Why I Dislike Brook Where Small Fish Swim by Sky

Sky shares their opinion on Brook Where Small Fish Swim.

Art by Ravenstar01

There isn’t much discussion about Brook, a Tribe cat, mate of Stormfur and sister of the current Stoneteller. However, I’ve always harbored a bit of dislike for her.

Now, she’s a respectable cat and I don’t deny her love for Stormfur. Whenever I decide I dislike a cat, I try to see things from their perspective because I rarely dislike cats we see a perspective from, except for Clear Sky and a few other cats. Since we haven’t seen Brook’s perspective, I tried my best. I actually have less dislike for her after doing so, but I still hold dislike for her.

The problem is that, in some ways, she manipulated Stormfur. Perhaps this was unintentional. In any case, he developed a crush on her. Since a lot of the tribe stuff happened from Stormfur’s perspective, we know how betrayed he felt when the tribe LOCKED HIM UP and WOULDN’T LET HIM GO SAVE HIS PEOPLE FOR THEIR OWN SELFISH REASONS.

It goes without saying that that scene where Stoneteller wouldn’t let him go and locked him up made me SO DARN ANGRY. And then Brook plays that whole guilt-tripping sweetness thing where she brings him fresh-kill. Yet I was HAPPY when Stormfur turned around and victorious when Brook gasped with hurt. Did she think that she’d get away with leading him on and still have him have an undying love for her?

Okay, maybe she didn’t lead him on. I truly believe that her feelings – and his – were genuine. However, did Brook really think that supporting her tribe – the tribe that actually did lead him on – was going to make him still love her? I mean, come on. And plus, the only reason why the tribe let them stay was for Stormfur. The moment they got Stormfur in their grasp, they chased out the others.

Imagine that you were traveling with your best friends to save your and their families, and then you rested with another group of families for a while. You started having a crush on one of them who obviously returned your feelings. However, after a few days, when you and your friends are ready to go, the group locks you up and chases your friends out. The person you were sharing romantic feelings with brings you some food. Previously, that same person had – perhaps awkwardly, but still – sided against you.

Do you –

A: Say, “Oh, thanks, honey,” and take the food, or
B: Turn around. You don’t want food from that piece of rot who betrayed you.

It’s one or the other. I don’t want to hear any other answers. There’s no, “C: Steal the food and then kick them out.” It’s one or the other.

If you chose A, congrats. You are an extremely, extremely, very kind being without a single inch of badness in you.

If you chose B, you’re like the majority of human beings – you want revenge.

So, in conclusion, I believe that Brook was being genuine and trying to heal their relationship, but she’d already destroyed it, and that’s that.

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