StarClan; a difficult concept by Loudfern

Loudfern shares their opinion on StarClan.

Art by KZcat

StarClan, you know, where dead cats go to hunt and reunite with other cats for eternal bliss. You know, they watch over the Clans, some cats even get to send prophecies to them and all that stuff. Cool right?

Now, when I was first reading the series and as I’ve been re-reading them, whenever there is some mention of StarClan, I have to stop for a moment to get my head around it.

Basically what’s the point of life when StarClan’s around?
The question probably sounds weird now but hopefully by the end of the article you’ll get it.

I’ll break it down into sections.
1. The point
2. Similarities and Differences
3. Grief (this one is a big one for me)

Number 1: The point
To me, StarClan has two points: prophecy stuff and to make the concept of death a little easier to handle. I get it, death is difficult to think about, and prophecies are a major part of Warriors, but do we really need to push it until StarClan is literally just a better version of life? So we want StarClan to be a cat heaven right? Where cats hunt and frolick around with loved ones for eternity? And we need a source of the prophecies and some all powerful force?
Yeah well, quite frankly StarClan has combined these two things in a way that it’s actually just normal, everyday life.

Number 2: Similarities and Differences
The hunting, frolicking part shows that StarClan cats are capable of concentrating and loving and the prophecy part shows that StarClan cats can “think”. They can feel stress, anxiety, *list every other emotion here* and they can move, interact with each other and consciously “be themselves”.
In real life, cats can feel stress, anxiety, *list every other emotion here* and they can move, interact with each other and consciously “be themselves”.
The only difference between StarClan and real life is, you get to die in a variety of cool and exciting ways, and have kits.
Yes you can be a leader and a medicine cat and train but you can all do that in StarClan too.
Point is!; life literally has no meaning when you’ve got StarClan living like the royals.

Number 3: Grief!
What is the point of grief in Warriors?!
Like honestly, if a cat dies it really doesn’t matter because #1, you’ll see them again anyway and number #2, chances are, they will visit your dreams every few nights anyway! *cough* Spottedleaf, Snowfur, Molepelt, Willowbreeze, Sandgorse, Gray Wing, every cat that went to StarClan EVER. So it’s really not that bad.
In Thunderstar’s Echo when Lightening Tail dies, Thunderstar is literally speaking, talking to Lightening Tail and Lightening Tail is all cool with everything in StarClan. When Thunderstar comes back, we know he is overcome by grief. Why dude? You were literally just gossiping with him. Thunderstar’s all like “poor Lightening Tail poor poor Lightening Tail”, seriously mate??? Lightening Tail actually just told you a few seconds ago that he is happy and in perfect condition, and cool with what’s going on.

I’m sorry my opinions got a bit out of control XD.

In this scene, I couldn’t grieve with Thunderstar because well…reasons I stated above.

To Conclude,
StarClan is literally just life but perfect. I really just feel like StarClan has way too many qualities in a way it’s just not what it’s supposed to be. It’s not a cat heaven anymore, it’s a second chance at life.

To double conclude,
This is a weird article, I was bored thanks for reading XD

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