Warriors Cats and Macgyver Compared by Freespirit

Freespirit compares the characters of Warriors to a well-known TV character. 

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While I am sure most of you know what warriors cats is, (otherwise, cool! Blogclan is so popular even people who don’t know what in StarClan StarClan is are reading the blog!)

I don’t think most of you know what in Macgyver Macgyver is. (That sounded better the first time…)

In brief Macgyver (the reboot that is, still trying to see the original) is about Young war hero Angus “Mac” MacGyver has an extraordinary knack for unconventional problem solving and an extensive bank of scientific knowledge that he believes can best be put to use saving lives, both of which come in handy when he creates a clandestine organization within the United States government to tackle high-risk missions around the world. Working under the sponsorship of the Department of External Affairs, MacGyver quietly prevents disasters with the help of former CIA agent Jack Dalton.

Literally, copy paste. I’m lazy comparing my favorite things

Anyway, since that only mentioned two, there is also Riley Davis, Bozer, Cage, Thornton, Maggie, and Murdoc.

So let’s compare.

Macgyver, the smart one, is like Hollyleaf. Hollyleaf is willing to kick flank for the right thing, and she has the brains to back it up, just like Macgyver! Honestly, though, Macgyver is too unique of a character to be compared to most warriors cats, since his main thing is building explosives out of papers clips and duct tape. In one episode, Thornton locks him up in an inescapable room, not even giving him a chair since he’d make a missile out of it. (In the end, he escapes and the room becomes escapable) Although that would be a cool character… (hint hint, hint hint.)

Jack, the muscles cool guy who helps distract the villains who punch Macgyver around, is like Lionblaze. Lionblaze is literally a set of fighting for good, and willing to protect the clans’ ideals until the end.

Thornton, the leader who turns into a traitor, is Brokenstar. Brokenstar hurts everyone and his defeat sets in motion the entire first arc of warriors. Thornton also does this, since in Bozers first mission, she had set a trap designed to kill Macgyver and the team, or at least make the entire word think they are terrorists. Brokenstars rise to power stops the Shadowclan glory days and plants the first seed of corruption in Shadowclan, which can arguably be the entire reason for all of shadowclans falls.

Maggie, the new leader after Thornton’s betrayal is Blackstar. Blackstar rose to power after Tigerstar, so we weren’t sure if he could be trusted or not, just like how we were unsure of Maggie’s alliance after Thornton. Fortunately, they both were pretty good leaders, Blackstar helping to rejuvenate Shadowclan after everything bad. But he did pick an awful deputy… nocat’s purfect I guess

Cage, the VERY scary interagator with a mysterious past, is Jayfeather. Jay feather can read cats MINDS! If that isn’t close, I don’t know what is. Jayfeather also has a mysterious past, (can’t compare them both as Cages mysterious past has not been explained yet)

Murdoc, the psycho serial killer for higher, is like Sol. Sol has NEVER gotten caught, but easily ruins cats lives and manipulates the scene just like Murdoc does. What he does may or may not kill cats, but Sol is Umbrage and Murdoc. If one was tied to a chair defenseless in MY house, then they would… repent very quickly…

Riley is a hacker. She is also cool, tough, and won’t let her pelt get pushed around. So Squirrelflight with a computer, basically. The only odd thing about this is Riley’s surrogate Dad is Jack, who is Lionblaze, who is Squirrelflights adopted son. Which is kinda unintentionally cool!

Bozer is Just about any kitty pet turned warrior. Bozer knew nothing and was thrown into the world when Murdoc tried to kill him. Now he is a trusted member of the Phoenix Foundation, (the name of the organization, formally DHX)
Compare this to almost any kittypet warrior. Yep.


Great, Last time I wrote an article about something like this. No one’s heard of it before. Let’s see if this is different,

This was Freespirit is signing out.

PS if anyone knows how to retain sanity, please inform me.

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