for her own life, and shame. She later disappeared in the tunnels when she couldn’t handle the pressure of the whodunit mystery.

Point 3: Ashfur/Mapleshade
Yes, Ashfur did “attempt” the killing of four cats, but it was out of heartbrokenness and his love life being flipped on its side and smashed to pieces. Mapleshade’s story was extremely familiar, except she succeeded in killing cats. She was even exiled out of her own Clan. She vowed revenge. Back to Ashfur, in StarClan I remember someone saying that Ashfur “understood what he had done” and “learned his lesson”, and his wisdom was “welcome in StarClan.” Does this mean that Mapleshade’s love for her kits and her ferocity against the people who ruined her life mean she doesn’t get into StarClan? It seems to me like the Mapleshade issue was another story of people getting a taste of their own medicine.

Point 4: Thistleclaw
Thistleclaw apparently got into the Dark Forest because he was battle-hungry and also because he went against the warrior code and trained his kit when he wasn’t apprenticed yet. He also trained in grueling battle moves. Sometimes I think that some Dark Forest warriors only go against StarClan because StarClan locked them out. They actually wanted to go to StarClan, but StarClan just turned their back on them. It is said that Bluestar chased Thistleclaw into the Dark Forest, which might’ve been because of her view of him as arrogant and rude, plus think about how sometimes Thistleclaw would tell her to “stay off of his son.” Verdict: Thistleclaw really originally was in StarClan, so he should probably be in StarClan.

Point 5: Tigerstar

This, many of you will totally disagree on, but when I originally thought of Tigerstar dying, I imagined him going up to StarClan, learning from his life lessons, and becoming a wise StarClan warrior. But, NO. He apparently sneered StarClan during his stay in the Dark Forest, personally which I think is from the same thing Thistleclaw had against StarClan. And, when you think about it, he didn’t deliberately kill people. He just… led dogs into camp, and rogues, and threats into the forest, but he never personally killed anyone (until his time in the Dark Forest). It’s kind of like bringing deathberries into a camp, but not deliberately feeding them to kits. Which brings me to my final point, Darkstripe and Hawkfrost.

Point 6: Darkstripe/Hawkfrost
I’m going to make this short and sweet: These two cats fell into a treacherous trap. Darkstripe was just Tigerstar’s friend, but when his treachery began was when Tigerstar began to (I think) make Darkstripe do things like feed Sorrelkit deathberries. Hawkfrost only got into the Dark Forest because he felt he had to be loyal to his bloodlines, and therefore when his father trained him in the Dark Forest, he thought he was just making his father happy.

Verdict: I think all cats should have an oppurtunity to go to StarClan, because sometimes its just not fair, the judging. Sometimes its extremely biased, and they look at the bad things in their life, not the good things. Hope you liked it, comment down below to voice your opinion!

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  • I agree- partially. I think Ashfur should have been in the DF. But all the other villains you said did something to deserve being there as well. Mapleshade could have gotten her vengeance. I agree that she was unjustly punished. But killing or harming all of her mate’s descendants was ridiculous and nonsensical. As for Tigerstar, he was a murderer. He:
    1) tried to kill his leader
    2) killed Redtail
    3) killed Brindleface (which probably was just to hurt Fireheart)
    4) framed Oakheart
    5) lied to everyone
    6) tried to kill Fireheart
    He did other stuff as well. I just don’t remember what. And Darkstripe and Hawkfrost could have chosen not to help Tigerstar. Remember a little cat named Brambleclaw/star? He was in the same situation as the others. Did he turn evil? No.

  • A Dark Forest SHOULD exist because the cats there did genuine bad things! Let’s do a rundown of all the cats in the Dark Forest in your list.
    Mapleshade- The difference between Mapleshade and Ashfur is clear. Although they both tried to kill due to a broken heart Mapleshade was a lot more vicious! She ended up killing cats and did NOT regret her actions. Despite loving her kits that does not redeem her. Ashfur didn’t outright murder the three and Squirrelflight. And he’s not as bad as Mapleshade was.
    Thistleclaw- If Thistleclaw was only too fight-happy I see why he should’ve gone to StarClan. But then we got Spottedleaf’s Heart. He chose the Dark Forest! And encourages Tigerpaw to attack Tiny! As well as his harsh training.
    Tigerstar- D-do I have to explain this one? I might as well. He was a murderer to put it simply. He’s successfully murdered multiple cats, tried to kill his leader and Fireheart, lied to the entire clan, and blamed Oakheart for Redtail’s death. He’s the main antagonist! Of course he would go to cat hell!
    Darkstripe/Hawkfrost- They joined Tigerstar by choice. Do I have to remind you that Hawkfrost attacked his own brother? Darkstripe didn’t feed deatherberries to Sorrelkit just because Tigerstar told him to. He did it to conceal his secret meeting with Blackfoot. Even before this he’s made sarcastic comments and suggested to kill Yellowfang.
    Just for fun let’s clear up something on the Hollyleaf point. If Ashfur DID think Squirrelflight had lied (about them not being her kits) why didn’t he just kill them anyway? Like,
    Squirrelflight: They’re not my kits.
    Ashfur: lol you’re lying
    Squirrelflight: dude. i’m not lying
    Ashfur: Oh, looks like they’ve died

    Also, Ashfur DID intend to reveal their lineage at the gathering! (Actual quote)
    “‘Well? What do you want? I don’t imagine you asked to come on the patrol for the pleasure of my company.’ ‘No,’ Lionblaze replied steadily. He was finding it hard to separate his respect for Ashfur, as his Clanmate and his former mentor, from his feelings about the raving cat who had threatened them on the night of the storm and now was threatening them again with this knowledge of Squirrelflight’s lie. ‘I heard you ask Firestar to go to the next Gathering. I know what you’re going to do there.’ Ashfur’s whiskers twitched. ‘So?’ ‘I’m asking you not to. Not for our sake,’ Lionblaze added ‘but for the sake of ThunderClan. You hold its fate in your paws.’ Ashfur heaved a deep sigh . ‘Spare me the appeal to my Clan loyalty,’ he sneered. ‘I’ve already had Squirrelflight mewling to me about that. I told her, and I’m telling you know- there’s nothing that any cat can do to stop me.'”
    I’m not the best writer so sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes

  • If their was no dark forest, what’s the point of making Omen of the Stars, I mean they are just preparing to fight the dark forest and then their would no point of having the three and then Leafpool would have never broken the warrior code.

  • If there wasn’t a dark forest then cold-blooded murderers would be free to commit more crimes in starclan. That would be like offering parol to a convicted serial killer

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