Announcement: The Future of Warriors

Hello, dear friends of BlogClan. Today is a very special day. Today, we will be announcing something regarding the future of the series we have all come to love so much. It has been decided that BlogClan will be the first to hear this important news, though of course it will be known far and wide soon enough.

All of us have come to love this book series about these violent, feuding cats, and the often very bloody ways that they fight to defend their home and their code. However, it has been decided due to the complaints of some parents that Warriors has become too dark for a series for children. Scenes like the death of Tigerstar, or the mauling of Brightheart, hardly belong in a series meant for middle school students and younger. Therefore, it has been decided that, from now on, Warriors will have to take a much lighter tone if it wishes to keep its demograhpic.

The way that this will happen is simple. From now on, Warriors will be about bunnies.

No more vicious cats tearing into each others’ pelts with sharpened claws and fangs. No more gory scenes that need to be shielded from the eyes of our impressionable youth. From now on, the newly-dubbed Bunnies series will be about four groups of peaceful bunnies hopping along in their golden meadows and forests, nibbling on flowers and clovers and painting eggs for the children to search for on Easter. All of the problems they encounter will be of a much milder nature now, to address the concerns of worried parents that the series has become too dark, and the characters will never have to resort to ugly violence to solve their problems. Now the series will be suitable for the whole family to enjoy.

Of course, the Erins can’t very well expect readers to accept all of the characters just changing into bunnies this late into the series – which is why we are pleased to announce that the entire series of Warriors, up to the most current release, will be rewritten to incorporate these changes. Much of this rewriting and planning is still in the works, but today we will be unveiling the first cover for this new Bunnies rewritten series, and the blurbs for all six books in the first series of this rewrite.

Pictured here is the cover for the very first book in the newly-rewritten Bunnies series. As you can see, Into the Wild has been retitled Into the Meadow, for its more pleasant connotations. Below are listed the new titles and blurbs for all of the books in the first series of Bunnies.

Book 1: Into the Meadow

Deep in the forest, four Clans of bunnies have lived peacefully together, sharing their flowers and hopping together in the golden meadows they call home, and living by a code of friendship and harmony. But trouble is brewing in the forest. With Easter approaching, some of the painted eggs are starting to go missing, and many bunnies suspect that the mean old Brokenstar of ShadowClan might be behind the thefts – but they’re too scared of the mean old bunny to stop him.

In the midst of this turmoil appears an ordinary pet bunny named Rusty – who may turn out to be the best Easter egg painter of them all, and perhaps the only one smart and brave enough to stand up to mean old bunnies like Brokesntar.

Book 2: Flowers and Icing

Fireheart is a full Easter egg decorator of ThunderClan now, but even with Brokenstar gone, the Clans’ problems aren’t over. With chilly winter on the way, the Clans are all rushing to get their winter scarves and hats knitted in time for the cold season, as well as preparing pretty pastries and decorations for their winter celebrations. But as winter draws nearer, Fireheart not only has to deal with his friend Graystripe’s silly crush on a pretty RiverClan bunny, but the strange thefts of the scarves and hats his Clanmates are working so hard to make. Tensions grow between the Clans as the thefts continue, and only Fireheart can put an end to the arguments in time.

Book 3: Forest of Serenity

Though winter is behind the Clans, Fireheart is determined to find out who was the mean old bunny who stole all of the winter clothes. Easter is on its way again, and now some of the paints and brushes for Easter egg painting are beginning to show up in the wrong places. Tensions rise as bunnies accuse each other of moving and taking each others brushes. Fireheart is determined to make the forest a peaceful place once again by proving who is behind the thefts once and for all – but it will take all of his courage to stand up to the mean old bunny who is behind it all.

Book 4: Rising Stream

The thief of the past year has been discovered, and the mean old Tigerclaw has been told to leave the forest and not return until he’s become a nicer bunny. But Fireheart has new problems to deal with, now that he has been named head Easter egg decorator of the whole Clan. With summer on the way, the Clans are eager to splash around in the pretty streams and rivers of their meadow home, but it seems that the streams are drying up, making it hard for the bunnies to swim and splash around as they like to do. It is up to Fireheart to save his Clan from the summer heat, and to prove himself as head Easter egg decorator.

Book 5: A Delightful Path

Tigerclaw has returned to the forest, now as Tigerstar, leader of ShadowClan. He has convinced most of the forest that he’s really a nice bunny now, but Fireheart isn’t so sure. But for once, the mean old bunny isn’t the biggest of Fireheart’s worries. A litter of lost puppies has found its way into ThunderClan’s territory, and it is up to Fireheart to help the puppies figure out how to get home, while keeping the silly puppies from knocking over their baskets and trying to eat their Easter eggs. Can he help the lost babies find their way home before they cause too much trouble?

Book 6: The Brightest Hour

Fireheart has now become Firestar, the leader of his whole Clan. While the problem of the lost puppies has been solved, he worries that a new problem now faces the forest. Strange bunnies have been seen in the meadows lately, and somehow, he thinks this has something to do with Tigerstar. Is his old enemy really a nice bunny now like he claims? Are these new bunnies friends, or are they here to ruin the Clans’ winter fun? The time has come for Firestar to prove himself as the nicest leader ThunderClan has ever had, and for him to discover whether Tigerstar really has changed – or whether he’s the same mean old bunny as he was before.

That’s it for the new blurbs and covers. I hope that you’re all as excited as we are about the new direction that Bunnies is taking, and that you’ll support the series as it undergoes these exciting new changes.