April 2018 Gathering Results!

*insert witty opening line here*

It’s time to announce the winner of the April Gathering!!!!!!!!! 😀 🎉 

But first, let’s recap the day’s events! We started off bright and early with the four official games:
Name That Apprentice, Riddles, Trivia, and Who Said It? The Fabulous Felines quickly took the lead, with Wollow using sorcery (I don’t know how else to explain her speediness) to help get them 11 points! Though you know how the saying goes . . . just because you’ve won the battle, doesn’t mean you won’t lose the war. 😉 The other teams were right on their tail!

(P.S. Icy did an amaazziinnggg job at running two of those games, so a big round of applause to her for that!)

Fabulous Felines11
Crazy Canines3
Hypnotic Hamsters3
Bookish Birds4

Then, we had a few guest-hosted contests!

» Warriors Anagrams by Wistep

» Character Creation Game by Wollow

» BlogClan Naming Contest by Moonbreeze

» Name That Warrior by a Mystery BlogClanner (Ack, I forget! Please tell me who you are in the comment section so I can add you to this post. ❤ )

» and Speedy Dialogue by Ebonypaw

Thank you guys for sharing your brilliant ideas with us, and taking the time to host them! 😀 They all went off without a hitch!

This left the scores at:

Fabulous Felines24
Crazy Canines7
Hypnotic Hamsters10
Bookish Birds4

As you can see, the Fabulous Felines maintained their lead, with the Hypnotic Hamsters right on their heels, and the Crazy Canines hounding (get it? har har har) them both from behind! 😀

Meanwhile, the Bookish Birds needed a miracle to win. Would they be given one? Answer: maybe. You’ll just have to read on to find out! 😉


For our Fan Creation Contest the prompt was: There’s a mysterious someone pranking the cats of BlogClan, and it’s up to you and your team animal to find out who/what it is and stop them! and the stakes were high because the 1st place winner walks away with a whopping 7 points for their team, the 2nd place winner takes home 5 points, and the 3rd place winner gets 3!

Fan Art

Third place goes to Mapledrift who blew us away with her phenomenal drawing! Great job! (I am a sucker for cute furry animals dressed as Sherlock.) 3 points have been added to your team!

Second place goes to our very own Spiderpaw! I love how your team animal ended up being the one pranking BlogClan! Clever twist, haha! 😛 5 points have been added to your team!

First place goes to Lupinepaw! What a spectacular depiction of a certain someone and their canine companion trying to crack the case! Bravo!!! 7 points have been added to your team!


Fan Fiction

3rd place goes to Spottedheart! What a hilariously fun read! Well done! 3 points have been awarded to your team!

[expand title=”CLICK HERE to read her fanfiction: The Mysterious Joker!”]

