Nightcloud and Reedshine; lifetimes apart yet still so simililar, by Loudfern

Loudfern compares Nightcloud and Reedshine.

Art by Fernyfeline

Hello everybody and welcome to my second article where I will be discussing the similarities between Nightcloud and Reedshine and also give a few personal opinions on them.

I’ll start with Reedshine. We are first introduced to her when she’s at a gathering with Appledusk and Mapleshade is obviously annoyed at her for being so close to her mate. Personally, because of Mapleshade’s immediate dislike towards her, my first reaction was to hate on Reedshine. And I did. And when Reedshine started expecting Appledusk’s kits, I was infuriated at her; I was disappointed when Mapleshade didn’t kill her.

Then, I met Leafpool and Crowfeather and omg did my heart flip. I loved them together I was (and still am) a massive Leaf x Crow supporter. Then all the stuff happened and we were introduced to Nightcloud. And because I was still such a supporter of Leafpool and Crowfeather, I started hating on Nightcloud.

BUT! Then I realised that Nightcloud actually loved Crowfeather and hoped that they would have a happy future together. For a while, she thought that Crowfeather loved her back. But he didn’t. And we all just have to stop and think here, “how would I feel if the person I thought was my true love was only using me to prove his loyalty?” To be honest, Nightcloud doesn’t nearly get enough of a say on how she feels. We all just seem to jump to conclusions that she’s a (you-know-what) who has nothing better to do than to hate on Leafpool. However, when Nightcloud is first introduced, she spends a whole night with Leafpool and shows not a bit of hostility. Jealousy, yes, but hate? No.

So after my sudden change of attitude towards Nightcloud, I realised that Reedshine pretty much suffered the same thing. I don’t know if there is much hate towards her in the fandom but if there is, I believe that the only reason she is getting it, is because Appledusk chose her over Mapleshade. But let’s think about this for a second.

Nightcloud and Reedshine both:
1. Loved a cat INSIDE their OWN Clan.
And 2. Had kits with a cat INSIDE their OWN Clan.

Neither of them broke the Warrior Code. And you can hardly blame them for Crowfeather and Appledusk’s previous mistakes. If we had their side of the story, we’d all see that their probably decent cats.

Think of it like this, it’s kinda like if people started hating on Cinderheart because she had kits with Lionblaze when we know that Lionblaze originally liked Heathertail. But because Cinderheart is already a significant character and we already have a lot of background information on her, we know her side of the story and we don’t hate on her.

To conclude, for two cats we don’t know an awful lot about (only that they want a happy future with their mates and kits) any hate that they get sure is EXTREMELY unnecessary.

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