Why Appledusk is the Worst Mate Ever by Sky

Sky presents: The eternal hatred of Appledusk.

Artwork by Silverblaze

Hello, BlogClan! I’m here with another article.

I know that 90% of the cats on the Blog love Mapleshade and hate Appledusk, but I just wanted to make an article anyways.

Appledusk was probably one of the only mates in the warriors series that flat-out cheated on his mate. He turned away a mother who had just lost her kits, jumped onto a she-cat he’d been flirting with just in case, and then did a “noble” act of sacrifice. He didn’t deserve StarClan. Not in the least.

First off, he CHEATED. He told Mapleshade that he loved her while he flirted with another she-cat behind her back, just in case something bad happened. He was a selfish brat who didn’t give a cinch to his mate, who was obviously smitten with him. When his kits died, he didn’t even think about feeling bad, he just threw all the blame on a heart-broken mother and kicked her out into the wild. He then decided, “Oh, yay, time for me to mate with this other lady I’ve been flirting with.” All he wanted to do was to carry on his tainted blood.

Fans of Appledusk might argue that he was very brave and noble when he sacrificed himself for Reedshine and his kits. All I get out of that is an attempt to look good and get into StarClan while carrying on his bloodline.

Secondly, he ABANDONED HIS MATE IN HER TIME OF NEED. Mapleshade had just lost the only thing that she had left – her kits. And why did she cross the river, you may ask? Because she thought that she’d be safe with Appledusk. Even after her kits drowned, she just wanted to be with Appledusk. And what did Applebutt do? He accused, yelled, and abused her. And then he appealed to his leader, with the help of his back-up mate, and wouldn’t even let Mapleshade rest for ONE NIGHT. All he cared about was saving face and his own comfort. In fact, Applebutt’s been abusing Mapleshade since she first fell in love with him. He’s abused her love for him, and all for himself. He’s a selfish butthead who should be in the Dark Forest.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that Applebutt is one of the worst mates ever. I highly doubt that he truly loved Mapleshade and Reedshine, he just wanted to carry on his bloodline.

I can’t wait to read your comments! 🙂


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    Appledusk: That’s uncalled for.
    Appledusk: What? Oh COME ON. I just got here!
    Hawkfrost, Jaysky, Spottedleaf, Bluestar, Darktail, others, and me: GET OFF
    Appledusk: NO
    Welp. Here we go again.

  • YES MAPLESHADE FOR DA VIN!!!! Appledusk is truly the worst mate ever. Great article, Sky! Very passionate, indeed. 🙂

  • I agree with you for most of it! Appledusk is probably the worst mate ever. I think Appledusk did mean to sacrifice his life for Reedshine though. Just because he did bad things most of his life, doesn’t mean he will do bad things for the REST of his life. I think it wouldn’t have made sense for him to do that, just to get into StarClan. And only cats with evil and dark hearts go to the Dark Forest. Something tells me Appledusk is not. He was mean but not evil, (like “mwa hahahahahaha! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU”). So if he won’t go to the Dark Forest, what other reason would he die for? If he died for his bloodline to continue, then at least he’s dying for something. If you ask me, that’s not SO selfish. He made mistakes in his life, but I think he was trying to make up for all of his mistakes in the end.

    • If he had said he was sorry for Mapleshade just once, or even gave a sign of grief, she would’ve forgiven him. You could tell she still loved him, she believed he wasn’t the cat he had shown himself to be. I think the reason for this is because she was on the brink of death, and thought everything could’ve gone back to the way it was. If you look at it this way it’s kinda disturbing.

      • I hate the fact that your completely correct, it’s honestly frustrating that he still got into starclan. Just like Ashfur, they shouldn’t have gotten in just because *they* we’re killed by someone else. I know that mapleshade killed other cats and that’s why she’s in the dark forest but I think Applebutt still should have been sent down considering he’s the only known mate to cheat.

  • I cannot say HOW MUCH I AGREE WITH THIS.
    Appledusk cheated, lied, and overall is my least favorite character. He’s probably even worse than Brokenstar, lie-wise.

  • Cool article! I never really thought much about Applebuttdusk until I read this, but now I see what a jerk he was to Mapleshade 🙂

  • This makes me question if starclan has been particularly fair with who they choose to accept and who they choose not to accept. I am also currently raging over appledusk and mapleshade.

    • Mapleshade DESERVED the Dark Forest. By the time she went after Appledusk and Reedshine, she was clearly only avenging herself, considering Appledusk tired to SAVE the kits and Reedshine wasn’t even there at the lake. In fact, the kits had watch from Starclan as their mother killed their father and tried to kill their unborn half-siblings. Mapleshade always knew what the Dark Forest was and why you would be sent there, if you remember that when she killed poor Ravenwing she secretly hoped he would go there. She knew what she was doing could very-well separate her from the kits forever, be she chooses to do it anyway. It’s with like any villain: Goldenflower is separated from Tigerstar, Snowfur/Whitestorm is separated from Thistleclaw etc.
      Like in real life, doing crimes is selfish as it makes the family suffer just as much as the victims and the criminal themselves.

  • I agree that Appledusk was a very bad mate 🙂 But he wasn’t all bad – when Mapleshade came to kill him, he said ‘I don’t want to fight you’ or something like that. So either he was too cowardly to face an angry queen, or he still liked her and just had decided that he should let his loyalties lie in RiverClan. Also, I’d like to point out that whoever came up with the names in this book was awesome! I love the names Appledusk and Mapleshade! 😀

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