I was woken up on April seventh by my trusty little pet, Hoppy, a small hamster that loved to wake me up with his hypnotic pocket watch dangling from his teeth. “Wake up!!” he screamed. “The gathering results are in!!” He hopped down from my bed and rushed down and rushed my stairs to the computer. It was the morning after the BlogClan gathering, and I couldn’t wait to find out which team won, especially after being forced to leave early. I entered the computer’s password, and opened up BlogClan.
“Hoppy”, I said to my hamster. “Go to the BlogClan Tavern to see who won. I’ll be right back, I just need to go to the local market to get some Cheez-Its to celebrate our victory!!”. Hoppy squealed with delight as I rushed out of my basement and off to the store.
I rushed down my steps an hour later with a pack of Cheez-Its hanging from a plastic bag. I ran into my office and was surprised to see Hoppy looking green. “Hoppy?” I asked. “What’s wrong?” He pointed to the computer screen and I rushed over to it. I gasped as I saw a cat named Spottedheart taking over the chat with pictures of the other three mascots. “How did the moderators let this by?” I muttered to myself. And then I saw it. There was a message that showed a picture of two bunnies, which I remembered as Sunny’s and Icy’s gravitars. ‘Get pranked!’ the message said.
I caught Hoppy’s eye and we both muttered in sync; “This is more than just a prank. We must get the gathering results!” Hoppy took over the computer mouse and tried to find any evidence of where Spottedheart could have the mascots. After going over all of his messages, we learned that there was a path that we would have to follow to get them back. The first clue read, ‘I’m in the mood to write a little story. Would you like to read it?’. Hoppy took over the mouse and clicked on the ‘Fan Fiction’ tab.
“Load, load, load!!” I screamed at my slow computer. Eventually the page loaded in and we searched for any stories written by Spottedheart. Hoppy found a story talking back how he captured the great Icy. ‘It was simple’ he wrote. ‘Just say you have some Starbucks, doughnuts, and coffee for them!’
I recognised the verse, but didn’t remember where to find it. I looked towards Hoppy, hoping he would know which page it was on, but he was stuffing his face with food. “Hoppy!” I yelled at him. “This is not the time to eat!” Hoppy looked at me with an innocent face and went back to eating his breakfast. I sighed and started clicking on every tab that I could see. After going through a couple pages and finding nothing, I reached over Hoppy and took the Cheez-Its away from him. Hoppy grasped for any more crumbs he could get, then stumbled over to the computer. Yet when he was almost there, he tripped over the mouse’s cord and landed face first on the down arrow.
The page scrolled down to the bottom and was blinded by 5 pictures of Spottedleaf and Firestar walking together. “Oh great job Hoppy, now you forced me to look at my least favourite couple!!”. Instead of apologising, hoppy squealed with joy and clicked on the most recent purr, which happened to be on the ‘Say hi’ page.
“Hoppy, one in StarClan’s name are you doing?” Hoppy just ran on the scroll on the mouse until it reached the purr.
“Ta-da!” The little furball squeaked. “We found his latest clue!”
“Hoppy,” I started, “you are a genius”.
“Do I get my Cheez-Its back” he asked, trying to put on his most adorable face. I shook my head and read the message. ‘If it is after 1:30, which it must be because I made it take forever for your pages to load, I will have already started my deletion of the scores and Team Spottedheart will have won! April fools!!!!’ I glanced at my clock, but was blocked by Hoppy dangling his pocket watch in front of my face.
“Okay, okay, I’ll look at your watch. You don’t have to get so mad.” I moved away and glanced at Hoppy’s watch. It was 1:00. “Mouse brain” I muttered, “we shall stop you!!” I went to the ‘Hug Page’ the one page that Spottedheart wouldn’t go on. I posted a comment which was moderated immediately. ‘The official winner of the gathering is: The Bookish Felines that are Fabulous at Hypnotising people!!’ All of us deserved to win besides the evil Spottedhearts.
I waited on the ‘Hug Page’ for responses, and a couple of minutes later, Sunny Bunny responded and said ‘Thank you for saving us! Spottedheart has been banned from BlogClan for his one week late prank! He released us after learning he was beaten by a hamster and one young apprentice! And, the true winners of the gathering are: The Hypnotic Hamsters!!!’
Hoppy and I jumped up and down and shared the remaining Cheez-Its. “Woohoo!!” We cried, “The Hypnotic Hamsters are victorious!!!!!”


2nd place goes to Hazelspots! I adored your writing! It kept my eyes glued to every page! The beginning and ending tied together nicely too. All in all, I don’t think readers will be disappointed when they find out who the prankster is 😉 . . . 5 points have been awarded to your team!

[expand title=”CLICK HERE to read her fanfiction!”]

It was a beautiful day in the BlogClan camp. I strutted along, letting my mottled calico fur glisten in the warm sun. The soil under my paws was wet from recent spring rain. Padding alongside me was my best friend since I was but a kit- Wind. Wind was a humongous, golden-furred dog who was over double my height and weight. It’s a long story how he came to be in the clan, and not even I know it. The elder tell stories, but those are just stories. No matter where he came from, I still love him dearly.

Wind and I walked up to the fresh-kill pile, greeting a gray tabby standing in front of it. “Hey, Flowerstream!” I greeted cheerfully.

