In Blossomfall’s Defense by Sky

Sky shares their opinion of Blossomfall.

Art by meadowllark

Hi! I’m back with another article, this time about a less-discussed topic that I find easier to write about as so little people talk about it. I’ve gotten tired of repeating my points on the big, controversial topics that are often seen around here – Graystripe ships, Mapleshade, Ivypool and Dovewing, Hollyleaf, etc.

I think that Blossomfall’s actions were, in all consideration, justiciable. There’s nothing that can be said in defense of her joining the DF trainees, but she was pushed towards that choice.

Firstly, as daughters, I’ve always seen Blossomfall and Briarlight being closer. They’re accustomed to getting equal love, so Blossomfall was really thrown off balance when Millie began doting on Briarlight. Graystripe never paid attention to his second litter, so he never helped.

When Blossomfall gets sick, Millie brushes past her. Hazeltail tells Millie that Blossomfall was sick, and Millie replies without a glance, just a mutter and an “Okay,” before heading off to give Briarlight prey.

It’s understandable that Millie is concerned for Briarlight, but she went to the point in which I began to seriously dislike her. She pushed, and pushed, and pushed, before stepping across the line. Briarlight didn’t even WANT all that attention! What do you think would have made her feel more like a regular warrior – being doted on and coddled on by Millie at the expense of your siblings, or being treated like any other warrior – able to get your own prey?

Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that it’s not fun to get hurt and see your friend being doted on by her mom, only for your mom to yell at you to stop being a stupid idiot. That’s kinda what happens to me, so I feel a natural empathy towards Blossomfall.

Millie was wrong in yelling at Blossomfall. I get that she was stressed, but did she seriously have to embarrass and degrade Blossomfall in front of the whole Clan? And Graystripe was no help either – he just stood there instead of sticking up for Blossomfall.

Also, Blossomfall had something very similar to self-harming thoughts. She thought that she deserved the DF because she hated her sister’s injury and that made her feel guilty. This may be hard to understand, but she felt so guilty and angry at herself for hating Briarlight for her injuries – NOT HATING BRIARLIGHT, JUST HATING BRIARLIGHT FOR HER INJURIES – that she wanted to be treated horribly. She thought that she was evil, and there just wasn’t enough emotional fight left in her for her to change.

Also, she’s not nearly as bad as DF warriors like Redwillow and Breezepelt. Her reasons were juster, and she never killed nor did she want to.

In conclusion, Blossomfall seriously deserves a bit more sympathy. She was the ignored kid – sort of like Via from Wonder, except treated much worse and with a much more different personality.

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  • Wait, how are you posting on March 17,2018! It is still the 16th for me! Oh and really like this article, I personally have never had anything against blossomfall, and really like how you compared it to via in wonder.

  • I’ve always loved Blossomfall and understood why she did what she did. Millie and Graystripe definitely had a right to dote on Briarlight; but it just went way to far. Great article!

    • Graystripe never doted on Briarlight. Personally, I find his behavior a bit more acceptable because his affection was equally spread – and it was close to zero for each kit – while Millie obviously liked Briarlight much better.

  • Nice article! You make good points here, and I agree that Blossomfall is a good cat despite having trained in the DF. 😛

  • Nice article! I actually did feel bad for Blossomfall because imagine-You are late for school and then your mom yells at you in front of the entire class for missing the bus and making her late for work because she had to take you to school. That is VERY embarrassing and Millie definitely should not have done that to Briarlight.

  • Well, I’ve said my opinion on this topic numerous times. I may disagree, but this is still a good article. 😉

    Although, I’m just going to say, isn’t hating Briarlight for her injuries still technically hating her? I’m not saying that meant that Blossomfall didn’t love Briarlight, it’s just after Millie began paying attention to Briarlight, Blossomfall’s anger was at Millie AND Briarlight. That didn’t seem fair to me, even though I understood what drove Millie to do that, it doesn’t seem fair that Briarlight should get even a little hate for her injuries. She got them doing something brave and herioc, and Blossomfall just didn’t ackknowledge that.

    • That’s exactly why Blossomfall hated herself, and thought she deserved to be in the DF. She knew all of that, but her emotions got out of her and she felt like an awful cat for that.

    • I get it, but I think Millie drove Blossomfall to the point where she just started trying to blame. Plus, Blossomfall knew that the cause of Millie being a jerk to her was Briarlight’s injuries, so of course she’d hate the cause of that just a little bit.

    • No, not quite. How often has your mom said, “I don’t hate you, I just hate your attitude.” It just goes to show that Blossomfall doesn’t hate Briarlight, she just hates the attention Briarlight is getting because of her injury. She is not sure how to feel about Millie’s attention toward Briarlight. She might even feel like she is being disowned by Millie because of how she is treated by her.

      Blossomfall feels like she is evil because of how she thinks of Briarlight. There is also some parts that she has suicidal thoughts because of it.

      • That does make sense, I have a friend at my school who suffers with the same problem. You (and Sky’s) comments actually made me think that Blossomfall’s actions were somewhat more justifiable. You guys did change my opinion on her choices! I’m not saying I completely agree with Blossomfall on her part and she still isn’t one of my favorite characters, (for her being a little disrespectful and all), but I can understand what drove her to do that. I understand why Millie and Blossomfall both chose to do what they did. However, I still stand by my opinion before that it wasn’t right for Blossomfall to train in the DF, or hate her sister for her injuries, but now I understand why. Nice persuading, you two! 😛

  • Nice article! I agree on Blossomfall. Millie, I have mixed feelings about. I liked her when she was not a mother, but when the whole Briarlight thing happened, things went downhill.
    I love Via! 😀
    Happy St. Pattys!

  • Great article 😸! I agree with you, and think Blossomfall is reasonable to do all these things 😉. In some point, I think Millie is just doing what makes her feel herself being”responsible” and “caring”, not noticing what her daughters think about her actions at all. I know she’s doing that out of kindness, but it somehow leads to Blossomfall’s entry to the Dark Forest 😶. And Graystripe does need to care more about his second litter 😾.

  • Agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!! 🙂

    The only thing that really was Blossomfall’s fault was her joining the DF. And she amended that in the end, didn’t she?

  • I still disagree. Just because you feel guilty and like a bad person doesn’t mean that it’s okay to support a gang of mass murderers. I sometimes have self-doubt issues, yet that doesn’t make me want to prove that I’m bad. I also think that Blossomfall deserved to get scolded, as she went to the same tunnels that Icecloud’s shoulder got dislocated. Yes Millie did scold her in public, but where else was there to yell at her? Blossomfall for me is childish.

    “What’s the worst that could happen? We might lose the use of our legs?” -Blossomfall, Sign Of The Moon, page 218.

    “Briarlight would have loved this. It’s just not fair! She was trying to help Longtail. Why did StarClan have to punish her?” – Bumblestripe, Fading Echos page 202.

    I respect your opinion though.

    • Yes, so Birchfall, Ivypool, and Icewing deserve lots hate too because they supported mass murderers.

      So there is now a reason to hate cats because they are childish. I’m pretty sure that you’re a Dovewing fan, and she’s pretty childish, so why give one cat hate for being childish and another cat none?

    • Cats don’t choose the Dark Forest, the Dark Forest chooses them. Ivypool even mentions that she has no control over dreaming up the Dark Forest. Erin Hunter mentioned that Bramblestar never quitted the Dark Forest, Tigerstar continued to train him in his dreams without him knowing. That is why in the Last Hope, Tigerstar congratulates Brambleclaw for killing Hawkfrost.

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