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A summary of Ashfur by Crookedjaw II

Crookedjaw II gives a summary of Ashfur’s character throughout the series.

Art by Warrior-Junkie

Hope you enjoy reading about Ashfur’s character!

(MAJOR spoiler alert!)

Okay, so Ashfur was a very cute kit. He was a very close friend to Cloudtail when both were apprentices and was very glad to see him after Cloudtail came back from being captured by twolegs. He was also was very kind to his sister Ferncloud, and was very loyal, brave in battle, and calm under pressure. When Tigerstar killed Brindleface to use her body as a fill-in dog bait, Him and his sister volunteered to lead the dogs away and were critical parts of the plan. In the second series he fell in love with Squrrelflight (I shipped this) and stole her away from Brambleclaw for a little while. When she told him she just wanted to be friends, He couldn’t accept that, unlike Thrushpelt who accepted that Bluestar only liked him as a friend, accepted this and continued to help her as a friend. Brambleclaw was very wary of Ashfur and was plain scared of him, even (almost) voicing his fears to Lionpaw!

When Thunderclan helped Windclan fight the dogs in Dark River, Ashfur openly disagreed with his plan. Bramblestar became hostile but agreed. It was a surprise to all of us when he went completely crazy an tried to kill Jay, Holly, Lion and their (not) mother. And after Squrrelflight told him the truth threatened to spill the beans. After that, he became oddly calm and cool toward Jayfeather, Jay’s brother, and their sister. After that, he was murdered by a mysterious cat who was later revealed to be (SURPRISE) Hollyleaf! After a long quest to find the murderer, Hollyleaf reveals that she killed ashfur and runs into the tunnels where it appears she is crushed by a rock slide. She stays down in the Tunnels with Fallen Leaves for company for 5 books. All because of Ashfur making Squirrelflight reveal the truth. During Omen of the Stars, Jayfeather was shocked to see him in Starclan.

In conclusion, Ashfur was a good cat until Squrrelflight rejected him and he plunged into darkness and brooding.

Hope you enjoy reading!

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  • Nice article! I like him as a kit and apprentice but he’s my least favorite cat because of what he did.

    I actually don’t think he should be called “a good cat until Squirrelflight rejected him,” because it makes it sound like it was Squirrelflight’s fault that he became the bad cat that he is. Sure, it was caused by her telling him that she wasn’t interested, but I think that “a good cat until obsession took over” might be better.

  • Squirrelflight never rejected Ashfur and never wanted to be his mate, never seriously. She wanted to be his friend and he didn’t accept that. He was overly cruel and hostile to her and everyone else. His actions can’t be blamed on Squirrelflight either. She didn’t want him to attempt murder and his actions are his alone. Ashfur tries to control and pursue an unhealthy relationship with her. It’s really really unhealthy.

    Here’s a repost of my comment on it. (It covers most of my opinions about AshXSquirrel).

    Ashfur didn’t love Squirrelflight. Not one bit. Maybe at first but not when he tried to murder her father or her kits. Ashfur was obsessed with her, and that’s a very different concept. While infatuation in common in the early months of healthy relationships, obsession is the extreme side which dehumanizes one or both members. Obsessive love (Ashfur), which brings upon jealous and objectification teeters the relationship into an unhealthy one (Harvard Sciences). According to Dr. Raymond Jones, obsessive love is an oxymoron. It’s all about capturing and manipulating someone, dehumanizing that person in the process. Disguised as love, obsessive love takes over and tortures the victim. The obsessor may claim righteousness and that the victim should apologize for being in the wrong, even if they’ve done nothing wrong. Also, according to criteria for an obsessor, Ashfur follows the ones as follows; refuses to accept a relationship/friendship is over, gets angry when you (Squirrelflight) tell them its over, become hostile to you. Ashfur is a check for several of the criteria points. He never accepts that Squirrelflight loves Brambleclaw and blames her for it. He is seen as being hostile to her and being an outright jerk. Now he can be angry about this, but he’s angry well after it happened, and that’s far from healthy. Ashfur, at the point of Squirrelflight being with Brambleclaw, didn’t love her, he was obsessed with her. In another psychological article titled Warning Signs of Abusive Relationships, extreme jealousy (obviously Ashfur) and not taking no for an answer tops the list. Ashfur is a controlling cat that wanted to contain Squirrelflight’s fire rather than embrace it, and that’s not healthy for either character. Not by a long shot.

    So yeah, he’s a bad cat and he is responsible for his actions. He was aggressive and hostile with Squirrelflight and his clanmates and betrayed his Clan. That can’t be blamed on Squirrelflight.

    (Great article by the way, I love the summary style.)

    • Bramblefire does not like Ashfur.
      I have a post submitted about Ashfur being the parents of Whitewing’s kits, and he’ll probably still comment that he does not like Ashfur.
      He’s right, of course 😉

      • Nope, I don’t like him. He’s interesting, I just don’t find him to be a nice cat. I really hate AshXSquirrel though because of how unhealthy it is. And I look forward to reading your article. 🙂

  • Yeah. There’s nothing to disagree with in your article! 🙂

    I think the real thing that can be debated about AShfur is mainly what happened after Squirrel’s rejection, not before…

  • That is why I hate Brambleclaw other than the fact that his father Tigerstar almost got rid the of all of the half clan cats, killed Brindleface one of my favorite characters, killed Runningwind who I also liked and was sorta responsible of the death of Swiftpaw and another one of my favorite characters, Stonefur. But mostly the first part, and by the way Ashfur is one of my favorite characters.

    • To be honest, I don’t get why Ashfur gets all the hate he gets. Sure, he tried killing Squirrelflights so called kits, but he is actually one of my fav characters

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