In Blossomfall’s Defense by Sky

Sky shares their opinion of Blossomfall.

Art by meadowllark

Hi! I’m back with another article, this time about a less-discussed topic that I find easier to write about as so little people talk about it. I’ve gotten tired of repeating my points on the big, controversial topics that are often seen around here – Graystripe ships, Mapleshade, Ivypool and Dovewing, Hollyleaf, etc.

I think that Blossomfall’s actions were, in all consideration, justiciable. There’s nothing that can be said in defense of her joining the DF trainees, but she was pushed towards that choice.

Firstly, as daughters, I’ve always seen Blossomfall and Briarlight being closer. They’re accustomed to getting equal love, so Blossomfall was really thrown off balance when Millie began doting on Briarlight. Graystripe never paid attention to his second litter, so he never helped.

When Blossomfall gets sick, Millie brushes past her. Hazeltail tells Millie that Blossomfall was sick, and Millie replies without a glance, just a mutter and an “Okay,” before heading off to give Briarlight prey.

It’s understandable that Millie is concerned for Briarlight, but she went to the point in which I began to seriously dislike her. She pushed, and pushed, and pushed, before stepping across the line. Briarlight didn’t even WANT all that attention! What do you think would have made her feel more like a regular warrior – being doted on and coddled on by Millie at the expense of your siblings, or being treated like any other warrior – able to get your own prey?

Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that it’s not fun to get hurt and see your friend being doted on by her mom, only for your mom to yell at you to stop being a stupid idiot. That’s kinda what happens to me, so I feel a natural empathy towards Blossomfall.

Millie was wrong in yelling at Blossomfall. I get that she was stressed, but did she seriously have to embarrass and degrade Blossomfall in front of the whole Clan? And Graystripe was no help either – he just stood there instead of sticking up for Blossomfall.

Also, Blossomfall had something very similar to self-harming thoughts. She thought that she deserved the DF because she hated her sister’s injury and that made her feel guilty. This may be hard to understand, but she felt so guilty and angry at herself for hating Briarlight for her injuries – NOT HATING BRIARLIGHT, JUST HATING BRIARLIGHT FOR HER INJURIES – that she wanted to be treated horribly. She thought that she was evil, and there just wasn’t enough emotional fight left in her for her to change.

Also, she’s not nearly as bad as DF warriors like Redwillow and Breezepelt. Her reasons were juster, and she never killed nor did she want to.

In conclusion, Blossomfall seriously deserves a bit more sympathy. She was the ignored kid – sort of like Via from Wonder, except treated much worse and with a much more different personality.

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  • Good article! I love the little “Wonder” reference! it brings the article into human perspective!

  • Great article! I do think Millie is justified for just being an overprotective mother over Briarlight, but she shouldn’t have slacked off on her other kits. 🙂

  • I respect your opinion, but I really disagree. I’m not saying it’s wrong for Blossomfall to feel upset and hurt, but there really was no need to take it that far. Exiling herself to the dark side and helping them destroy the cats she grew up with because she feels like she’s a bad person, is uncalled for and not justified at all. I think she took this way too far than she needed to. That comment about the worst that could happen was losing the use of their legs comment proves again how immature and rude she is. If this was any other cat, maybe I’d feel more sympathetic. She was rude as an apprentice and still is, in some ways, awful. I get she desperately needed someone after the traumatizing event, but that’s no excuse to join a dangerous association plotting genocide. She knew they were evil, she didn’t want to do it, she was going to do it anyways to justify herself. That kind of drains my sympathy for her, but not completely.

    I do think Millie’s actions were somewhat justified. Imagine your kid getting into an accident and never being able to walk again. All their dreams are gone and they’re forced to stay in the hospital (medicine cat den) their whole life. You have to watch them struggling to move, losing their breath by doing so, just to eat or get something. Wouldn’t it make you paranoid? Millie is a great mother, she did care about all her children and she still does! But something devastating and rare happened to one of them and they barely survived it. Of course it’s justifiable for Millie to give all her attention to Briarlight whether she wants it or not! Briarlight feels like a burden and she knows she needs help but she’d do anything for things to be normal again. So would Millie. Bumblestripe cares about Briarlight a lot and Blossomfall? You know what she does? She constantly puts herself into danger to capture their mother’s attention, HATES Briarlight for her injuries as you so kindly put it (even though Briarlight can’t help it) and does nothing, NOTHING to show her sister she cares or help out the slightest bit. She just pulls the victim card and puts everyone in danger due to her self pity.

    I’m sorry if I was being offensive, I got a completely overboard there. Feel free to roast me as much as you want, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I got haters too.

    • You make a good point.
      I relate to Blossomfall in a lot of ways, so I feel a lot of sympathy for her. However, the other side does make a good argument. Briarlight did almost die. (And I’m not offended.)

      I also just don’t like Millie. (And no, Sparktooth, you don’t have to do a remake of your Millie defense article. XD)

    • Aah I don’t know what to believe any more! The article made a good point, but this comment also made a good point and I’m so CONFUZZLED. Is Blossomfall good or bad?

