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Fawnspots shares their opinion on positions of power in Warriors.

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This is like my second article, so please be patient with me.
Usually, I am not the type to go ranting about stuff, but here we go…
Anyway, I have been rereading Warriors, and it seems like the power in the clans is kind of spread unfairly. A majority of cats with high rankings in the books are closely related. Many families have lots of power in them, like Firestar’s family fur ( 😛 ) example: Firestar became a leader, then his daughter Leafpool became medicine cat whose former mate Crowfeather is now deputy of Windclan, and Leafpool’s kit Jayfeather also became a medicine cat. Firestar’s other daughter, Squirrelflight became deputy, whose mate became a leader, and Squirrelflight’s kit Alderheart became a medicine cat. It seems like they are simply trying to keep the power in the family. Don’t get me wrong, everybody likes Firestar, but it feels like the Erins don’t want anyone except his relatives to have important positions in the clan. Bluestar also has an unnecessarily powerful family: Bluestar’s father is Stormtail who temporarily was a deputy. Her sister’s son Whitestorm also became a deputy. Her mate Oakheart was a deputy, whose brother Crookedstar became the leader of Riverclan. Her son Stonefur was deputy before he died, and her daughter Mistystar became a leader, whose son Reedwhisker became her deputy. There are several other powerful family trees, like Tigerstar’s family: Tigerstar’s father was Pinestar, whose father was Oakstar. His son Brambleclaw became Bramblestar, whose mate is Squirrelflight which connects back to Firestar’s powerful family. Then Tigerstar’s son Hawkfrost became deputy of Riverclan. Also, his daughter’s (Tawnypelt) son Tigerheart, later on, will become the leader of Shadowclan, whose father was Rowanstar. I feel like it is unfair to other cats in the clan that aren’t related to the leaders or deputies because they deserve a chance to move up the hierarchy ladder (basically get a promotion). In my opinion, the Erins need to let other clan cats into the power ladder. I know others leaders like that all the main cats are related, but there needs to be a little more variety in the leaders and deputies throughout the series. Thank you for being patient with me and my rant 😛

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  • Interesting. I do agree that this is unfair, I mean, The Three are all Firestar’s kin and all. But like “Firewing That Never Wears Green on St. Patties Day” says, sometimes it’s for plots. I’ll look more into it. After I finish Vision of Shadows. I get it. I’m behind.

  • My thoughts exactly! I get why all these things happen. But it would be nice to have more cats who aren’t related be in charge. Like in Windclan! Harestar is a great leader!

    • At first, I had no idea what to think of Harestar because what kept replaying in my mind when I heard his name was that scene where Brambleclaw was on a diplomatic mission to WindClan, and Harespring tried to get in his way and Brambleclaw literally bowled him over with a single swipe. I hope he’s a lot stronger than that now!

  • I can see where you’re coming from, but for some of those cats, the power was unwanted for quite a while. Jayfeather didn’t want to be left behind by his siblings, stuck in the medicine den. Alderheart was jealous of Sparkpelt’s successfulness. Nonetheless, both those cats found content in their jobs, so I suppose that doesn’t matter 😛

  • Sky:
    Sharpclaw: deputy
    Hawkwing: deputy
    Twigbranch: Bringbacker of skyclan
    Tree: mate of violetshine, mediator
    Rootspring: Saver of the clans in TBC

    Thunder and shadow and wind:
    Firestar: Leader
    Windstar: Leader
    Deadfoot: Deputy
    Ashfoot: Deputy
    Crowfeather: Deputy
    Squirrelflight: Temporary leader
    Leafpool: Medicine cat
    Lionblaze: Temporary deputy, The three
    Jayfeather: medicine cat, the three
    Dovewing: the three
    Tawnypelt: former deputy
    Rowanclaw: Former leader
    Tigerstar: leader
    Bramblestar: leader
    Alderheart: medicine cat

    What a tree!

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