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In Crowfeather’s Defense… by Sparktooth

Sparktooth shares their opinion on Crowfeather.

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Fear not, bloggers! Sparktooth has returned along with this new article! Just in case you didn’t know, Crowfeather is one of my favorite characters. His character arch and development is so interesting and well-written. But Crowfeather also gets a lot more hate than he deserves, so I’m here to defend him and his actions. Please note I still haven’t started AVOS so I won’t be mentioning anything from them. (Please no spoilers!)

I’m very hyped for the new SE of Crowfeather coming out. It will really help look into his character more. But for now I’ll work with what I have. Crowfeather lived in WindClan, where he was a very salty but determined member of the Clan. Crowfeather felt very alone as a kit, as we find out in Ravenpaw’s Path: A Clan in Need. Ravenpaw and Barley are traveling to ThunderClan through Fourtrees when they run into Crowkit trying to climb the leader’s rock.

Ravenpaw: “You mind telling us what it is you’re doing, exactly?”
Crowkit: “I want to see what it’s like to be a leader! But uh…I can’t climb the rock.”
Ravenpaw: “Your Clan is looking for you, you know. They’re all worried sick about you.”
Crowkit: “I don’t know why. They don’t take any notice of me.”
Barley: “Well, they will now.”
-A Clan in Need, pgs. 18-19.

Did Ashfoot somewhat neglect Crowfeather as a kit? What about his father? Crowfeather’s father never seems to be mentioned in the series currently. I looked up ‘who are Crowfeather’s parents?’ online, and the only thing that came up was ‘Ashfoot.’
This led me to wonder if Crowfeather’s father left or maybe died. Maybe the absence of his father led Nightcloud to neglect Crowfeather a bit as a kit, and is what drove Crowkit to tend to be more salty. We may find out when the SE comes out, but for now that’s just a theory justifying his attitude.

Next we move on to when he was chosen to go on the journey. We all know Crowfeather and Feathertail’s relationship. I personally loved the idea of how he acted more like ‘his true self’ around her, showing a sign of comfort around her. This was one of the first times it showed there’s another side of him. I don’t know about you guys, but I personally tend to hang out around people where I can truly be myself. This was a bit of a change for him, because he was always stuck with the reputation as being nothing but grumpy in WindClan. So it’s only natural that he fell in the love with the silver she-cat.

The scene where Feathertail defeats Sharptooth was so sad. Feathertail was one of the only cats, if not the only cat, who seemed to truly understand him. Her death was the trigger to Crowfeather becoming more bitter and angry, because he had just lost his true love. Some people say he should’ve handled it better, but he didn’t know how to handle it. Crowfeather has lived his whole life up to that point dealing with everything by getting upset about it. Based on what we know, his Clan apparently doesn’t pay much attention to him, so no one ever taught him better. It makes perfect sense and fits well with his character for him to be angry and torn up about Feathertail.

Now with Feathertail gone, Crowfeather wasn’t himself. He needed another cat who he could love and be himself around. Leafpool bears a lot of similarities to Feathertail. They’re both soft, quiet, sweet she-cats who want to help others. But Crowfeather loved her for her own reasons, too. She was comforting to be around, and loved him back. A lot of people say Crowfeather only mated with Leafpool because she was a ‘copy of Feathertail.’ But Crowfeather was depressed after Feathertail’s death, and felt like an outcast in WindClan. The Clans would never allow him to be with the cat he loved, so he wanted to go somewhere where he might feel more at home, and where he felt like he belonged. Something that would be really interesting is if his father left the Clan when he was just a kit, Crowfeather could’ve been following his footsteps when he decided to leave the Clans with Leafpool. It would also explain his absence for Nightcloud and Breezepelt when he returned to the Clans.

When Leafpool wasn’t truly happy with him and left, Crowfeather had no other choice. He was emotionally unstable and an outcast when he returned to WindClan. Nobody trusted him. Only Nightcloud seemed to think not. With both of his true loves gone, Crowfeather had only his Clan left to live for. He mated with Nightcloud to try to convince his Clanmates he was a loyal member. He was willing to go to very extreme lengths. But Crowfeather has had a very rough life, nobody taught him right from wrong. Then Nightcloud had his son, Breezepelt. Crowfeather probably never meant for it to go that far. Blinded by confusion and the shadows of his past, he avoided his mate and kit. Of course, we can never tell for sure until the new SE comes out. Then we’ll have a chance to walk in his pawsteps and see what his life was truly like.

Thank you so much for reading! Did your opinion change on Crowfeather at all? Tysm and I hope to see you next time! 🙂

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  • Great article, Sparky! I like how you try to provide insight on all of his actions and feelings. I hope you write more about this sometime. 😛 🙂

  • You make good points but I don’t quite agree with the theory of Crowfeather being neglected. He seemed proud and affectionate when Ashfoot was named deputy. Also, Deadfoot was confirmed to be his father and he also chose him for WindClan representative for The Great Journey. His father must’ve loved him to give him that chance and I’m sure Crowfeather knows it. As for reacting to everything by being upset and disappointed – I guess that is a core part of his personality.

    I still believe Crowfeather loved Leafpool only because her personality matched Feathertail’s. I do agree that he needed someone to love – someone to be himself around, but was there anything about Leafpool herself that made him love her? Or was it just for those two reasons I stated before? Taking Nightcloud as a mate just to prove his loyalty was pretty manipulative on his part. If he didn’t love her like that, he shouldn’t start anything! He shouldn’t make her believe they have a chance and have a child together just to go all – “Oops, I still love my ex, but I’m going to stick to my annoying wife and our spoiled son to make my reputation better and possibly make said ex a little jealous.” Yes, he suffered. Yes, he went through a lot and deserves pity. But the way he acted out of his grief – convincing Leafpool to elope with him and treat her coldly because her Clan needs her more was unjust. Then using Nightcloud and playing around with her feelings for his own gain was downright manipulative. Agreeing to have a child only to neglect him and show obvious dislike for it, leading said child’s mental health go down to the point where they become a sadist with no regrets at all is unforgiveable. Breezepelt made his own decisions and was an adult when he chose his ultimate path but can you disagree with the fact that Crowfeather planted the seeds? And Nightcloud, feeling desperately unloved and can’t stand her mate’s neglect of her and her child, feeding hatred into their child’s mind? Breezepelt was right to feel the way he did, but he didn’t have to act on it the way he did. That I don’t blame Crowfeather for.

    All in all, I believe you made great points in your article and I do see where you’re coming from, but I disagree.

  • I’ve never hated Crowfeather. He’s actually one of my favorite cats in the series. Yes he gets on my nerves sometimes and he can be in the wrong at times but I still love him.

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