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Maplepaw dives headfirst into the canon of minor characters. 

Artwork by RiverSpirit456

Hello BlogClan!
Today I have decided to write some articles on more minor characters that I like and the random number generator for today says that I should write an article about Tuna!
Spoiler Warning – This article will contain spoilers for Tigerheart’s Shadow

So to start of, who is Tuna for all those who have forgotten
Tuna is a city stray and part of Fog’s group. He is a quite an average, tabby brown tom but in this article, I will cover why I love Tuna.

So when we first see Tuna he appears from behind Fog and asks what all the fuss is about. This is quite a simple thing to say but in this situation, both he and Fog impress me with there ability to keep cool under pressure, Tigerheart was acting quite aggressive to them both and they were still very calm.
After this point, Tuna sometimes has a bit of a role in the arguments between Tigerheart and Fog’s group but his character is not that obvious until later in the book on page 257 where Tuna tries to comfort Fog after the loss of Streak.
This shows how compassionate Tuna can be and I love how his gentle side is shown quite discreetly. Also, he later seems quite curious about the battle moves that Tigerheart had been teaching and I think that he is a generally inquisitive cat which I love, it I see nice to see a cat that I see interested in what is going on around him and questions how things are being run. He even persists that Tigerheart’s plan to drive out the foxes is a good one and tries to convince Fog to help the guardian cats.
On Page 266, Tuna agrees to show Tigerheart his old camp and this alone is disobeying what his leader says for what he thinks is right but then he takes that one step further. He decides to help drive out the foxes , Page 268 “ “Tigerheart,” A whispering mew sounded through the rain. A dark shape bounded towards them. It was Tuna. “I’m coming with you” Tigerheart felt a surge of gratitude. Not all city cats were rouges after all. “You don’t have to risk your pelt.” “I want to help,” Tuna stopped in front of him …..”
This action was not asked of Tuna yet he felt that he needed to defend his home, like a warrior would and even when Tigerheart offers him the chance to stay safe and not get involved he still agrees to help drive out the foxes. While driving out the foxes, Tuna is panicked when Tigerheart tries to attack the fox. This shows that he really cares for the cats who are around him and would try to protect them as much as he could. He even asks Tigerheart, in a worried voice whether Cobweb was going to make it !

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