What if Smudge joined the Clans? by Galaxypaw

Galaxypaw wonders what would’ve happened if Smudge the kittypet had joined the Clans.

Art by Warrior-Junkie

What would happen if Smudge, that fat little kittypet who used to live next to his best friend Rusty, joined ThunderClan? Imagine that Firestar, then Firepaw, went back and convinced Smudge to try out ThunderClan. Reluctantly, Smudge agrees. Bluestar gives him the name Cowpaw for his black-and-white fur. Smudge loves Clan life- eating fresh-kill, playing outside, training with his best buddy Firepaw and some new friends.
Then leaf-bare comes along. Smudge doesn’t like living in the cold, so he goes back to his owner. Come newleaf, he tries to re-join the Clan. Bluestar explains to him that that’s not how Clans work, that he must be a warrior or a kittypet. He chooses kittypet. Many moons later, he has a dream. He dreams that lots of cats are running away from something. He goes back to ThunderClan and tells them about his dream. Firestar is excited to hear this, and invited Smudge back into the Clan.
The invitation causes argument within Thunderclan. Smudge returns to apprentice duties and the name Cowpaw. This time, however, he stays with the Clan. Shortly after they move to the lake, he is made a warrior and given the name Cowblaze. He falls in love with a RiverClan she-cat. The two of them have kits, Frogkit and Rosekit.
They are banished for their love, and they return to Smudge’s old nest. The she-cat is named Blush and the kits are renamed Tigger and Katie. They family lived happily for many years as kittypets until Blush runs away to be a loner, taking Tigger and Katie with her. Smudge goes back to life as it was before he joined ThunderClan. Many moons later, Katie returns to her father. He is happy to see her, and he welcomes her.
The pair return to the lake for a visit. Katie falls in love with Clan life and returns to her name Rosepaw. Smudge begs to the leaders to let him join a Clan. They refuse. Sandstorm, now an elder, tells Smudge about SkyClan. He convinces Rosepaw to take him there. They go to SkyClan, and Sharpstar (Sharpclaw) allows them to join. Now very old, Smudge retakes his warrior name Cowblaze and settles into a happy life as an elder. Rosepaw gets her warrior name, Rosespirit, and becomes mates with former leader Leafstar’s son, Harrybrook. The family lives happily in SkyClan until death.

I know this is a little far-fetched, but I like the idea.

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