20 Warriors Questions Answered By Me by Ebonypaw

Ebonypaw answers 20 Warriors Fan questions. Minors spoilers for AVoS!

Art by WarriorCat3042

Hello! Ebonypaw here, and I will do the 20 Warriors Questions tag that everyone’s doing. A while back, Willowpaw made an article with these questions and tagged everyone, so I’ll submit my answers!

1. How did you get into Warriors?
My mom had the first three books and recommended that I read them because I liked cats. I read them, and instantly loved them so much that I finished the whole series (By the time Thunder And Shadow came out) in three months. It was also summer, so I had a lot of time to read them.

2. Favorite Arc
I really am liking A Vision Of Shadows so far, but since it isn’t finished, I’ll go with The New Prophecy. I know it’s a lot of people’s least favorite (Other than Omen Of The Stars, which I also liked), but I really enjoyed the whole journey arc and settling by the lake. Feathertail and Squirrelflight were my favorites in that series.

3. Favorite Book (excluding mangas, super editions, novellas)
I really liked Shattered Sky. It immediately went to action, SkyClan was found, and Needletail, Onestar, and Darktail’s deaths were really well done.
RIP Needletail though.

4. Favorite Super Edition, Novella, or Manga
Hawkwing’s Journey was my favorite Super Edition (Because I like journey books). Thunderstar’s Echo is my favorite Novella (Most underrated Warriors book IMO. I barely saw anyone talk about it). And my favorite manga was the Graystripe and Millie manga (Which probably isn’t much of a surprise to most of you).

5. Favorite Clan

6. Favorite Character
Needletail was a very well done and interesting character. I made an article on her if you wanna check it out, because that’s where my opinions on her are.

7. Least Favorite Character
Breezepelt. He had a very bad and bland motive, he did some horrible things, and wasn’t very interesting.

8. Most Aesthetically Pleasing Cat
Even though Blossomfall is one of my least favorite characters, she’s one of my favorites design-wise. Hollystar and Brindlestar also have good designs. Also a dark gray Twigbranch with darker speckles and a light gray tail tip is adorable.

9. Favorite Leader
Shadowstar was cool.

10. Favorite Villain
Darktail. He was strong, managed to take over a Clan easily (And take over two more), and was basically Onestar’s past coming back to haunt him. He was interesting!

11. Favorite Medicine Cat
Pebble Heart is very mysterious and cool. Instantly became a favorite the moment he had a dream.

12. Overrated Character
There are quite a few characters I found overrated, but I’ll have to say Blossomfall. I found her annoying and whiny, but I already complained about her enough.

13. Underrated Character
There are a lot of characters I find underrated, but I guess I’ll say Fernsong. The idea of a stay at home dad was interesting, and I find it cool that it was Fernsong, the cat who was named after Ferncloud, to be the one who decides to watch Ivypool’s kits. I always liked the idea of Sorrelstripe, Hollytuft, and Fernsong having similar traits with the cats they were named after. Also Fernsong is fabulous.

14. Favorite Minor Character
Fernsong, I guess.

15. Favorite Pairing
I really have no idea. I guess FernXIvy a lot because I always liked the opposites attract idea.

16. Least Favorite Pairing
That’s easy. TomXTurtle Tail. Tom was an abusive jerk and Turtle Tail easily deserved better. YellowfangXRaggedstar is pretty close though.

17. Favorite Friendship
Needletail and Violetshine. Both were lonely and only had each other as friends. Needletail even sacrificed herself!

I also liked Thunderstar and Lightning Tail’s friendship. RIP Lightning Tail.

18. Favorite Moment
That’s a hard question. A very hard question. I guess every Needletail moment?

19. Most Tragic Death
Needletail and Gray Wing had the saddest, but that isn’t the question. The most tragic was definitely Mosspaw’s death (Yellowfang’s Secret). He was a very minor character, but the fact that he was a kit that was killed by his also a kit brother is pretty dark. Poor guy.

20. Favorite Battle / Fight Scene
The Dark Forest battle. While it may have gone by fast and had a lot more potential, I still think it was a good battle.

So if anyone else wants to do this, they can. And thanks Willowpaw for the tag!

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