These are a few of my favorite cats… (SPOILERS AHEAD) by Bluefire

Bluefire shares some of their favourite characters from the series.

Art by raumkatzen

I don’t know why, but I’ve always been drawn to the villains (Hawkfrost), the crazies (Bluestar), and all those poor kits, apprentices, and young warriors/medicine cats who died too soon in their story. Here’s a few cats who were too young to die.

He was always a favorite of mine. The medicine cat whose brother was named after the greatest villain of the forest. He didn’t have a huge role in the story, but he was still cool. I honestly don’t know much about him, besides that he died and Jayfeather couldn’t save him, but I still like the character.

Bluestar’s kit who never made it to the river. We didn’t get to see much, or any, of her character, but she did give her mother a life and MY GOODNESS KITS ARE ADORABLE.

I kind of liked her relationship with Thistleclaw, and I think having Snowfur around made him a little less…. Thistleclaw….. for a while. Then, just after little Whitekit (to be Whitestorm) was born, she got hit by a monster. I MEAN SERIOUSLY. The Erins are mean sometimes.

The smallest warrior. Little Badgerkit was made an apprentice at three moons and set into battle at four. Brokenstar was the most evilest of evil. Badgerpaw was killed, and as he was dying, he asked his mentor Flintfang if StarClan would give him a warrior name. I was like AWWWW BADGER SO CUTE. Anyway, Flintfang said they’d let him choose, and the kit-apprentice-warrior was like “I’ll be Badgerfang, like you,” and ahhhhhh adorable!! So yeah, little Badgerfang is up their somewhere, playing with Mosskit.

Juniperkit and Dandelionkit
Sparkpelt and Alderheart had two other littermates, both who died within moons of being born. Kit deaths are always really sad.

Tallstar’s littermate. Another kit death. If I’m not mistaken (and I probably am) Finchkit was born dead? Or maybe she just died soon after she was born? Either way, kit deaths.

Okay, he wasn’t actually young when he died, but he retired early because he became blind. I don’t remember exactly how. Longtail was NOT one of my favorite characters at the start, but he wasn’t evil, and he stuck by Firestar when Darkstripe stuck by Tigerstar. He quickly became a favorite of mine.

I don’t expect many people to recognize the name. The Warriors Wiki says that Emberkit was one of Windstar’s kits, and it’s SO DANG SAD KIT DEATHS =( Anyway, Ember- is an awesome prefix and I’ve used it before.

(Is this enough words?? Ahhh)

Let’s move on. Now I’m going to talk about a couple favorites.

I know, I know, typical me, liking the main character of most of the arc. But he was a cool character, and a great way to enter the series with about as much knowledge as the reader had of the clans, meaning NONE. His story was interesting, as well as his friends.

Okay, what doesn’t make sense, is Ravenpaw was offered a warrior name by StarClan, and he’s like “nah I’m good” because he’d been Ravenpaw so long that he couldn’t imagine being called anything else. He’s a favorite of mine as well, he witnessed Redtail’s death and though he was scared all the time because of Tigerclaw, he was an interesting character to follow.

Come on. You can’t not like Spottedleaf. She’s the first character introduced into the series, and while FireXSpotted was a bit ‘meh’ for me (I may write a ShipFic later), she was an epic character with a very cool backstory. She became medicine cat apprentice to Featherwhisker because she wanted to escape Thistleclaw. The darn Dark Forest trainee was trying to lure her into his trap! She didn’t fall for it, and Spottedpaw became a medicine cat.

He’s here for the sole reason that he could see StarClan cats.

DANGIT HOLLYLEAF WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE???? I would’ve liked to see her leading ThunderClan. She’d be the leader who didn’t unsheathe her claws for every trespasser, and who’d try to talk things out instead of battle things out. This also might end up as a fanfic. With Fallen Leaves in it. Obviously. HollyXFallen was cute in Hollyleaf’s novella.

I know, he’s a villain, but I like villains! I keep imagining, what could’ve happened if Hawkfrost hadn’t sided with Tigerstar? A lot would’ve changed, I mean COME ON all he was trying to do was please his father! (Breezepelt don’t take this as an example!) Plus, I love his name =)

(This is dragging on…)

Last but not least…
And obviously the best…

The first leader, and one of the first cats, you see in Into the Wild. She quickly grew on me back in third grade when I started the series, even before I got her backstory in Bluestar’s Prophecy. She had a few bad traits, granted, but who doesn’t? I love her story, and even though she went a little crazy during the first arc, she gave her last life for her clan in the end. Not to mention she survived the Great Battle. That’s always a plus.

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  • YAY MAPLESHADE! I don”t think, however, that a cat”s worth is measured by whether or not they went to StarClan, or whether they should”ve gone to the DF. Mapleshade herself probably would”ve preferred the DArk Forest over StarClan, because towards the end of Mapleshade”s Vengeance, she got into the Dark Forest and after hearing what the DF was, she was happy because she”d find the cats who were like her, wronged by the Clans, and train them to become better fighters than any other cats. She was happier in the DF So for Mapleshade, ending up in StarCLan isn”t what she wanted at all. Mapleshade was happy in the Dark Forest, and even though I”m super supportive of Mapleshade, I think she belongs in the DF. Sorzi 永久猫年~ Magnificat 1

  • Yay! I love Flametail, Longtail, BADGERFANG, Hollyleaf and Hawkfrost! . . . AND BREEZEPELT AND IVYPOOL! За София! No idea why I suddenly just typed ‘to’ and then my name in Bulgarian. . . . Hang on . . . . IF I MOVE TO MY HOUSE IN BULGARIA AND LEARN A LOAD MORE BULGARIAN THAN I KNOW RIGHT NOW I CAN GET MORE PEOPLE THERE INTO WARRIOR CATS! But that’s a pretty big ‘if’ . . . 😅 I agree with a lot of this (Not Bluestar and Spottedleaf tho. I dislike them . . .)! This is a good article! Yay!

  • DOVEWING! She is just sooo cute and caring, she cared for her sister when Ivypool hated her! That shows that she has a heart of gold!

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