A Vision of Shadows- Murder Theories by Beechpaw

Beechpaw shares some of their theories for AVoS before reading the rest of the arc. Spoilers for books up until Thunder and Shadow!

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Hello! Beechpaw here again! Today I’m sharing a theory I had while I was reading Thunder and Shadow, the second book in AVOS. Now, granted, I haven’t read the entire series up to DN, so if I point something out, such as if Alderpaw got his medicine cat name after T&S, I apologize in advance. Now, on to the article.

I have a theory that some Clan cat will murder another Clan cat by the time AVOS is over, because there are a TON of secrets, lies, mistrust, and just non-shared information that leads to fights, rejection, and banding against each other. Here are two reasons why:

1. Twigpaw’s hatred of Alderpaw because he lied about Squirrelflight’s quest.
This tension kind of reminds me of Ashfur’s murder. Ashfur had some resentment over Leafpool’s kits (well, a lot if you count the fire-burn-threat stuff), but in the end Hollyleaf was the murderer. She murdered because she believed her life was a LIE, and that Ashfur would tell all four Clans her life was a LIE. Similarly, Twigpaw resented Alderpaw because he apparently “lied” about the quest. But, seeing as how Alderpaw has the founding connection with Twigpaw, and Twigpaw finally got his quest, this just might be a quick quarrel. Hopefully it is, because Twigpaw seems very emotionally stable about his whole life, whereas Hollyleaf just kinda…crumbled.

2. Windclan vs. Shadowclan
Okay, we all know Onestar DEFINITELY changed from the time he was a warrior to the time he became WindClan’s leader. But it was out of complete idiocy that he refused help to a sick Clan because they accepted Violetpaw back into the Clan. It’s not like it was her fault she was taken away to the band of rogues, and plus, she was only a kit. The rude apprentices were gone, so what was the issue? There was almost a full-blown WAR at the gathering following that incident. I don’t necessarily see a senior warrior attacking the other clan, but I can definitely see Breezepelt, Scorchfur or maybe even the intolerant apprentices attacking each other. Honestly, after I took a peek at the allegiances from Thunder and Shadow, there really weren’t many “battle-ready” cats in Shadowclan, and after the apprentices left, the camp was pretty tranquil. So, there’s a maybe on that one.

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  • One has to compare the amounts of pressure and shock the cats felt. Hollyleaf isn’t unstable, really, she just believed a lot in something and the realized that her very being was against her strongest core belief. Comparing her experience with Twigpaw’s “humph why you lie” experience, you can see how Hollyleaf didn’t crumble because of emotional instability, she was torn.

    I could see Brezepelt and Scorchfur facing off.

  • I think your point about Onestar is very good! I mean, I’m kind of like: “Onestar, you were one of Firestar’s closest friends! Be nice again, I beg of you!! Why did you change?!”, but I’m also thinking like this: “Onestar, your attitude is going to give you you so much trouble one day”. It’s like I’m watching someone who used to be such a kind cat change into someone who’s really cruel. And the worst part is that we don’t even know why! But the thing is, I kind of doubt any warrior would try to kill a Clan leader because all warriors know that leaders have more than one life. Maybe Darktail or one of his rogues would try it. But the question is, would Onestar go to StarClan, or not?

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