[Mapleshade strides through a shadowy forest with glowing amber eyes and a smirk, as other glowing eyes peer out from the shadows behind her]

Could these Dark Forest cats have gone to StarClan? by Feathermist

Feathermist takes a look at some of the Dark Forest cats from the series.

Art by LoveMoonspirit

(Spoiler Alert!)
Ok, so obviously some cats are in the dark forest for a reason, but did they have a chance of going to StarClan? Here I’m going to make a list of some random Dark Forest cats to see if there’s any reasons to let them into StarClan.
Tigerstar(the first one)- Tigerstar when to the Dark Forest for being a traitor. He tried to kill Bluestar, killed Redtail and so on. But did he have any reason to go to StarClan? He would have been a good warrior if he didn’t betray his clan, right? Maybe part of the reason he became so ambitious was because Thistleclaw was his mentor.
Mapleshade- Probably one of my favorite characters. I can and will write a whole other article on her. Can we justify her decisions? Maybe she would be a different cat if she was let into StarClan? She was a kind cat before, and she was so happy before the incident. And really her kits’ deaths weren’t her fault. She had to get her kits off the territory in time, and the only place out was the river. I’d honestly go insane if everyone ended up hating me, my kits died, and my mate cheated on me/betrayed me.
Brokenstar- I doubt he’d ever have a chance to go to StarClan. He trained kits at 3 moons old and pretty much left ShadowClan in ruins. So no. Just no.
Thistleclaw- Well I haven’t read Spottedleaf’s Heart yet but I know enough about him to say he should just stay in the Dark Forest.
Good cats who trained in the Dark Forest- I think cats who fought with the Dark Forest deserve to go there, but cats like Ivypool who realized their mistakes should still be allowed into StarClan. As long as they don’t do anything else that’s bad.
Ashfur- So Ashfur isn’t in the Dark Forest but does he belong there? There’s a lot of controversy on this so I wanted to include him. Like Yellowfang said, his only fault was to love too much. I personally don’t like Ashfur, but he didn’t commit a horrible crime like Brokenstar or Tigerstar, so maybe he should just stay where he is.
Well that’s all I have for now! Feathermist out

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      but I suppose there is always someone who doesn’t recognise the difference between greatness and stupidity

  • I think Ashfur should be in the dark forest and Mapleshade and Thistleclaw, two of the BEST CATS EVER, should be in STARCLAN! I mean Mapleshade’s kits probably miss her and even though I heard they meet at the border sometimes it ain’t good enough for such a great kitty and Thistle has Snowfur who LOVED HIM SINCE HE WAS A KIT EVEN THOUGH HER SERIOUSLY DUMB SISTER HATED THE POOR CAT, ok, I just have a major obsession with those Df cats, I mean seriously, they are AMAZING, WONDERFUL, PURRFECT, AND COULD NOT BE BETTER IF THERE WERE 500000000000000000000000000 ERIN’S WHO MADE DOUBLE THAT MANY SUPER EDITIONS AND NOVELLAS AND STUFF FOR ONLY THOSE CATS, sorry for the CaPs but Thistle and Maple are in my top 5 favs, also including Clear Sky, Ivypool, Hollyleaf in no paticualar order but tonight it’s all about Thistle and Maple

    • Thistleclaw I will not go into. But THIS IS MAPLESHADE PEOPLE. she did like the dark forest and she went way too far for her kits. She might have been more responsible for their deaths more than anyone else. The river wasn’t the only way out of Thunderclan!!! (I know my maps) DON’T CROSS FLOODED RIVERS!!!

    • Ashfur should go to dark forest and Mapleshade StarClan but leave Thistleclaw in dark forest(I love dark forest and cats in dark forest)

    • She chose this path. she could have gone back, but she didn’t. (I got a fan fiction, one of the things that happens is she realizes her mistakes and finally fades away on a happy note. Just a side story in the story.)

  • Ashfur did what he did because Squirrelflight rejected him and went to StarClan but, Appledusk rejected Mapleshade and she went to dark forest. Why?

  • Ashfur should be in the dark forest:
    He schemed with Hawkfrost to kill Firestar to get back at Squirrelflight.(Though chickened out at the last moment.)
    He blocked Squirrelflight, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf’s escape route to attempt to murder them.
    (I’m not sure if this happened or not, I haven’t read these in forever, and if it didn’t it would be weird if it did.) He threatened Brambleclaw?
    I don’t even think Brambleclaw knew anything. O_O

  • I haven’t read Mapleshade’s Vengeance but the earliest I’ve read (Being Redtail’s Book of Boring Chapters that defy Canon aka Redtail’s debt) there was a bridge between RiverClan and ThunderClan, so if the bridge exists during Mapleshade’s vengeance, then it is her fault, and if it didn’t exist, she still could have waited for a patrol. And nothing she did was justified by heartbreak. She did it to herself.

  • Spoilers.

    I personally don’t like Mapleshade. That’s an understatement. I strongly dislike her.
    Everything that happened to her was her own fault. Who mated with a cat from another Clan? Mapleshade. Who lied to her Clanmates about the true father of her kits and let her Clanmates believe the lie? Mapleshade. Who brought her kits, who clearly couldn’t swim, across the river to RiverClan where she ACTUALLY EXPECTED she would be welcome after she broke the warrior code and had half-Clan kits? Mapleshade. Mapleshade killed all those cats on her own. She caused Frecklewish to die, who had done NOTHING to her. Mapleshade had lied to her and Frecklewish had been angry and betrayed. Frecklewish had helped care for the kits and Mapleshade repays her with death. Ravenwing was only doing his job. And Appledusk, although I don’t like his character or Reedshine, was defending his mate from a murderer.
    Think about it. Does a murderer really deserve StarClan, the cat equivalent of Heaven? No. No. No. I dislike Mapleshade so much. Everything she did was her fault and she gains so much sympathy which she does not deserve. She imagined her kits telling her to avenge their deaths by… killing innocent cats? And remember, Mapleshade was trying to kill REEDSHINE, not Appledusk. She killed him by accident. What did Reedshine do to her? Nothing.
    I repeat. I do not like Mapleshade. Everything she did was her fault. She does not deserve sympathy or StarClan.
    Thank you for coming to my TEDTalk lol.

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