    • I agree with both of you tbh 😛 Neither Millie or Blossomfall are justified in what they did. Both of them honestly made terrible mistakes that shouldn’t have ever happened.

    • Now, Blossomfall probably didn’t know that the Dark Forest was preparing a huge battle. You could tell from the last book of Omen of the Stars. I mean, come on, was she really going to go and join them if she knew what they’d do? Maybe she holds a grudge against her mom, but she has friends in the Clan. She probably was just preparing herself for the afterlife she thought that she was supposed to get. She didn’t know what they were plotting and I highly doubt that she would have joined had she known.

      No, I wouldn’t be so paranoid that I throw love on one daughter, ignore my other kids IN TOTAL, and INSULT, SCREAM AT, and THROW FITS and my other daughter just because of an ACCIDENT. In addition, did Whitewing know that Blossomfall was the one who first suggested it? Did Millie? Nope! For all Whitewing could have known, Ivypool could have been the one who wanted to go first. Yet Whitewing still tended to Ivypool. Millie, on the other hand, threw a fit and didn’t even care about whether or not Blossomfall was hurt.

      Plus, pretty much the whole of ThunderClan thought that Millie was a bad mother to Blossomfall and Bumblestripe, it’s pretty apparent in the books. So even if these are fictional cats, I’d listen more to cats who grew up with and know Millie and Blossomfall in person than fans who see everything from third-person.

      Anyways, sorry if you feel the need to roast me in reply. But no one’s hating, it’s just a debate of opinions.

      • Maybe not, but she definitely knew they weren’t good cats. “No. A good cat wouldn’t be jealous of an injured littermate. So that’s why I’ve ended up in the Dark Forest. I’m not stupid. I know it’s where cats go if they’re not allowed into StarClan. But I guess I won’t get into StarClan either, because I hate my sister for being injured. So the Dark Forest is where I fit in….”

        I wouldn’t say Millie threw a fit or even screamed at Blossomfall. She was stressed out from the spreading illness, not knowing whether one daughter would survive, and now her other daughter just got lost in a place the Clan deemed dangerous? I think Millie had a right to be ticked off and scold Blossomfall. Yes, she may have insulted her but mothers (unless they’re abusive) “insult” their children only for their best. They don’t hate their child, they want them to fix their mistakes even if they’re harsh about it. I don’t believe Millie is abusive, it’s clear she loved and cared for Blossomfall before this happened, and Briarlight’s accident probably left her devastated, stressed out, and paranoid. She couldn’t bear to lose another kit or have them be in danger. Also, I would agree, it is time Blossomfall grew up.

        I’m not saying you have to believe me. I don’t change my opinion because some fans believe something else, unless their points are strong enough to make me want to change it. As for how ThunderClan reacted, I don’t necessarily think they considered Millie a bad mother. They were probably uncomfortable witnessing that but that doesn’t make her a bad mother. She isn’t bad for being very concerned about her kid who suffered a near-death experience – and who is at great risk to die anyways. She loves her other kits as proven when she scolded Blossomfall for putting herself in danger and as Vicky confirmed, she wishes she could spend more time with her other kits if she didn’t have to care for Briarlight all the time (I know she doesn’t have to, but it’s in her mind that she does). Frankly, I don’t think she’s a bad cat at all.

        I don’t feel the need to roast you, I was just worried after my first comment that it would get a lot of negative responses and possible hate, which, fortunately, isn’t the case 🙂

        • Blossomfall was probably at the point where she felt defeated and just accepted her fate.

          A quote in warriors specifically states something along the lines of “Millie really did only have one kit.” I don’t think of Millie as a bad cat, she’s not evil, but I just don’t see her as a good mother. Yes, maybe she was stressed and all that, but if a medicine cat says something, that’s what’s best for the patient! Do you really think that Briarlight wanted all the attention? Do you even think that she need it? No, she was probably embarrassed and upset about her mom’s treatment of her siblings.

          In addition, did Millie honestly have to make a huge deal out of it in the middle of camp? Did she not think of how much more she would hurt Blossomfall? If she really cared oh so much, she would have gently scolded Blossomfall in a private setting. Your parents probably scold you, but have they ever loudly screamed at you at your school?

          There is also a scene in which Hazeltail calls to Millie about Blossomfall having a cough. In leafbare, a small cough could turn big. But what did Millie do? If she were so caring that she couldn’t bear losing another kit, she wouldn’t have said, “Okay,” like she did. I just don’t see how she cares. If the scene I just mentioned had never happened, maybe I would understand a bit more, but I honestly don’t see how Millie gets to pull the stressed card and make her fans all pity her. If anything, it was Millie acting childish and resorting to screaming in front of the Clan instead of thinking a bit further and being a good, responsible parent and taking the scolding to a private place.

          Plus, don’t you think Millie should have yelled something like, “You’re coming with me to Jayfeather, now!” at the end of her temper-tantrum? That would show that she cared about whether or not Blossomfall was traumatized or hurt.

