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Why Thistleclaw is just as good as Bramblestar by Loudfern

Loudfern shares their opinion on Thistleclaw.

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In this article, I, Loudfern, will take a deep look at Thistleclaw, comparing him to Bramblestar and explaining why he deserves more respect.

I’m sure we are all familiar with Thistleclaw; the cat who would lead ThunderClan to hell (basically) if Bluefur didn’t become leader.

So lets start with one of the most obvious reasons that Thistleclaw is “evil”. He trained in the dark forest. As, did Bramblestar. Now you can probably see where this is going and you’re probably thinking: “yes but Bramblestar just wanted to be a good warrior and protect his clanmates”, which is true but we all seem to forget that this is the exact same reason why Thistleclaw trained here too.

Sure, Bluefur had dreams about Thistleclaw’s possible leadership which were all about blood and horror, but let’s not forget that Leafpool had similar dreams about Brambleclaw. And yes, Brambleclaw did end up being the hero but that was after he realised that what he was doing was wrong. Since Thistleclaw was conveniently killed, he never had the chance to learn that he was following a not-so-great path. Let me put it this way, if Brambleclaw and Thistleclaw swapped books, Bluefur would be scared of Brambleclaw’s leadership and we would all hate Brambleclaw.

The fact that Thistleclaw loved two cats also says that he probably would have turned around if given the chance. You may think this means nothing but let’s just look at the other Dark Forest cats (with the exception of Mapleshade who shouldn’t even be in the dark forest but I’ll get to that some other day). Hawkfrost loved no one. He even came to despise his own sister. Brokenstar…well I don’t even need to explain and as for Tigerstar, I’m pretty sure we can all agree that he never really “loved” Goldenflower. Basically I’m saying that because Thistleclaw loved, it meant he had love inside of him and all Thistleclaw needed was for this love to really show. If Snowfur has still been around Thistleclaw actually might have changed earlier.

In reality Thistleclaw, was a hard working, incredibly loyal warrior. Mapleshade saw this and decided to use it for her own good and as Thistleclaw was still a very young warrior who didn’t know any better, he was easily swayed. And must I also say, Mapleshade is a very convincing cat; we all know what happened to Crookedstar. If Brambleclaw had of been mentored by Mapleshade, who’s to say that he wouldn’t have been lured by her “innocent” tones?

So to conclude, Thistleclaw deserves as much respect as Bramblestar.

P.S. this is my first article on BlogClan (since I’m new XD) so I’m sorry for the messiness of it and I do hope to improve my article writing skills XD

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  • Okay, I’m personally okay on Thistleclaw. I think that he gets too much hate. But I’m just saying that I can’t recall Leafpool getting any nightmares about Bramblestar’s leadership. Also, Thistleclaw trained there and spat about his Clan and StarClan a lot. Bramblestar had lots more respect. Plus, Bramblestar was a genuinely good, responsible warrior in daylight. He never did any bloody things. But Thistleclaw did.

    I’m also pretty sure that Bramblestar could only be influenced by Tigerstar. Mapleshade wouldn’t have influenced him because he would feel no connection to her. Kin have a strong bond.

    Now, I’m not going to disagree about your first argument nor the fact that he loved Snowfur. He did love Snowfur.

  • Great article, despite the fact I disagree with the point you are trying to prove.

    Spottedleaf’s choice, she tells Thistleclaw to choose between her or the dark forest, and he chose the dark forest. He told his apprentice to attack an innocent and clueless kit despite Bluestar’s protest. In my opinion, he wasn’t that great of a cat.

  • Wow this is a great article! I never thought of that! (now you need to make one about my favorite DF cat Antpelt 😉 )

  • After thinking about your article, I remember that Thistlekit and Thistlepaw weren’t that bad. They were… kind to Snowfur and Sweetpaw and Rosetail. But Bluefur noticed all of the things that were wrong with him instead. So we had a biased narrator who didn’t want her only littermate to be stolen away. But after Thistleclaw died, if he were a good cat on the inside, he would have gone to StarClan. But Thistleclaw lives in the Dark Forest. Overall, your article was really neat! I enjoyed the read.
    P.S. I didn’t think your article was messy at all.

  • Great article! However, Thistleclaw and Bramblestar, while they are very close, are also VERY different. Thistleclaw knew exactly what he was doing and getting himself into when he trained in the Dark Forest. He ran on ambition and pride to rise to power, while Brambleclaw was fueled off of courage and good intentions for his Clan while he wanted to become leader. Brambleclaw redeemed himself eventually, while Thistleclaw sadly followed that path until his death, which is why he now walks with the Dark Forest.

