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My Favorite Warriors and Why by Bluefire

Bluefire lists their favourite warriors from the series.

Artwork by GoldenPhoenix

Bluefire here, and I just wanted to do one of those articles about what my favorite warriors are and all of that. So, here you go.

10 – Firestar
Yep, he’s on the list. He’s the main character most of the arcs, and he’s just plain awesome. I mean seriously. Though it kind of sucks that he lived five arcs, then was killed by a TREE. A TREE PEOPLE. Also if he didn’t exist, neither would the kin of his kin, who are all awesome.

9 – Bramblestar
He’s chill, and he didn’t freak out too much when it was revealed that Holly, Jay, and Lion weren’t ACTUALLY his kits. He forgave Squirrelflight for keeping it secret, and then made her deputy, which I think is nice of him, if that happened to me I don’t know how I’d respond.

8 – Cinderpelt/Cinderheart
They’re both on this one because SPOILERS Cinderpelt’s spirit goes into Cinderheart and helps her become a warrior. Both of them are persistent, and even though Cinderpelt couldn’t be a warrior, she did her best to be a great medicine cat, and then helped Cinderheart be the amazing warrior she is now.

7 – Hollyleaf
Hollyleaf. Just Hollyleaf. I love her leadership skills, and I was really sad when SPOILERS she died. She’s really awesome, and I like the HollyXFallen that the Erins put into her novella. I know it’s like ‘oh HollyXWarrior Code and all but I kind of like that. I don’t like breaking rules either, and I respect her decisions to stick to the rules, besides the incident with Ashfur.

6 – Leafpool
Leafpool is the reason that Jayfeather and Hollyleaf exist. Oh yeah, and Lionblaze. Isn’t that enough? She helped Jayfeather be a good medicine cat, and her connection to her sister as well as her knowledge of herbs helped Squirrelpaw on the journey to find a new territory. She’s totally chill and sweet, and she doesn’t get mad when Hollyleaf SPOILERS tries to get her to eat deathberries because of her relationship with Crowfeather.

5 – Longtail
He’s a bit of a jerk in Into the Wild, but later in the series, he’s actually pretty nice. I hate that he had to become and elder when he was blinded, and maybe if he stuck it out he’d have been able to still be a warrior. I didn’t like it when he SPOILERS died, and Mousefur’s reaction… Just saying. Longtail was actually nice later on, and I didn’t see this until someone pointed it out. I’m sorry Longtail, I thought you were a jerk…

4 – Spottedleaf
She’s awesome! SPOILERS she kept Bluestar’s secret in Spottedleaf’s Heart, and she’s great right off the bat in Into the Wild. I like the bit of Spotted/Fire there is, and hate that she was killed, but I think it’s better that way, because if she hadn’t, Firestar might’ve gotten himself in trouble in a relationship with her =) One can hope. And I hate her second death in the Great Battle, she wasn’t even able to stay in StarClan and wait for Firestar! But Spottedleaf is an awesome character, and I want to see more characters like her.

3 – Hawkfrost
I know, I know, he’s evil, but still. I’ve always liked the villains. And besides, he was only trying to please Tigerstar, who, may I remind you, is his FATHER. It’s like if Luke became evil for Darth Vader. It’s dumb, but it’s natural. He wanted to please his father, his wild, clanborn father, because he thought it would help him fit in. Of course, if he hadn’t, we wouldn’t know him as he is now. All evilness aside, Hawkfrost is a neat character and one of my top three.

2 – Jayfeather
JAYFEATHER!!! He’s my favorite medicine cat, and a well-developed character all around. He’s a bit grouchy, yes, but he was forced to become a medicine cat because of his blindness and gifts. He chose to, yes, but he always wanted to be a warrior instead. I like how he persevered through his blindness and became an awesome medicine cat and a great mentor for Alderheart. Also, I love the prefix.

1 – Bluestar
What can I say? She gave up everything for the safety of her clan: her mate, her kits, everything. She did get a bit delusional there in the end, but it took a lot to break her. She held through the death of her mother, sister, one of her kits, and her mate. She continued on to be leader of ThunderClan, then a leader in StarClan, giving her last life to save her clan. Plus, she survived the Great Battle. That’s always a plus.

So, that’s my top ten favorite warrior cats, some might be out of order but past 1-3, I’m not sure what order they should be in.
Longtail: Hey, I’m on your list!
Hawkfrost: How can you tell? You’re blind.
Longtail: Not in StarClan I’m not!
Hawkfrost: Dangit.
Jaysky (OC): Why am I not on there…
Me: You’re an OC and undeveloped. This is just canon cats.
Bluestar: I’m your number one?? Thanks!
Hawkfrost: Great. More StarClan cats. I’m outta here. *leaves*
Me: Hawkfrost no…
Jaysky: Bluefire and Hawkfrost sitting in a tree…
Jaysky: K-I-S-S-I-N-G
Bluestar: Ah, interclan relationships =)
Me: Did you just use an emoji Blustar??
Bluestar: So what if I did?
Longtail: Let’s end this now, I think we have enough words. Oh hey, it’s Firestar! I promised him we’d go hunting. Bye!
Bluestar: Just us three now?
Jaysky: I’d better leave now actually, before Bluefire un-writes me =) *leaves*
Bluestar: Well, that was fun.
Me: Bye Bluestar!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this =) And I really hope that I have enough words on this…
Bluefire out!

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  • Amazing article Blue !! 😀 😀 I loved the little thing at the end, it was cool 😛 😀 I agree with pretty much everything, and I’m so happy that you are a fellow Leafpool lover even though there was the whole “breaking the warrior code” thing w/ Crowfeather 😉

  • YES! LONGTAIL! FINALLY! SOMEONE ON SOCIAL MEDIA ACTUALLY LIKES HIM! As you can see, I love Longtail a lot . . . Also love Hawkfrost :3 Really like Jayfeather, and Cinderpelt! Though I dislike Spottedleaf and Leafpool, the rest (yes, I now say that I kinda like Bluestar . . .) I agree with! But, Firestar wasn’t killed by a tree, it was wounds inflicted by Tigerstar. Just saying! This is real good tho!


    Well, I don’t like him for killing Hollyleaf, but I do think he’s a great villain! Every scene he was in in the books was super interesting! Bluestar was an amazing leader! Actually, I like every cat on your list! Here’s my top ten list…

    10. TIE- Firestar and Mapleshade.
    9. TIE- Ivypool and Brightheart
    8. Jayfeather
    7. Leafpool
    6. Squirrelflight
    5. Pebble Heart
    4. Yellowfang
    3. Graystripe
    2. Gray Wing
    1. TURTLE TAIL!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I’m really sorry, I hate Spottedleaf, but I respect your opinion. Spottedleaf fans pls don’t kill me XD
    I agree with Bluestar and Cinderpelt anyway :’)

    Sooo, here’s my top 10 list ^^

    10. Cloudtail
    9. Silverstream
    8. Crookedstar
    7. Mapleshade
    6. Brightheart
    5. Bluestar
    4. Yellowfang
    3. Ravenpaw
    2. Cinderpelt
    1. Sandstorm

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