Why Stick x Jayfeather is the best ship to ever exist by Snowstrike

Snowstrike tells you why Stick x Jayfeather is the best ship. It is indeed the best ship.

Art by Puddincat7

Hello, it’s Snowstrike back with why Stick and Jayfeather are the best ship to ever exist. I’ll present you with 9 points and hopefully you all agree with me!
1.) Stick is one of the best characters of the Omen Of The Stars Series! It sacrificed so much, just to make Jayfeather happy, and it grew to be my favorite character.
2.) Jayfeather loved Stick, and it was his way to connect with Rock and the past. As soon as I saw Rock, he became a key factor in the series and gave so much Exposition! Who doesn’t love someone who spews exposition!
3.) Stick and Jayfeather cared about each other so much and I was excited as he led him into the caves to confront his very, very, old ancestors. I couldn’t believe it when we finally learned about cats from the past, and it led to *hiss* Half-Moon x Jayfeather. O_O
4.) This ship has so much development compared to the Half-Moon x Jayfeather ship. I wish we got more cute Stick moments, but unfortunately we didn’t.
5.) I’m happy that Jayfeather was so obsessed with Stick, as it turned out to be a factor as why we never lost Stick.
6.) Stick is clearly the best character Solo or in a couple. I’m so excited to get a Stick novel as we’ve needed it for a long time.
7.) Jayfeather clearly always cared about Stick, even when he talked to Half-Moon, and here’s a quote directly from The Last Hope…
“I hope Stick is safe. I don’t know what I would do without them…”
8.) Stick suffered so much pain, and still stayed strong even with claws directly clawing them ripping off part of their skin. This is one of the best characters, and strongest too.
9.) Jayfeather started to learn Stick was suffering so much and he decided to put it out of it’s misery. I cried when Stick was killed by someone who loved them and I hope we never have one of these moments ever again.
Alright guys, it’s pretty obvious this is just a satire article. I was reading an article and I thought the comments were hilarious, that’s why I made this. I guess you can call this my April fool’s joke. Have a good one Blogclanners!

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