Which Warrior? Mapleshade or Ashfur? Skit #1 by Iceclaw

Iceclaw shares a skit featuring Mapleshade and Ashfur.

Art by ShidatheUmbreon

Iceclaw back with another article! This time, I want to make a skit. It’s my first time, so go easy on me.

*Ashfur and Mapleshade comes into the clearing*
Iceclaw: So….
*Cats are shouting and bickering and gossiping to each other*
*Iceclaw pauses and clears throat loudly*
Iceclaw: Quiet down!
*Cats gradually quiet down*
Iceclaw: Finally. Now today we are here to discuss on which warrior was better. First up, Mapleshade and Ashfur. Did Mapleshade deserve to go to StarClan? Did Ashfur deserve to go to the Dark Forest?
Yellowfang: Ashfur “loved to much”.
Hollyleaf: Yes, I know, but he tried to murder me and my brothers!
*Ashfur glares at Hollyleaf*
Ashfur: And you murdered me!
Hollyleaf: It was to prevent you from spilling the secret in the gathering
Ashfur: But you revealed it yourself.
*Hollyleaf looks a little uncomfortable*
Ashfur: My death was for nothing!
*Hollyleaf unsheathes her claws*
Iceclaw: Okay, okay. We are not here to claw at each other! Hollyleaf, put your claws away!
*Ashfur sticks his tongue out at Hollyleaf; looks smug*
*Hollyleaf whispers “brat!”*
Mousefur: I think Ashfur deserves to go to the Dark Forest because-
Mapleshade: Are you going to talk about me? I feel forgotten! ThunderClan was always so determined to neglect my memory!
*Mousefur glares at Mapleshade*
Mousefur: Don’t interrupt me!
Mapleshade: Fine, go ahead!
*Mapleshade rolls eyes*
Mousefur: As I was saying, Ashfur deserves to go the Dark Forest. He tried to murder three cats. He killed Firestar. All because of a she-cat. If he truly loved Squirrelflight, he wouldn’t get upset. He would be happy for her.
Graystripe: I agree with Mousefur. Ashfur went too far.
Iceclaw: What about Mapleshade?
Ferncloud: I think she deserved to go to StarClan. She had a reason. Not avenging herself. She was doing it for her kits!
Goldenflower: Yes, we can all agree with that.
Reedshine: I think she was doing it out of pure revenge.
Mapleshade: Come on! You’re just bitter that I killed your mate. Anyways, he was supposed to me mine! And you stole him away from me without a single ounce of regret.
*Reedshine hisses at Mapleshade*
*Mapleshade arches her back*
Appledusk: Mapleshade, it was forbidden. We were never meant to be…
Mapleshade: You’re a piece of fox-dung! You basically killed my kits, and you blamed it all on me!
Reedshine: You were the one who forced your stupid kits to cross the river.
Mapleshade: Don’t call my kits stupid!
Iceclaw: Okay, Mapleshade. This debate is done!
*Mapleshade stalks off, huffing with Ashfur following*

Hopefully, you enjoyed this skit. Which two warriors should I compare in my next one? Maybe Scourge and Tigerstar (which one was the best villain), or Millie, Rainflower, and Lizardstripe (which one was the better mother). You guys can choose. (It doesn’t need to be my suggestions).

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