Who was the worst parent of Bluestar by Shiverheart

Shiverheart discusses the parenting styles of Stormtail and Moonflower. 

Artwork by Lithestep

Stormtail is one of the most common warriors punching bags by fans. I mean he barely paid any attention to Bluekit and Snowkit and for a father of the main character of a super edition he was interestingly uninvolved with the story.

The only problem is I think that Stormtail was actually the good parent and Moonflower the bad one. I mean if you read the quotes of Stormtail, true he come off as especially loving to his kits, but he didn’t come across as mean either. In all fairness he was basically the defacto deputy, meaning he was incredibly busy, and Moonflower couldn’t blame him for that. The warrior code says put your clan first, and that is exactly what Stormtail did.

Moonflower on the other hand passively insulted Stormtail behind his back constantly, making a tense and rather dysfunctional atmosphere.

Bluekit and Snowkit could of learned a lot from their father. He was loyal warrior and good fighter, had generally speaking very good character, and was all around a good cat, standing up for moral rights. Moonflower on the other hand was spoiled, thinking that Stormtail should put her and their kits in front of everything else, and when he didn’t she kept him away from his kits.

With this being said, Stormtail was not a good parent either, and did ignore his mate and his kits, but then you realize that Stormtail never really loved Moonflower and should never of had kits with her. He found her charming and like her, but never really got to know her before having kits. I mean if you work it out, she was a rather new warrior when she had those kits and obviously hadn’t settled into the clan completely, could not yet understand the concept of putting your clan above everything else and was as I said a bit spoiled, as many other fathers have had to leave their kits and mate to help their clan. Shellheart wasn’t exactly unbelievably involved with Oakkit and Crookedkit, but nobody says he was a bad father. So why does the warrior fan community agree Stormtail was?

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  • Well I kind of think Stormtail betrayed Moonflower when he fall in love with Dappletail, why have kits if they don’t know each other more?

  • I think that Moonflower’s life was so tragic, and she should get more love. And what did you mean when you said ‘passively insulted Stormtail behind his back constantly’ ? I wasn’t sure if I’d actually read any insults. Also here’s how Moonflower’s life went SPOILERS:

    – She loved and admired Stormpaw/tail even when she was a tiny kit, but her weird brother Goosekit kept giving him hate which no-one understood.

    – Goosekit became an apprentice 2 moons early – even though they didn’t really get on and Goosekit always cheated in games, she must’ve felt jealous that he was already an apprentice and at least a bit sad.

    – Goosepaw is suddenly really important, but he still hates Stormtail.

    – Moonpaw becomes Moonflower and finally she can become mates with the cat she has always loved – Stormtail. By this time, she barely speaks with her brother.

    – She has kits with Stormtail, but suddenly he doesn’t seem to care about her anymore, instead with the flirty apprentice Dapplepaw. This is heartbreaking and must have made her mad, but she had to stay strong for her kits.

    – Sunfall, the strong and kind deputy loves her instead, but she only cares for Stormtail even though he’s never there for her. She has to raise Bluekit and Snowkit as a single parent.

    – Her kits are made apprentices around the time of tensions with WindClan. A battle takes place before her beloved kits even know any battle moves and they’re terrified. She comforts them, and goes off to fight.

    – She is killed in this battle, a battle that should never have happened, leaving her kits without mother nor father: totally alone. And she must leave them to join StarClan.

    See what I mean? She had a tough life. I don’t like Stormtail since he just left her. Nice article!

    • I know. Moonflower supposed to be Stormtail’s lover, and then he ditches her for having kits! And he then flirts with Dapplepaw/tail! UUUUGGGHHHH!!!!! WHAT A JERK??!!!!!

  • I personally think that Moonflower was the better parent, but hey nice article anyway!

  • I don’t agree, sorry! Moonflower may have insulted Stormtail behind his back, but Stormtail is definitely the worst in my opinion. When Moonflower visits Stormtail with Bluekit and Snowkit, Stormtail literally says: “meh.” I mean, Bluekit and Snowkit were so excited to see him! And he just shuts their feelings down. Then after Moonflower dies, Stormtail barely does anything or shows his feelings, and even worse, he takes Dappletail as a mate in front of them and doesn’t even care or look at Bluepaw and Snowpaw. He flirted with Dappletail literally in front of his OWN kits. Even though he’s not exactly good with Moonflower, that doesn’t mean you can’t care for your other kits! That’s just not right. And of course, he had to take the flirty apprentice as his other mate. He didn’t care about Bluefur or Snowfur when they were warriors. The only time he congratulated them was I THINK when Bluefur made a SMALL nick on Goldenflower’s ear. Is the only thing he cares about his status?? God. I hate him forever and ever. Bluestar doesn’t deserve such an idiotic, conniving, idiotic – I’m going to stop before this comment is removed from offensive language. I just hate him forever and ever and ever… (more than endless years). Sorry, but that’s how I feel.

  • I like Moonflower and Stormtail, but while Stormtail wasn’t the best dad , he’s still way better then Crookedstar’s mom and (to some extent, Millie)

  • When did moonflower keep stormtail away from bluekit and snowkit? there was never a chapter saying that moonflower thought that she and her kit should have been the most important thing to stormtail she was only disappointed that she didn’t get time to spend with her mate.