Warrior Cats that Match with Songs by Moonbreeze

Moonbreeze matches some songs to characters from the series.

Art by pichuspokeball

Hi guys! Moonbreeze here with my first article! Today I will be matching songs to warrior cat character, like they do in MAPs and PMVs. I will not change any lyrics here. Anyway, let’s get started!


Twigbranch: I’m Coming Home by Skylar Grey
I think this song matches her very well when she goes back to ThunderClan. In fact she even says she wants to run to ThunderClan and announce that she is coming home.
Song link: Link

Silverstream: I Miss You by Clean Bandit
I matched these two because I feel like this song represents Graystripe and Silverstream’s forbidden relationship and how much they wanted each other. Pretty straightforward.
Song Link: Link


Dovewing: Near to You by Alison Sudol
I think that his song reminds me of the emotions Dovewing experiences after she leaves Bumblestripe for Tigerstar (2). The lyrics match the relationship she had with Bumblestripe compared to the one she had with Tigerstar (2).
Song link: Link

Spottedleaf and Bluestar: King of Anything by Sara Bareilles
I love how this song makes me think of Bluefur’s dislike of Thistleclaw and how he acted like deputy even though he wasn’t. It also reminds me of Spottedleaf’s relationship with him where she loved him but then saw the evilness in him and made the right choice. The lyrics almost perfectly represent the fact that Thistleclaw tried to trick the clan into thinking he was loyal, or rather… had them believing he was as loyal as possible.
Song link: Link

Leafpool: Havana by Camila Cabello
I really feel that this expresses how Leafpool felt leaving Crowfeather for her clan. Very straightforward. The lyrics say she loves him but has to go.
Song link: Link

Nightcloud: Burn from Hamilton
Okay, I know a MAP has been done for this and that’s where I got the idea I just love this match so much. Okay, it made me like Nightcloud! It totally reminds me of how Nightcloud felt when Crowfeather “used” her to prove his loyalty to his clan. She truly wanted to be happy with him and he still loved Leafpool.
Song link: Link

Mapleshade: Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift
Again, a MAP has been done but it is so perfect! She only killed other cats in revenge for her kits. I understand why she entirely blamed her suffering on other cats. So the title and lyrics of the song match very well how she did bad things only because of what others did to her.
Song link: Link


Violetshine: A Place In This World by Taylor Swift
I think the lyrics in this song match well with the emotions Violetshine had when she went to ShadowClan and the rogues group with Needletail. All she wanted was… to be wanted and accepted. She wanted to find where she belonged.
Song link: Link

Alright! That concludes my first article! By the way, I am going to start a Youtube channel using these ideas. I’ll make something similar to PMVs but simpler. Anyway, that’s besides the point. It may be awhile! Hope you liked my article!


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  • I’ve got one, too!

    Firestar: Thunder by Imagine Dragons
    I feel that it perfectly matches Rusty’s journey becoming Firepaw and Fireheart. It fits the first book so perfectly, and if I could, I’d ship Firepaw/heart with this song.

    The first time I heard this was in fourth grade, we did push-ups or something to this song (and this song only!) in gym, and I’ve loved it ever since. Listen to it! And Imagine Dragons in general…

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