          Quoting the Erins isn’t always the best source opinion-wise, because they have opinions themselves and one might think something and another might think otherwise.

    • I disagree, Blossomfall was in a poor mental state when she went into the tunnels, sort of like Hollyleaf was “Do you think Millie will miss me?” (Hunter 245) Warriors: Omen of the stars Sign of the Moon. Blossomfall comes off as borderline suicidal while in the tunnels. She doesn’t want to destroy the cats grew up with. Where in the books does it mention that? She believes she doesn’t deserve to be StarClan “A good cat wouldn’t be jealous of an injured littermate. So that’s why I’ve ended up in the Dark Forest.”(Hunter 246)Warriors Omen of the Stars Sign of the Moon. She literally thinks she deserves to rot in hell.
      She explored the tunnels one time, I also have to point out that Lionblaze and Jayfeather also explored the tunnels, and they are much older than she is.
      Blossomfall is jealous of Briarlight but, she does not hate her ” I can’t bear seeing her suffer and I know Briarlight would give anything to be better and whole again.”(Hunter 246) Warriors Omen of the stars Sign of the Moon. If Blossomfall hated her sister she would not feel bad about seeing her suffer.

      Cats do not choose the Dark Forest, the Dark Forest chooses the cats. Who can control what they dream while their asleep? Ivypool even mentions she has no control over whether she goes to the Dark Forest in her dreams or not. Erin Hunter mentioned that Bramblestar never quitted the Dark Forest, Tigerstar continued to train him in his dreams without him knowing.

      Millie barely acknowledges Bumblestripe and Blossomfall let alone treat them like clanmates, nothing in her actions show that she cares about them. She is apathetic when Hazeltail tells her Blossomfall is ill. She doesn’t seem to have a healthy relationship with Bumblestripe either. When he takes Briarlight out for some fresh air, Bumblestripe fears getting in trouble with Millie. Cinderheart tells him not to let her find out. Even Briarlight feels the need to protect her brother from her mother’s wrath.
      Throughout the Warriors series, we see clanmates taking care of each other. Graystripe and Firestar looked out for each other’s well being. In Bramblestar’s Storm, Whitewing invites Dovewing to share a mouse with her. Firestar even gives emotional support to Dustpelt when his kits die in Warriors: New Prophecy. After Briarlight gets hurt, Millie is rather mean to Blossomfall. Their relationship is pretty toxic. It would be best for Blossomfall to avoid her mother.

  • Its no wonder Blossomfall felt neglected, Millie doesn’t care if she ill or injured. I don’t see why Millie couldn’t acknowledge Blossomfall when Hazeltail tells her she is ill. She could have taken a moment to check on Blossomfall or told Hazeltail to take her to the medicine cat den. Briarlight may be injured, but that does not justify Millie being mean to Blossomfall.

    Millie was out of line and verbally abusive when she yelled at Bossomfall. Who yells at an injured family member? Her reaction is irrational. Millie doesn’t even care that Blossomfall is hurt, she belittles. It comes off that she is mad at Blossomfall for being healthy while Briarlight is sick. Not to mention Millie had no idea what Blossomfall did all morning, she just jumps to the conclusion that Blossomfall was playing around.

    Lionblaze and Jayfeather who are much older than Blossomfall explore the tunnels as well.

    Blossomfall haters say that Blossomfall is a grown cat and needs to grow up, while ignoring the fact that she is in a poor mental state. She asks Ivypool if Millie would miss her, if she died in the tunnels. It comes off that she may be borderline suicidal. What Blossomfall needs is emotional support, which she is not getting from her clanmates or her family.

    Graystripe needs to be more involved with second set of off-spring. He could confront Millie about her behavior and give Blossomfall emotional support.
    Firestar should have intervened when Millie yelled at Blossomfall, he could have silenced Millie but he did nothing. Nor did he try to reach out to Blossomfall. The Clan in general could have gotten intervened or giving Blossomfall emotional support. Only Ivypool seems to acknowledge Blossomfall. I also feel like Ivypool could have done more, she could have told someone like Firestar or Whitewing how Blossomfall was feeling.

    From what we see in the books Bumblestripe does not have a positive relationship with Millie either. When he takes Briarlight out of camp he fears that he will get in trouble if his mother finds out. The other cats agree that it is best if Millie doesn’t know. Even Briarlight wants to protect her brother from her mother’s wrath.

    Cats don’t really choose the Dark Forest, the Dark Forest chooses them. Who can really control what they dream at night? When Firestar gets visions from StarClan, he can’t block them out even if he wants too. Erin Hunter mentioned that Brambleclaw never quitted the Dark Forest, Tigerstar continued to train him in his dreams without him knowing.

  • Great article! I agree! I feel that SOME Millie’s actions can be justified, but she definitely crossed a line.

  • Yes! YES.
    Blossomfall is a good cat, and so overhated!
    I definitely defend her.

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