April Gathering!

All aboard the hype train! Choo-choo!

Yes, folks, you heard that right! Sunny and I will be hosting a Gathering on the 7th of April! 😀 Get ready for oodles of fun!

For some older members, Gatherings are a well-loved BlogClan tradition that we know and remember. But since the last Gathering was in summer of 2017, I’m sure there will be a handful of BlogClanners who don’t know what they are. But never fear, for we have a handy dandy Frequently Asked Questions section coming up in 3. . . .

2. . . .


Q: So, Icy. What is a Gathering?

A: I am glad you asked. A Gathering is when BlogClan members gather together for games, contests, and other general discussion. Members are divided up into teams, and score points for their respective teams by winning games and contests. It’s all great fun!

Q: That does sound like fun! But where is this mysterious event held, and how do I get to it?

A: Another excellent question. The Gathering is held on the BlogClan chatbox, which can be located under the “Need Company?” section in the dropdown menu!

Q: Okay! But how do I join a team, and what are they?

A: More information on that in a later post! The team names are a work in progress – nothing is set in stone yet!

Q: Wonderful! But what if I have more questions that aren’t answered here?

A: Just ask! Even if that question is, “Icy, why is a raven like a writing desk?”

As I said above, please feel free to ask me or Sunny if you have any questions at all! 🙂

The schedule will be posted at a later date, as well as sign-ups for teams and guest-hosted contests. Stay tuned, BlogClan!

Iceeeeeeeeeee (Icy)


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