“Hey, Hazelspots…” she mumbled.

She seemed less cheerful than normal. “You okay?” I asked, concerned.

“I got confetti poured on me earlier- and I don’t even know where it came from! It took forever to clean off. Then I sat in my nest and it made a “pfhpfhfphfphfpht” sound,” she complained, replicating the noise by flapping her tongue.


My thinking was interrupted by a sharp cry from a cliff above. “Hazelspots!”

What does Cakestar want with me? I thought, my heart racing and hammering inside my chest. My paws began to sweat profusely as I slowly walked up to the leader’s nest, becoming more panicked with each pawstep. Wind followed behind me loyally as I parted the hanging lichen into her private den, where she sat upright, eyes threatening.

“Oh StarClan…” I muttered. “Am I in trouble?”

Cakestar laughed. “No, of course not. There’s been a…problem in BlogClan lately. Many of our cats have been…getting pranked.”

I nodded. “I know. Flowerstream told me she had confetti poured on her earlier.”

The tall leader sighed, shaking her head, then returned her gaze to me. “I know you have a very loyal friend with you. I believe that your logic along with his senses can return order to our clan.”

“WHAT?!” I blurted out. “I mean- uh… ma’am, I don’t deserve such an honor,” I stuttered nervously. Wind padded up to me, his large paws clumsy as always, and nuzzled his wet nose into my fur. “I know you can do it,” he whispered. The canine’s reassurance made me feel much more confident about serving my leader.

“Okay. I’ll do it. You can trust me,” I stated rigidly, then walked calmly out of the den, brushing against the warm, comforting golden fur of Wind.

“How are we going to find the prankster?” Wind barked.

“Well, let’s just go out in the forest and walk around. We’ll have to find them eventually! You can check for cat scent, and I can analyze that data. We’re the perfect team!” I responded, eyes glowing with a kit-like pride.

Wind head-butted me gently then started dashing to the edge of the camp and into the forest. His golden paws kicked up small pawfuls of wet, clumping dirt and crumpled long blades of grass. His legs were strong, much stronger than mine, and they pushed him with mighty power to the end of our camp in the blink of an eye.

“Hey, wait for me!” I caterwauled, and sprinted towards the giant retriever, leaping on top of him and standing on his strong, wide back. He had never minded carrying me around, especially since I weighed so little compared to him. He slowed his roll and came to a gentle stop, allowing me time to leap off onto the ground. Thanks to Wind, we were now in the very heart of the forest. I opened my mouth to instruct him, but his nose was already sniffing along the damp dirt, moving slowly. I followed behind him, silent. Suddenly, his ears perked up as he returned to normal posture.

“I got something!” He sniffed again. “The scent of cat. Faintly familiar, but disguised with some bitter herb,” he murmured, then breathed deeply. His eyes lit up as he stared back at me. “Vanilla cake!” Without waiting, he ran along the invisible scent trail only he could see as if it had been plainly laid out.

“Wait!” I screeched, dashing after him. My legs kicked as hard as they possibly could, and my stride extended greatly as I chased after the massive dog. He twisted in between trees, took random turns and slithered around large rocks. I followed diligently, careful not to stub my paw. Panting, I saw him slow down and I thanked StarClan silently. We had to almost be there!

As I saw him stop entirely, I saw an entire vanilla cake sitting on a tree stump. It was iced with blue buttercream icing, formed into beautiful roses. My mouth began to water. It did look pretty nice…No! I snapped myself out of my trance, shaking my head. “Don’t do it, Wind!” I cried. But it was too late. The cake was gone, replaced by a few clumps and crumbs of yellow cake and wisps of light blue icing. On Wind’s fluffy muzzle, I saw smears of icing tainting his fear. He licked his lips, picking up some of the icing. “Wind!” I scolded, “You’re going to regret that later!”

