Who Does Crowfeather Love More? by Otterpaw

Otterpaw discusses the relationships of Crowfeather. 

Artwork by Lithestep

Hi! I’m Otterpaw, with my fourth article. (I’m pretty sure.) Anywho, by the title I’m going to talk about Crowfeather, and who he loves more. Let’s start off with Crowfeather’s first crush… Feathertail.


In this ship, Crowfeather (Crowpaw at the time) met Feathertail when they were on the journey to see Midnight. Crowpaw is very snappy and has a sharp tongue. Feathertail is the only one that can calm him down… hmm…

Anyways, when Feathertail dies, Crowpaw and Feathertail’s brother, Stormfur mourns Feathertail together. In the book, Dawn, Crowpaw almost dies, and when Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw asks him what he is doing, he replies with, “I’m not frightened of joining StarClan! The forest is dying anyway. At least in StarClan, Feathertail will be waiting for me!”

Crowpaw really loved Feathertail. And when Tallstar gives him his warrior name, he requests the name Crowfeather, after Feathertail. By my evidence, you might think that I’m a CrowXFeather shipper, but no. First off, I sort of think Feathertail is too old for Crowfeather, and Feathertail was more of a high school crush. I’m just putting down what happened from the book here, but I don’t ship Crowfeather and Feathertail.

Alright! Let’s move on to Crowfeather’s next mate… Leafpool!


This one… oh I really like this ship! It’s about Leafpaw, medicine cat apprentice of ThunderClan and Crowfeather, warrior of WindClan! First off, Leafpool is breaking the rules here, which I love. Crowfeather confesses his love to Leafpool when he saves Leafpool from falling off the tall ledge of ThunderClan’s camp. Leafpool is in shock, but is relieved that he loves her.

Let’s go on, now. It’s about when Crowfeather plans to run away from the Clans with Leafpool, so they can be together. Leafpool agrees, but later on finds out that her heart is with ThunderClan, and being a medicine cat. In Sunset, Crowfeather breaks up the relationship.

Leafpool has Crowfeather’s kits later on; Hollykit, Lionkit, and Jaykit. I feel like if Leafpool wasn’t a medicine cat, this could have worked out. Crowfeather really loved Leafpool, and this is one of my favorite ships.

Alright! Now, let’s go on with Crowfeather’s last mate… ugh… Nightcloud.


In The Sight, Crowfeather has a mate in WindClan, Nightcloud, and a son, Breezepaw. There’s nothing much about this ship, and the cats just had a son, Breezepelt who is terrible. Crowfeather probably just took Nightcloud as a mate just to prove that he’s loyal to WindClan.

In my opinion, Crowfeather loves Leafpool and her kits more than Nightcloud, Feathertail, and Breezepelt. He did love Feathertail, but that faded away. In The Last Hope, when Breezepelt is about to kill Lionblaze (his half brother,) Crowfeather stops him by attacking him. Crowfeather says that Nightcloud encouraged him to hate Crowfeather, which makes me wonder: Does Nightcloud actually love Crowfeather?

Well, that it for my article! I personally think that Crowfeather loves Leafpool more than Feathertail and Nightcloud, but that’s just my opinion! Please no hate!

-Otterpaw (Ottie)

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  • crowxfeather is my favorite ship i literally ship it so hard harder than i ship people and if they’re not together in starclan i swear

    • Actually feathertail is in the tribe of endless hunting. so he’ll probs be will Leafpool in Starclan since (SPOILER ALERT) she died in Squirrelflight’s Hope.

