Hamilton Characters V.S. Warriors Characters by Owlfeather

Owlfeather compares characters from the series and the hit musical, Hamilton. Spoilers for the first arc and Hamilton!

Art by PetalBlazeWarriorCat

Hi! its Owlfeather with an article, HAMILTON VS WARRIORS!!!!!! Because those are basically my two favorite things! By the way this is only characters from TPB, So lets start!

Hamilton – Firestar, this one is kind of obvious cause their both main characters.

John Laurens – Graystripe, Graystripe is the one Rusty meets first, and their friendship carries out through the whole series, except when Graystripe gets captured by twolegs. John is the second person to meet Hamilton in NYC and they are friends until John Laurens dies.

George Washington – Bluestar, Bluestar is the wise leader who mentors Firepaw and guides him on his journey. Same with Washington and Hamilton.

Angelica – Spottedleaf, Firestar is in love with Spottedleaf but their love is forbidden because she is a medicine cat. Hamilton is in love with Angelica, kind of, but ends up marrying Eliza. They’re kind of similar.

Philip – Cinderpelt, this one is pretty far fetched but I couldn’t think of anyone else. Cinderpelt is Firestar’s apprentice and gets disabled on the thunderpath. Philip is Hamilton’s son and dies in a duel, then Hammy and Fire are sad 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

Eliza – Sandstorm, they were both married to the main character.

Aaron Burr – Lionhart, this one is far fetched too, but anyway, Burr is the inspirational, older guy that helped Hamilton. (until he killed him) Lionheart is an older inspirational cat… idk…

Thomas Jefferson – Dustpelt, Dustpelt is a bully, but isn’t a bad guy. same with Jefferson.

James Madison – Sandstorm (before she became Firestar’s mate) Madison was Jefferson’s right hand man and was rude to Hamilton. Sandstorm was Dustpelt’s right hand she-cat 😛 and was kind of mean to Firestar.

Hamilton’s kids – Cloudtail, Firestar shared a special bond with Cloudtail, he was kind of like Firestar’s son. Hamilton shared a special bond with his kids, (i think, i don’t know though) also, is it weird to you too that old historians and such, always name their kids after themselves or people they know? That was random.

I read the first series a really long time ago, and I haven’t actually SEEN Hamilton, (but I’ve listened to the soundtrack a million times) so tell me in the comments if I made mistakes, I won’t be offended.
I hope you liked it!

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