Another Character Analasys: Why I LOVE Graystripe! by Sparktooth

Sparktooth shares their opinion on the former ThunderClan deputy, Graystripe.

Art by klaracrystalpaws

Hi, bloggers! Sparktooth had returned! I really wanted to write an article about my favorite Warriors character of all time: Graystripe! I guess you could also say this is sort of a defense article, because I will be defending a few of his actions in it. But mainly I’m just stating why Graystripe is my favorite character. Hope you enjoy! 😛

As I stated in one of my articles, Graystripe reminds me a lot of one of my good friends. But that isn’t the only reason this character appeals to me. Immediately when he was introduced in Into the Wild, I felt a connection with this character. He was trying to defending his territory, but was impressed by Rusty’s skills and cut the act. Not to mention he was very welcome with Firepaw when he arrived in ThunderClan.
I also love how humorous he was in every scene of that book. We all know Warriors has a lot of dark things in it, which isn’t bad at all, but it was nice when Graystripe added the comedy relief in scenes. I also have another thing in common with him: we both like to eat a lot! My family and friends will sometimes tease me about having a hollow leg, or endless stomach, etc. Like how the Clan always teases Graystripe about taking more than one helping at the fresh-kill pile.

Sparktooth: *Walks over to Graystripe* Don’t worry Gray, I know how you feel.
Graystripe: What are you talking about?
Sparktooth: Uhhh…let’s just continue with the article. *Walks away awkwardly*

Now we move on to the next part of Graystripe’s life: his relationship with Silverstream. I’m certain you all know how I feel about the GrayXSilver vs GrayXMillie topic. However, even though these two aren’t one of my favorite couples, I don’t think they are that bad of a couple. They were willing to risk the judgement of StarClan and their own Clans to be together. Since Graystripe hadn’t met Millie yet, he loved Silverstream as his only mate. So of course he would be very heartbroken when Silverstream died bearing their kits. He felt the only way to set it right was to raise the kits in her Clan. That meant leaving everything and everyone he knew, the forest, his Clanmates, Bluestar, Fireheart, etc. Everything he knew.
He obviously wasn’t very welcome at first in RiverClan, with all the cats distrusting him. Not to mention he was in a new environment, because he wasn’t used to RiverClan territory. His insecurity in his new Clan led him to spending almost all of his time with his kits, who seemed to be the only cats to trust him there. But RiverClan was not his home, he was rooted to the forest as deeply as the trees. He had to go back, but Featherpaw and Stormpaw were RiverClan apprentices, and stayed behind. This tore a big hole in Graystripe’s heart, because even though ThunderClan would always be his home, he had left behind his family in RiverClan.

When he returns to ThunderClan, he slowly earns back the trust of his Clanmates. I also believe he more than deserved to be deputy. A leader and deputy should work together well. There is no duo who work together better than Firestar and Graystripe. They are best friends, and therefore it helps them agree and work together better in favor of making decisions. Plus, does everyone remember how Graystripe told Firestar he didn’t have to choose him to be deputy after he became leader? I should also say Graystripe never did anything or made a bad choice that affected his Clan negatively during his time as deputy. Why shouldn’t he have been deputy?

Later on, when the four cats are chosen to go on the journey to find Midnight, Feathertail and Stormfur mysteriously ‘disappear.’ Poor Graystripe went frantic worried about his kits. They were his only blood-related family left. So it distracted from his normal duties, hoping his kits would turn up soon and be okay. When Stormfur returned, bringing the news of Feathertail’s death, it had a big blow on Graystripe.

Soon when Graystripe gets captured helping his Clanmates escape, you all know how that turns out. He becomes really depressed living with the Twolegs and was losing his mind being with them. When he gets out, he gets beat by a kittypet. Graystripe has had a lot of things happen to him at this point, but this was too much for him. Losing his former mate, then daughter, and now he was taken by Twolegs and away from the Clans! So it totally makes since why he would feel that way. Considering all of this, he definitely would’ve died if he hadn’t met Millie.

Millie helped him feel comfortable in the strange and depressing time Graystripe was going through at that moment. She took him to these tiny woods that reminded Graystripe of his home. Graystripe began to feel more alive again, and had fun teaching Millie about the ways of Clan life. He was reminded of what it’s like to be a Clan cat! Just like how he had noticed Rusty’s warrior instincts, he also saw the skills of a warrior in Millie as well. She even proves herself by being able to track him down in just a matter of days without much training. As they start their traveling to find ThunderClan, Graystripe soon begins to realize his true feelings for her. But he probably hesitated at first because he felt guilty, and maybe scared to think of what Silverstream might think. But Silverstream visited him in a dream saying she approved of the two of them. Graystripe and Millie bond even more on the journey despite some arguments. But hey…every couple will have a few quarrels every once and awhile, and they always work past them.

I know a lot of people get mad at Graystripe for choosing a second mate, or for paying attention to Millie a lot when they first arrived. A few examples a lot of people bring up in this argument is like when he ran to save Millie while helping Hollypaw in battle, or always fretting about her when she and Briarkit got sick with greencough. And all I can say is…really? Millie was his mate! Someone who really loved their mate would always put their needs first. I happen to recall Millie telling him to go back and help Hollypaw in the battle. And when all the cats got sick, Millie and Briarkit were the most sick! Everyday Millie had a bigger chance of joining StarClan, and Graystripe was worried! I also know a lot of people say he wasn’t really there for his family as they got older, but that’s actually not so true. He is mentioned going into the medicine cat’s den to visit Briarlight numerous times, and there are a lot of small details in OOTS that describe him and Millie hanging together in the clearing, etc. But the plot of OOTS got focused on other things going on in the story made for Graystripe and the rest of his family to have less and less book time.

Now for the very fiercely debated topic about who he will choose in StarClan. I have to say that I am almost certain he will not choose just one and will be with both of them. He loves them both equally, and it’s pretty obvious Silverstream has no grudge against Millie. If you don’t believe on either of those statements, just read this quick:

“One last cat slipped into the clearing: the silver tabby whom Jaypaw had seen in Graystripe’s memory. Her lifeblood gushing out onto stones as she gave birth to a pair of tiny kits. ‘Millie is close to joining us,’ she murmured. ‘What can we do? Graystripe doesn’t deserve to have his heart broken again.’” -Long Shadows, pg. 144.

“This time, it was Graystripe who padded up to him. ‘Jaypaw, how is Millie?’ he demanded. ‘She’s really sick, isn’t she?’ Jaypaw would have liked to find a comforting lie, but he knew that Graystripe would never believe it. He nodded, and was almost knocked off his paws by the strength of the agony that surged from the gray warrior. Is that love? he wondered. Does Graystripe care for Millie that much? It’s as if his own life was in danger! -Long Shadows, pg. 148-149.

“He[Graystripe] sounded defeated, as if he had made up his mind he was going to lose Millie like he had lost Silverstream.” -Long Shadows, pg. 149.

Is that enough evidence to prove why I think he won’t just choose one? I think after the long, adventurous, crazy life he went through, being with his loved ones in StarClan will be great for him. Graystripe lost so many people he loved, and still managed to have a family in the end. He was a loyal Clan member, and has even saved the lives of many cats(I loved it when he saved Sorrelkit when Darkstripe fed her deathberries. That scene was so intense!) He also influenced a lot of characters in the series. If he hadn’t found Rusty, and Rusty never joined ThunderClan, we’d all know how that would end up. So in conclusion, that is why he is an important character in the series, and also my favorite. Thank you for reading! 😀

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