20 Questions (Willowpaw Tagged Everyone) (Possible Spoilers) by Bluefire

Bluefire also answers 20 Fan Questions.

Art by RainbowJuice

So…. if anyone read Willowpaw’s 20 questions article, at the end she tagged everyone so I’m going to answer the questions =)

1. When did you get into Warriors?
I’m not sure exactly, sometime around third grade, and I fell in love immediately because it’s CATS, COME ON PEOPLE.

2. Favorite Arc?
What???? I have to choose? I’m going to say that the Power of Three and the Super Editions arcs are tied, because in Po3 it’s Jayfeather because he’s awesome (a jerk, but awesome), then the SE arc (does that even count?) because Bluestar has a Super Edition.

3. Favorite book (not manga, super edition, or novella)?
AHhhhhhhh what??? I don’t like these questions!! Okay, okay, I’m thinking Shattered Sky, because Darktail get’s defeated, but also because Onestar redeems himself. Seriously, he was such a jerk when he became leader! This was good for him, even though he died.

4. Favorite Super Edition, Manga, or Novella?
I’m going to do one of each. Bluestar’s Prophecy, the OH WHAT’S IT CALLED dangit the one with Sol and SkyClan, that trilogy manga, and then Hollyleaf’s Story.

5. Favorite Clan?
ShadowClan, because I think we need more love for them. They aren’t the best-loved clan, that’s for sure, and we some ShadowClan spotlight, like we get from Violetpaw and Needletail.

6. Favorite Character?
BLUESTAR!!!! Her story is just… so… I just love her character, and her backstory, and everything! I mean, she got a bit senile in the end, but COME ON HER LIFE WAS TOUGH. I love OakXBlue, and how Bluestar dies is so sad but she dies for her clan.

7. Least Favorite Character?
You know, usually seven is my favorite number. =P
I’m going to have to say Brokenstar. I mean, he put KITS in battle! I hate that tom!

8. Most Aesthetically Pleasing Cat?
Darktail. That’s all I’m going to say.

9. Favorite Leader?
Again, Bluestar.

10. Favorite Villain?
Tied with Hawkfrost and Darktail. I don’t know why. Ooh, or Mapleshade, her story is so saaaaaad….

11. Favorite Medicine Cat?
Jayfeather. Or Leafpool. Or Cinderpelt. Or Spottedleaf. Or… you know what let’s move on.

12. Overrated Character?
Dovewing. I MEAN COME ON. She complained when she had powers, she complained when she lost them. Though she gets better later on, but Dovepaw/early warrior Dovewing sucks. Sorry Dovewing fans.

13. Underrated Character?
All those kits hanging out in StarClan that no one even knows their names.

14. Favorite Minor Character?
Last year I would’ve had no idea, but now I can say Longtail. Longtail is awesome, even if he was a jerk to Firepaw at first.

15. Favorite Pairing?
BrambleXSquirrel is cool, but mostly BlueXOak.

16. Least Favorite Pairing?

17. Favorite Friendship?
Firepaw and Ravenpaw. Or Twigkit and Violetkit that was cute!!!

18. Favorite Moment?
When Bluefur teaches Oakheart how to climb a tree.

19. Most Tragic Death?
Badgerfang, the kit warrior.

20. Favorite Battle/Fight Scene?
One that doesn’t exist yet, where Bramblestar and Squirrelflight join StarClan together in battle. I can’t imagine them dying any other way.
Um, an existing battle scene…… the final battle with Onestar and Darktail. Second place is Talltail’s confrontation with Sparrow.

Annnnnd that is all. If anyone else wants to tag me with warriors questions, they can, though they’d have to do it on the tavern here since I’m not anywhere else =D

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