“I know, Hazel,” he laughed, rolling over and exposing his soft, vulnerable belly. “But it was worth it, you know? That was a homemade cake, definitely, baked for exactl-” he was cut off by a thumping sound as a huge net fell from the sky and surrounded him. He thrashed about, but to no avail. “Wind!” I cried out.

A taunting voice from above enraged me farther. “You’ll never catch me!”

I gazed up, eyes barely slits. A gray she-cat sat in one of the trees, looking at me with her smug green gaze. The rest of her face was covered by a tight, black leather mask. She raised a paw delicately and pushed herself up from her relaxed position. I growled deeply, threatening her.

The pale molly jumped powerfully from one tree to another one. Thinking of Wind, my legs were filled with energy as I climbed up the tall tree she had been hanging in and leaped quickly to the next one without missing a beat. With unwavering stability, she bounded from one tree to the next, and I followed her, always right on her tail. She stumbled, a leg falling from a tree branch, and swiftly fell to a spot on the tree trunk, hanging on for dear life with her claws. I climbed down carefully from the limb I was standing on as well, ending up right above her. She scrambled down, yowling and hissing. At least the ground was something I knew how to handle. I flew down quickly, almost gliding, and began the chase.

She was more confusing than Wind in her mannerisms. She twisted and turned among stones, made u-turns around trees, and went in a serpentine motion all across the entire forest. Panting, I thought I would be unable to catch her, but in a small moment of error she led me into an abandoned Twolegplace. Confused and scared, she dashed into a hole in one of the houses. I followed suit, and chased her into a corner. She couldn’t escape now!

I put one of my strong paws on her chest, keeping her still. “Are you the prankster?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” she cried. “Please let me go!”

“I’ll ask again. Are you the prankster who’s been pranking cats of BlogClan?”

“I told you, no!”

“Then why did you feed my friend Wind cake and then capture him?”

“I…uh….okay, I’m the prankster! Alright?” she sighed angrily. “My name’s Willowlight, since you were going to ask.”

Claws unsheathed, I gestured for her to follow me back to camp. I would go fetch Wind out of the net later. Padding back to camp, I pressed against her side firmly to make sure she didn’t go anywhere. When we entered the camp, I immediately took her up to Cakestar, grinning in pride. I had done it!
The lichen brushed against my fur as I entered her den. She gasped upon the sight. “Willowlight? One of our own?!”

“Yes, ma’am.” She bowed, stuttering. “I’m…” she glanced at me, then rolled her eyes. “Sorry.”

“I’m very unhappy with you! You prevented our warriors from performing their duty well! For one moon, you will being doing apprentice duties and you will not be going to the gathering.”

“But m-”

“No buts! This is your sentence, and you must take it. Start by going to Flowerstream to get mouse bile for the elders’ ticks.”

She sighed, growling quietly, and left to follow the instructions.

Once she was gone, Cakestar praised me. “Good job, Hazelspots! I give you permission to eat from the pile before hunting for your good work.”

I smiled, blushing. “I couldn’t have done it without Wind. It’s him you should be thanking. But he’s still in a net right now. I’ll go get him soon.” I nodded.

Cakestar smiled at me as I exited the den. I had captured the prankster, and now BlogClan was safe from any more tricks, thanks to me and Wind. After a long day of chasing, sniffing, hunting and interrogating, I plopped down in front of the fresh-kill pile and began to eat a juicy, fresh mouse. Yep, today was just another beautiful day in BlogClan.


1st place goes to Laurelcloud! Honestly, nothing I say would be able to do this fan fiction justice . . . you’ll just have to read it for yourself to see why it won. (Trust me, you won’t regret it! 😛 ) 7 points have been awarded to Laurel’s team!

[expand title=”CLICK HERE to read her fanfiction: Don’t Touch My Leaf Pile!”]

BlogClan was ready for Spring when it snowed suddenly over night. This must have been some horrible prank and the Bookish Birds were on the case!

“Alright, Birds, it seems we have a tragedy on our hands. It’s Spring and there is snow actively on the ground,” Flo said gravely.

