Hawkfrost’s death by Willowwhisper

Willowwhisper debates if Hawkfrost was deserving of his death. 

Artwork by Lithestep

Hi guys, I’m Willowwhisper and I will be discussing whether or not Hawkfrost should’ve died the sad painful, way he did.

I know that quite a few people will probably disagree with me on this one so just hear me out. I honestly think that Hawkfrost didn’t need to be killed by his own half-brother. Like ya, he wanted power like his father but I personally thought he was a pretty decent cat until the time he tried to kill Firestar. Brambleclaw could just chased Hawkfrost off or threatened him, but noooooo he killed him!

If Pinestar, Tigerstar’s father hadn’t become a kittypet maybe Tigerstar wouldn’t fill the need to prove that he was stronger than his father. And then maybe Hawkfrost wouldn’t have acted the way he did, and Brambleclaw wouldn’t have been torn between loyalty to his Clan and his half-brother.

I hope you can see where this is going. I am not a fan of Pinestar at all,!!! Well, I was until he left the clan to become a kittypet.

So I kinda blame Pinestar for his own grandson’s ambitions that lead to his destruction. It’s crazy to think that just one cat’s actions can lead to such a tragic ending of someone else’s life. And while Pinestar’s sitting all nice and cozy in a twoleg nest, his former apprentices and clanmates are doing more work than himself! Like come on Pinestar you don’t just walk away from your family and only home like that, he could have joined the elders den. But noooooo he walked away to become a soft hearted kittypet! I say this because if Pinestar hadn’t of left the clan than young Tigerstar – back than Tigerpaw – wouldn’t have tried to show that he wouldn’t have done the same thing. Which leads to Hawkfrost not wanting to bloodthirsty like his father and not trying to kill Firestar

So that is what I think is that, Hawkfrost didn’t have to die the way he did. I hope you liked this article and I am so sorry if you didn’t and I hope you like my next one.

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  • As far as we know as readers, Hawkfrost has no idea who Pinestar is and I see no reason as to why Tigerstar would tell him. And yeah, Hawkfrost deserved to die. He tried to take over WindClan and I guess RiverClan too and then tried to kill a Clan leader. He got what he deserved. And he could have left the Place of no Stars, like Tawnypelt, whenever he wanted, but he didn’t. So obviously he saw no problem with what he was doing.

  • Nice article, but I disagree. Your points are all related to Pinestar and Tigerstar. They aren’t responsible for each other’s choices. And being an elder isn’t the same as being a kittypet. As an elder you still have to face the hardships, and live in the wild, and Pinestar didn’t want that. Besides, you barely talked about Hawkfrost. If you want to talk about Pinestar’s choices that’s fine, but then you should have made the article about him and not Hawkfrost.

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