Were the Other Clans Justified In Running SkyClan Out Of the Forest? by Whisperfeather

Whisperfeather wonders if the Clans made the right choice of exiling SkyClan from the forest.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

When Twolegs destroyed their home, SkyClan asked for the other Clans to give them some of their territories. The other Clans refused, saying that only four Clans belonged there, not five. But, were the Clans justified in driving SkyClan out, or was it out of spite?

➳➳➳➳┄I Believe That It Was Out Of Spite.➳➳➳➳┄
I’d say the Clans could’ve been selfless, and lent some of their territories away to this fated Clan, so that they could possibly grow and prosper again.

However, were these Clans selfless? Nope. Not at all. I believe the Clans were making excuses when they said only four Clans belonged in the forest. When Redstar told them to leave, and said that StarClan changed their minds and turned their backs on SkyClan, I actually believe he was becoming a bit rude.

SkyClan didn’t deserve this. Five Clans had prospered in the old territories for years, yet why did the Clans drive them out? They just lost their home, for StarClan’s sake. Why drive them away, when they are starved and asking for your help?

Plus, there were even kits on that journey, don’t you forget. Cloudstar’s mate Birdflight recently had Spottedkit and Gorsekit. Those two ended up staying in ThunderClan. That was the only selfless act those Clans did, as those two kits were small and weak, and therefore would not survive the journey. So Cloudstar had to leave without the three most precious cats in his life: his mate and kits. He was hopeful that his Clan would survive, but missed his mate and kits dearly.

Plus, why would cats banish a once prosperous Clan out of the forest, knowing there was kits and elders who would most likely not survive that perilous journey?

Cats have died on the way to the gorge that they called home until the rats came, scattering them, making them live on their own, or as kittypets to the Twolegs they once hated.

The Clans, I believe in my own opinion, were too selfish and featherbrained for their own good. If they’d let them stay, and then had given them some of their territories, SkyClan would most possibly have been still prospering by the time Firestar first came into the forest.

I just truly believe that the Clans just banished SkyClan out of their own selfishness, and that SkyClan never deserved that treatment that they got.

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