Flo, Birchy, and Breezey all got their trusty snow shovels, gathered the rest of the team, and began to attempt to fix this mess. As they continued onward, suddenly their friend, Moon, came into view. She had apparently ran ahead.

“dOn’T tOUch mY LEaF pilE!1!!1” shouted Moon.

“But we need to clean up the snow…” argued Flo, Birchy, and Breezey in unison.

“We NEED leaves for SPRING.” she continued convincingly.

“True, but aren’t they supposed to be on the trees?” asked Icy, appearing wisely.

This argument continued for a while, until Moon finally relented. She was promised sixteen!1111! orange!1!11!1 pies!1!111 in return for her trouble.

“We must find these pranksters!11!1” chanted the Birds.

Once all of the snow was off of the ground, everyone sighed with relief.




Began To Pour Buckets

of Cold Horror

Frozen Soft

Blizzard Stuff.

The Birds sobbed.

“Go away you pranking meenies!!1!1”

Meanwhile, Aspy and Lau went on a treasure hunt for sticky notes to write down all of the suspects on.

“It says here on my sticky note pad that every single sticky note pad is hidden in a puddle in the forest,” said Lau.

“Hmm,” said Aspy.

SUDDENLY everyone looked straight up at the sky!! It was haILiNG???

“O NO!”

Lau and Asp tried splashing in the puddles to find the sticky notes with no avail. The puddles began to freeze.

“Noooo my sticky notes are getting all wet!!” sobbed Lau.

“Hmm,” said Aspy again.

The wind blew the hail straight into camp.

“We must go see Icy the Wise,” suggested Aster.

“It was wise of you to think of that — I now knighteth thee as a new Wise One,’ said Icy, wisely.

Aster the New Wise looked wisely upon the ground and suggested that maybe the snow had come from the ceiling.

Icy reminded Aster that there was a sky above them, and not a ceiling and everyone looked so surprised they all suddenly needed Kool-Aid.

“My K00l-Aid is very cold,” said Flo.

“So is mine,” said Birchy.

“There is snow in my K00l-Aid,” said Thunder.

Momma Breezey poured K00l-Aid for her children (everyone) and reminded Bright not to spill any on the pretty snow.

Spider, Hawk, Winter, Winter, Sun, and Leaf all sat in a circle and contemplated how to share the last of the K0000l-Aid. It was decided to sacrifice it to the sky in hopes that they could get a ceiling back in return.

Cheetah, Cloud, Snow, Snow, and Snow discovered Aster and Lau still trying to splash in icy puddles, and stole their soggy sticky note pad.

This was unfortunate and upsetting, but beneficial to the group.

They returned with the sticky notes and began to write on them with a red, correction pen.

“I don’t have opposable thumbs,” Free, Rain, Calm, Falcon, Spotted, and Silver all said one after another.

“Stop copying me.”

Bat found a lovely Twoleg sled to ride on, and slid away along with Shady, Raven, and Flamey.

“Wait, come back!11!11”

All the Birds ran quickly and speedily after them.

The hail stopped!

It began to rain.

All their pelts dripped and the K00l-Aid watered down.

“Someone forgot the cups!”


“Bagged milk!11!1”

“Can it snow every day?” asked Flo.


And that’s a wrap! 

Even with the added points from the Fan Creation Contest, the Fabulous Felines have reigned supreme. CONGRATS WILDCATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😜 You did an absolutely amazing job at winning games on live chat yesterday, and so did the other teams!

Icy & I had a blast hosting, and we want to thank each and every one of you for attending! 🙂 It couldn’t have been done without you!

Fabulous Felines24 
Crazy Canines7 | + 7  + 5 = 19
Hypnotic Hamsters10 | + 3  + 3 = 16
Bookish Birds4 |+ 5 + 7 = 16

View the rest of the fanfiction submissions in the comments section here: https://blogclan.katecary.co.uk/2018/04/07/blogclan-april-gathering-2018/

Because of the Fabulous Felines’s stellar win, cats have officially taken the Blog over again!

Bye bye bunnies!!! 😉


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