What is Dovewing’s REAL eye color? by Farwater

Farwater share what they found while wondering about Dovewing’s eyes.

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I have had some confusion about Dovewing’s real eye color. I did some fact checking about it, like “Can white cats have golden eyes?” and things like that. I have found that the answers are vague, but I got a general idea. Dovewing can have any eye color, but the most common eye colors for white cats are gold and blue. that narrows it down. the problem is, white cats with blue eyes are most likely the cats that are deaf, and Dovewing is not deaf. there are a lot of cats with white fur and blue eyes that are not deaf, so it is still an option. enough with the facts for a while. now, on to what the Erins put in the books. most of the time, her eyes are blue. some people disagree, but I did a little skim of 3 books that have Dovewing in them, and most frequently the eye color is blue. back to the facts. I found that most cats with white fur also have blue eyes. If you search “pictures of white cats” on the internet, most of them have blue eyes. I found that 56 out of a hundred white cat pictures have blue eyes, and 44 have golden. What I’m trying to say is that Dovewing most likely had blue eyes. You might disagree, but all the facts state that I’m most likely correct. Besides, in the book “Thunder and Shadow” it mentions that she has blue eyes and her eyes are not mentioned in any other color. I think that saying that Dovewing have green of golden eyes was a mistake that was not caught by the editor. I have worked long and hard on this article, so please don’t get mad at me if you think I’m wrong. If you want, you can research this topic on your own, and see for yourself that Dovewing most likely has blue eyes. This topic has been around for years, but I think I am one of the only people to research it, with both facts and information from the book. Thanks for reading!

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  • I get so confused I just draw her with one blue eye and one green eye! Thanks for this

    • It said pale golden eyes as shown in a sentence from the book, “There’s a very sick cat in the RiverClan camp,” Dovepaw meowed, her pale golden eyes wide with surprise. “Couldn’t you tell?”

  • Great article, though u made a few mistakes. Dovewing is a pale gray she-cat. Her eyes are mentioned as golden once, and that was in The Fourth Apprentice. Her green eyes are on the cover, though, and mentioned a very few times. Her blue eyes are mentioned the most, so you’d think she has blue eyes, right? Wrong! Her green eyes are mentioned so many times in AVoS. Even more than her blue eyes! And they’re green all throughout TBC, so they have to be green! Dovewing’s eyes are green. Period. Great article!

  • Dovewing have pale golden eyes as shown in the last sentence of Chapter 4, The Fourth Apprentice. Here is a quote from the book: “There’s a very sick cat in the RiverClan camp,” Dovepaw meowed, her pale golden eyes wide with surprise. “Couldn’t you tell?”

    • Dovewing is also described in the books as having green or blue eyes on several occasions! ;D

    • Yes, but on the official cover for that very same book, her eyes are green. Her eyes are also green in all of her other official art, and throughout TBC, which is the newest arc, and the one we should be looking to for the most accurate information. It’s fine if you headcanon her eyes as gold, but pointing to one quote in a book that came out in 2009 isn’t a good reason , and it doesn’t prove your point.