    • i know 1 there the cutest 2 i dont think he even likes nightcloud 3 he probably will never see feathertail again cus shes with the tribe of endless hunting

  • I ship leafpool x crowfeathers
    so hard. Also thank you for making this article otterpaw your awesome!I feel like crowfeathers is sad and like super upset because I’m reading crowfeathers trial it’s good but I feel like he is upset about something.in the book he says that he regrets being with night cloud.also Night cloud is such a show off she chases a dang rabbit to give to the clan but in the book how they are describing how she catches the stupid rabbit sounds like she’s trying to show off to everyone!!!I don’t think crowfeathers x feathertail is a good ship.but thx for the article otterpaw!!!💗👁️👅👁️😃

    • Yes! I love LeafxCrow, like so much. I go through the books and bookmark the pages where there are good moments 🙂
      If they aren’t together in StarClan I’m quitting warriors

  • I actually think that he would always love feathertail more than any other cat, as when she died it basically broke him. He kind of rebounded with Leafpool, and just felt a sort of
    ‘feeling’ towards her as they grew closer. But in the books you can see him wishing feathertail were still alive, and he often tries to talk to her whenever he sees her in his dreams or when he visits starclan.

  • LeafXCrow is one of my favorite ships.
    I ship it so much!
    I think Crowfeather loves Leafpool more because they were actually mates and they were together longer and knew each other better than he and feather did when she was alive, while Feathertail really was more just like a highschool crush, and he and Leafpool had 3 amazing kits together,and he and Leafpool even ran away together because they loved each other.
    And if Feathertail DID live Vicky stated “it probably wouldn’t have worked out because she was too old for him and she was too loyal to Riverclan and he wouldn’t have had a chance to develop his own personality.
    #LeafXCrow Forever

    • #I love it so much too
      When I found out that Hollyleaf told them at the gathering that Leafpool and Crowfeather were her parents, I was to embarrassed to even read the part, so I skipped it😅
      I totally ship this and I hate nightcloud and kind of like Feathertail#love Leafpool

  • You are sooooooo right Otterpaw!!!!!! Thankyou!!!!!!!!! Crowfeather only took a few moons to get over Feathertail. I have to admit he did truly love Feathertail BUT……. Leafpool stole his heart wile he was grieving Feathertail. That prove that his love for Leafpool was more powerful then his grief and love over Feathertail!!!!!!! He even said “I loved Feathertail I truly did, how could I love you to”❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I get the concept of medicine cats not being able to have mates or kits, but I feel like with kits and mates the medicine cat would do the same job. I mean if I was a medicine cat and I had a kit I would work harder to make sure my clan was safe from disease. And when queens are giving birth, the medicine cat would be better off knowing what it feels like to kit.

  • I love the ship of LeafPool and CrowFeather, I think CrowFeather still loves her but is hurt that she chose her clan over him. I personally think NightCloud loved CrowFeather once but after she took him on as a mate she realized he still loved LeafPool. I also believe that CrowFeather thought that if he had a mate he would stop hurting inside, but he was clearly wrong.

  • Tbh, I don’t really ship Crow with anyone, due to how all his relationships ended badly. But if I had to I would pick CrowxFeather, mainly because of the chaos that came out of the CrowxLeaf ship. I mean, loads of relationships were destroyed due to what came out of the couple. AND a few people DIED as well. So obviously I would avoid that ship. Yes, Feathertail was a little older than Crowfeather, but there are plenty of ships like that in Warriors, but no one even questions THEM. It also seems like Leafpool saw Crowfeather as a chance to see what life could be like if she had been a warrior. I know this because she was thinking about it before any of that happened so, it seems obvious that she wasn’t too into Crowfeather at first. But honestly, only Crowfeather knows who he likes better so, i’m not going to bet on either Feather or Leaf.

  • i think Crowfeather is just using leafpool to recover from the trama and didn‘t really love her that much,his heart probably belonged to Feathertail. In my opinion I think Leafpool really deserved better TT^TT

  • I think Feather x Crow is the Warriors version of having a crush on/dating your babysitter

  • Ooh yes I totally agree with you, Otterpaw. I am a big Leaf x Crow girl. Leafpool died, and Crowfeather still lives. HE’S TO OLD!!!!!!!!!

  • I truly love crowfeatherxleafpool! thats probably my absoulute favrote ship! (even tho i only finished starlight i absoulutly think its so adorable