Who Does Crowfeather Love More? by Otterpaw

Otterpaw discusses the relationships of Crowfeather. 

Artwork by Lithestep

Hi! I’m Otterpaw, with my fourth article. (I’m pretty sure.) Anywho, by the title I’m going to talk about Crowfeather, and who he loves more. Let’s start off with Crowfeather’s first crush… Feathertail.


In this ship, Crowfeather (Crowpaw at the time) met Feathertail when they were on the journey to see Midnight. Crowpaw is very snappy and has a sharp tongue. Feathertail is the only one that can calm him down… hmm…

Anyways, when Feathertail dies, Crowpaw and Feathertail’s brother, Stormfur mourns Feathertail together. In the book, Dawn, Crowpaw almost dies, and when Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw asks him what he is doing, he replies with, “I’m not frightened of joining StarClan! The forest is dying anyway. At least in StarClan, Feathertail will be waiting for me!”

Crowpaw really loved Feathertail. And when Tallstar gives him his warrior name, he requests the name Crowfeather, after Feathertail. By my evidence, you might think that I’m a CrowXFeather shipper, but no. First off, I sort of think Feathertail is too old for Crowfeather, and Feathertail was more of a high school crush. I’m just putting down what happened from the book here, but I don’t ship Crowfeather and Feathertail.

Alright! Let’s move on to Crowfeather’s next mate… Leafpool!


This one… oh I really like this ship! It’s about Leafpaw, medicine cat apprentice of ThunderClan and Crowfeather, warrior of WindClan! First off, Leafpool is breaking the rules here, which I love. Crowfeather confesses his love to Leafpool when he saves Leafpool from falling off the tall ledge of ThunderClan’s camp. Leafpool is in shock, but is relieved that he loves her.

Let’s go on, now. It’s about when Crowfeather plans to run away from the Clans with Leafpool, so they can be together. Leafpool agrees, but later on finds out that her heart is with ThunderClan, and being a medicine cat. In Sunset, Crowfeather breaks up the relationship.

Leafpool has Crowfeather’s kits later on; Hollykit, Lionkit, and Jaykit. I feel like if Leafpool wasn’t a medicine cat, this could have worked out. Crowfeather really loved Leafpool, and this is one of my favorite ships.

Alright! Now, let’s go on with Crowfeather’s last mate… ugh… Nightcloud.


In The Sight, Crowfeather has a mate in WindClan, Nightcloud, and a son, Breezepaw. There’s nothing much about this ship, and the cats just had a son, Breezepelt who is terrible. Crowfeather probably just took Nightcloud as a mate just to prove that he’s loyal to WindClan.

In my opinion, Crowfeather loves Leafpool and her kits more than Nightcloud, Feathertail, and Breezepelt. He did love Feathertail, but that faded away. In The Last Hope, when Breezepelt is about to kill Lionblaze (his half brother,) Crowfeather stops him by attacking him. Crowfeather says that Nightcloud encouraged him to hate Crowfeather, which makes me wonder: Does Nightcloud actually love Crowfeather?

Well, that it for my article! I personally think that Crowfeather loves Leafpool more than Feathertail and Nightcloud, but that’s just my opinion! Please no hate!

-Otterpaw (Ottie)

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  • I love Crowfeather and Leafpool so much! My favorite ship ever! They will always be my OTP! If they aren’t together in Starclan I will die. Here are the main reasons. Leafpool actually pitied Crowfeather. She would slowly start paying attention to him before he noticed her. There was a few interactions with them before the cliff scene. I love the way Leafpool goes back and forth of loving Crowfeather but remaining loyal to her clan. I actually highlighted parts of them interacting or her thinking of him and it’s a lot. Before I continue, I never liked him with Feathertail. After rereading the series, Crowfeather and Feathertail relationship went fast. You begin to see their chemistry in Moonrise but than Feathertail sacrifices herself and dies. She even visits Leafpool in her dreams and accepts the fact Leafpool makes Crowfeather happy. She isn’t upset nor jealous that Crowfeather and Leafpool are together. Feathertail agrees with it. Leafpool always loved Crowfeather after they broke up. She suffered a lot. It’s obvious during Crowfeather’s Trial and Squrrielflight’s hope. Though Crowfeather says he thinks their feelings slipped away overtime but did they actually though? Does Leafpool feel the same way? Every cat around them notices the tension between Crow and Leaf. Everyone knows they are still in love. Kestrelflight is so awkward when he is around then after Crowfeather is attacked by the stoats. In Squrrielflight’s hope, it brings up the ship once again. Squrrielflight has to be careful of what she says around Leafpool cause she’s sensitive when it comes to her past. Crowfeather is worried about Leafpool when the rocks collapse. Crowfeather is heartbroken at the gathering when they announce Leafpool is dead. He is very silent and can’t chant her name! Okay, that was a whole lot of writing LOL. No hate! Please! I’m just stating the facts I found and why I love this ship!

    • I agree I was soooooo HAPPY when Crowfeather said he loved Leafpool!!! I love this ship!! I think they still loved each other even after they went their separate ways. I rly hope they become together again in StarClan!!!

      • i think they wre kinda bad cause they were so all moon eyed and sassy around each other after twilight after runaway and then leafpool have jayfeather hollyleaf and lionblaze cept hollyleaf dead in sunrise 😢and their relation ship is ded but leafpool shattered the code and trampled it to dirt cause of what she betrayed and dats bad😢

    • I with Crowfeather didn’t forget about Feathertail, even though his name is SUPPOSED to remind him of her. Rest in peace, Feathertail.

  • I love LeafxCrow as well. Feathertail was really just his first love that he moved on from and then Nightcloud was a forced relationship because Crowfeather wanted his clan to think he was loyal again. The only cats he really loved were Leafpool and Feathertail, but later on he kind of forgot about Feathertail and never forgot about Leafpool.

      • I totally agree with you. Crowfeather could NEVER forget Feathertail, but of course he still loves Leafpool. To tell you the truth, I like both LeafxCrow and CrowxFeather, but I think CrowxNight is pretty dumb. Like, Crowfeather and Nightcloud did not even love each other, at least I think so.

  • Plus, he only grabs a mate named Nightcloud to prove loyalty. I mean, I’d rather have a mate that I actually love than not 🙂

  • [spoiler title=”Crowfeather’s Trial”] Hmm yeah, but in Crowfeather’s Trial, he said that he only admires Leafpool now, not love. He also is written and shown to still be in love with Feathertail when Ashfoot brings her. Their feelings are still mutual, and even though Crowfeather still has feelings for Leafpool, his love has morphed into more of an admiration, instead of what he had felt when he asked her to run away with him.

    Of course, Crowfeather x Feathertail is always my favourite ship cuz, well, Feathertail opened his heart to love, and without her, he probably wouldn’t have loved Leafpool afterwards, since when Leaf(paw) was falling of the cliff, Crowfeather only saved her because he thought of Feathertail

    This is just my thoughts btw 😁 [/spoiler]

    • Thats exactly what I think! Besides, Feathertail was only a little older than him, and the age gap is the same as Bramblestar and Squirrelflight

  • I agree. He loves Leafpool more than Feathertail. I think he will choose Leafpool in StarClan. Also, read Crowfeathers trial. It’s so good!