    • Yeah I agree. I was telling Sky and Cheetah, my opinions about this subject now, are different to how they were three months ago

  • I see where you’re coming from… but I’m still don’t like Thistleclaw all that much… he always seemed really vicious to me, and I get you’se saying he COULD’VE been good, but that is just a possibility. Nice article, though, it was interesting to read 😛

  • Mmmm I’m going to have to disagree 😛 I think you’re article is well written and makes good points, but I don’t think that they can completely defend Thistleclaw’s actions.
    For one, Thistleclaw and Brambleclaw’s relationship with the DF was different–Brambleclaw thought he was doing something good but cut himself off from the DF when he realized that it was only causing damage, while Thistleclaw openly embraced and praised the ways of the Dark Forest until he died (well, as far as we know; he never stopped training the DF and even when he was given a reason to leave [i.g. his relationship with Spottedpaw/leaf] he showed that the DF was what was most important to him).
    Also, in terms and Bluestar/Leafpool’s dreams, Bluestar’s dreams were sent as a direct warning about how dangerous Thistleclaw from StarClan. The dreams Leafpool received about Brambleclaw were less dreams and more like omens, which she initially misinterpreted and were actually sent to her to tell her that Brambleclaw would be the next deputy/leader. Bluestar’s dreams where less interpretable–they were StarClan directing showing her that Thistleclaw was training in the DF and that he was a danger to ThunderClan.
    I don’t think having the capability to love has to do with whether or not you get into the DF. I think Hawkfrost loved his father, but he was still a bad cat. I’m sure there are cats Tigerclaw loves–his kits, his mother, ThunderClan, maybe one of his mates–but that doesn’t make him a good cat. And, even if love did contribute to getting into StarClan, Thistleclaw had Rosetail and a son who loved him–he had cats around other at Snowfur that he could’ve sot comfort in. Rosetail and him were shown as being close when they were younger and I’m sure he loved her, and, even if he was very harsh with his son (and I am in no way defending his actions–sicking your apprentice whose trained in cat h*ll onto your younger, weaker son is not cool dude), he did love Whitepaw/storm. (Also, as a side note, his whole relationship with Spottedkit/paw/leaf was very disturbing [at least to me] and not something I think a respectable warrior would do.)
    I have to disagree again when it comes to Mapleshade’s influence over him. While I do agree that she’s a very convincing cat, Thistleclaw knew what he was doing when he was killing other cats and it was his choice to do so (which he did do–he’s shown explicitly killing a cat in the DF and it’s heavily implied that that isn’t the only cat he’s killed). We also don’t know whether or not Mapleshade was the one who recruited him for the DF (he’s shown training with her in Spottedleaf’s Heart, but that’s the only interaction we see between them so we can’t say for sure she’s his only mentor). I doubt he was manipulated the same was Crookedstar was.
    Anyway, this ran a little longer than I was anticipating and I might have a little bit of bias since I really don’t like Thistleclaw. I agree that if things had been a little different, especially if Snowfur stayed alive and was able to help him (although I reservations about saying this), and he had the potential to become a good warrior–just like Tigerclaw. Still, I don’t think he deserves anywhere near the same amount of respect as Bramblestar, but liked this article even if I didn’t agree with it 🙂

  • I still think Thistleclaw should have gone to the Dark Forest, but Thistleclaw and Snowfur were so cute together.

  • Really? Thistleclaw only wanted to train in the DF to become a better warrior? I don’t really remember it being that way. In one of the Super Editions (Crookedstar’s, maybe), Silverhawk was teaching Thistleclaw to give the killing bite and other brutal battle moves. No “better warrior” would have to learn to give out the killing bite!

    Bramblestar’s training with Tigerstar, meanwhile, kind of proved that he was reluctant to be involved with Hawkfrost and Tigerstar’s plot to take over the Clans.

    Also, Brambleclaw and Thistleclaw were very different in many aspects. Would Brambleclaw have encouraged his own apprentice to attack and brutally fight a helpless kittypet kit, as Thistleclaw did with Tigerpaw? I think not. Brambleclaw was a brave and noble warrior (Leafpool admitted this even before Bramble killed Hawk).

    I apologize if this thing sounded bad 😛
    Your article’s a good one for a first one! I just strongly disagree.

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