What I Think of The Five Warrior Clans by Libbypaw

Libbypaw shares their opinion on the five Clans in the series.

Art by WeHaveCandy

Libbypaw here! I am here to give my opinion on each of the five Clans. The five Clans are ThunderClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and SkyClan, which had left the forest, was rebuilt, and later joined the other Clans on the lake. Anyways, let’s get into the topic.

First up is ThunderClan. I’d have to say that I like this Clan, due to their heroic actions. It was nice when Firestar formed LionClan to defeat Scourge’s vicious BloodClan, and leaded the kit rescue against Brokenstar and his warriors. But I kinda think that some cats are show-offs. I’d say Sparkpelt is a huge show-off due to that she caught prey on her first try, and always hunts perfectly. She received her warrior name due to when she saved Twigkit, who was just trying to get some herbs to impress grumpy Jayfeather. But I’d say that just for Sparkpelt, not for the other cats. I know cats from the other Clans like to call ThunderClan cats show-offs, especially apprentices. I also think that there are too many ThunderClan cats in Darkest Night. Just. Look. At. The. Allegiances. There are like forty warriors, while there are only a few warriors in other Clans. Another thought about them is that they’re very kind due to Bluestar, Firestar, and Bramblestar letting loners and kittypets in the Clan. I think that shows that they care about lots of cats. Bramblestar even let ShadowClan, RiverClan, SkyClan, and I think maybe WindClan into ThunderClan camp after the battle with Darktail and his rogues. So my final thoughts on this Clan is that they are loyal, kind, and generous.

Now, it’s time to talk about ShadowClan. The ferocious Clan. This Clan is listed as ambitious, aggressive, battle-hungry, and greedy for territory in Secrets of the Clans, but I think ShadowClan is more than people think they are. For example, Tawnypelt seems nice, not super aggressive like her father. She only wants to protect her Clan. I don’t like most of the leaders, though. Ripplestar fought at a Gathering, Brokenstar killed kits and trained them as early as three moons, Tigerstar formed TigerClan, and wanted ThunderClan, and WindClan to either join him, or leave him, Blackstar sided with Sol about StarClan and the warrior code, and was loyal to Brokenstar and Tigerstar when he was deputy, and Rowanstar didn’t choose a medicine cat until Littlecloud was dead, and let the camp get taken over by Darktail. Nightstar and Shadowstar are the only ones I only like. I’m not sure about Tigerstar, who was Tigerheart, but maybe he’ll be better. Overall, ShadowClan is okay, but had some bad leaders in the past.

Next is WindClan. This Clan is pretty good, though there were some issues. I love Tallstar, and how they decided to do tunneling until Sandgorse died.I just didn’t like it when WindClan ignored Firestar until what happened with Mudclaw. One more issue is when Onestar closed the borders because of his son, Darktail. I like this Clan because of Mothflight finding the Moonstone, and their strong alliance with ThunderClan. So, I’d have to say WindClan is a good Clan.

Moving onto RiverClan. These cats are cool and unusual, due to their love of water. Cats hate water, but not these cats! I also love the water as well, so I’m like a RiverClan cat. RiverClan cats can swim. But now about their actions. They saved Hopkit, who later became Deadfoot, but Crookedstar allied with Brokenstar, and Leopardstar allied with Tigerstar just because she liked him. But now Mistystar is leader, and she’s mainly peaceful. Her Clanmates are super loyal, and refused to be part of Darktail’s kin. Leopardstar and Crookedstar are still good leaders, and they rarely involve battle, only major battles like at Sunningrocks, BloodClan, StarClan and the Dark Forest, and Darktail. That’s why I like RiverClan the most.

Last but not least, we have SkyClan. This Clan is mainly cool, but Leafstar has some naming issues. Like Harrybrook. I feel bad for Cloudstar, that he had to say goodbye to Birdflight.

That’s all I have to say in this article. I hope you like it, for it is my first.


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