Some Cool Book Ideas by Spiritpaw

Spiritpaw shares topics that more Warriors books can be written off of.

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Hi! It’s SpiritPaw here! I’m going to talk about some book ideas I think would be cool! So, let’s get started!

#1 : Milly
It sounds pretty cool to have a book based on Milly. She goes from Kittypet thinking, to being a talented warrior. I think it would be cool to know what her thoughts are, from, when she met Greystripe, to her death (whenever it comes). What she felt knowing Greystripe loved Siverstream.

#2 : Jake
I’ve always wondered what goes through this adventurous tom’s mind. What made him go off on his own, to love twice, and to never know his kits. Was it hard on him? He seems such an interesting cat, but we know so little about him! What hardships did he go through?

#3 : Riverclan
Could you be more vague, SpiritPaw? Well, yes- ok. Fine!
Riverclan has always been my favorite clan. What if we based a book or two, maybe even a manga series, on a Riverclan cat? But wait, aren’t Stormfur and Feathertail Riverclan cats? Yes, they are, but, they weren’t in the Riverclan camp much. Well, Crookedstar was! Yes, but, what about the Lake Territory? I want to know about how Riverclan fair in their new Territory. We all know that they don’t tell the other clans how weak they are at the gatherings!

#4 : The Tribe of Rushing Water
Ok, SpiritPaw, learn to be less vague.
Cats these days! So pushy!
So, I personally think the tribe is interesting. If I remember correctly, the ancient cats that once lived at lake became the Tribe, right? Well, I know that we get to view their life from Jays Wing’s perspective. But, I want to learn more about their journey and how they first affaired in the mountains.

#5 : Last but Not Least : Perspective of a

Maybe like Cody. But, more like Smudge and Hattie. Kittypets that don’t have much or any want for living like bone-eating, savage beasts. But, instead have lived as pampered pets all their lives. Of course, a book needs a little of excitement or, I just isn’t as fun. Like, what do they think about Christmas and holidays of the sort? The rattling of wrapping paper.

Thank you for reading this! If I have some wrongs in my writing, plz say so in the comments!

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  • (Not that it will ever be published, but) I’m actually writing a fanfiction with the main characters being apprentices of Riverclan and WindClan!

  • Ahh I love all of your ideas stated in this! Btw thanks so much of using my art of Millie (even if it’s really bad and old haha) and crediting me!
    That was actually my second ever Warriors drawing when I first got into the fandom late last year. ^^’
    May Starclan light your path always!

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