How important was Sol? by Bramblepaw

Bramblepaw wonders how important was Sol in the Warriors world?

Art by haruyo78

Before I go ahead with this article, I just want to say SPOILERS for Eclipse and the Omen of the Stars arc.

Sol. The so called “traveller” that almost split ShadowClan apart due to him manipulating Blackstar to ban the belief of StarClan. Right now we think of him as manipulative and, in a sense, evil. But this might change the way you see Sol- and Eclipse.

Sol first appeared (chronologically) in the SkyClan and the Stranger manga trilogy. I have not read the book myself, but based on the Warriors Wiki ( article I read on it, Sol is in it. Here is what he did: he gave a sob story, joined SkyClan, and got exiled from SkyClan. Ok. Now there is a period of time where we do not see Sol. Why? What could have happened?

As we can see in the new book Darkest Night (spoilers) StarClan has the power to give powers to a cat outside of the Clans. They could have done the same with Sol. Well, not exactly powers per se, but a message. A purpose. This is the theory that will change the way you look at Sol.

In Eclipse we see Sol make his first appearance. He reveals that a great darkness is coming. Then the eclipse happens. Everyone assumes that that is what Sol meant. Even Sol himself. But what if I told you… Sol did not refer to the eclipse at all… that it was just a coincidence… that Sol actually meant… THE DARK FOREST!!

When Sol was travelling he could have received a message from StarClan begging him to give this message. This was a warning to start preparing for a great battle before it began. StarClan chose Sol because he had some experience with Clan cats, kind of like Tree. Sol realized that this might give him power, a Clan status. So he did what he was told to do. But the Clans took it the wrong way.

Sol might have had an idea. Cats who do not believe in StarClan probably do not believe in the Dark Forest. So he tried his best to make it so the cats had no belief whatsoever. No belief, no manipulation by the Dark Forest. This could have helped the Clans dodge a huge bullet.

In conclusion, Sol might not have been evil at all! He was a loner with a purpose that was overshadowed by the Clans’ beliefs and faiths in the ancestors that could have given him permission to manipulate the Clans to not believe in for their own good later on. In other words, StarClan gave Sol a second chance based on the reactions of Clan cats. This could be a huge plot point on any future novellas that have Sol in it as the main character.

Good bye, and, as always, may StarClan light your path!

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  • Whoo-wee, I do not remember most of Power of Three and Omen of the Stars since I read them two years ago 😛 Your article is really cool, though, I never thought of it that way. However, I do remember Sol plotting an attack between ThunderClan and RiverClan and being salty after SkyClan exiled him. I don’t know if he meant to help the Clans or not but you do bring up good points in your article. Again, I haven’t read through most of the series for two years save for a few scenes, so I probably don’t completely know what I’m talking about 😛

  • Wow this was an amazing article!!! I kind of liked Sol too but he also was annoying. But now I actually really like him! This is so cool! This is why Mothwing was never was affected by the DF or her father and other cats. Thx to her disbelief in StarClan, it probably saved her immensely. Awesome theory, Bramble! 👍🏽😮

  • This is an interesting perspective, but doesn’t convince me. By Sol saying a great darkness is coming, that helped no one. When the eclipse occurred, it’s almost certain that every cat assumed the eclipse was the “great darkness”. So it didn’t really help them in the long run, plus Sol trying to convince the clans to not believe in StarClan was solely for his own power. The clans NEEDED StarClan if they were to win the battle, and needed to stay in connection. Also, causing the clans not to have a belief system would make them more vulnerable and weak, eventually giving in to Sol’s manipulation. If he was really trying to help the clans, why so sly about it? He wasn’t acting heartfelt like “Oh no you need to do this or else so-and-so!” he was very manipulative and sneaky about things. If his intentions were good, he wouldn’t have acted like that to convince the clans.