TOP 5 CATS: The Prophecies Begin by Crookedjaw II

Crookedjaw II lists their top 5 cats from the first arc, The Prophecies Begin.

Art by Fox-Desert


The Prophecies Begin


5: Whitestorm. He was a reliable cat and a great deputy to Firestar. Even with his mother dying when he was a kit, he grew up to be a great warrior and even became deputy! He worked hard as an apprentice and was one of Thunderclan’s strongest warriors. He fought in many battles during the first series. He had a reputation for being wise and a skilled warrior. He also apprenticed Sandstorm when she was an apprentice during ”Into the Wild”. (No wonder she was a great warrior.)
On a scale of 1-10, He would be a 9.

4: Crookedstar: After he had his tragic accident as a kit and his apprenticeship postponed, His mother hated him and broke up with his father, Shellheart. After the rest of his kitship, When he met Mapleshade in his dreams, He promised to be a good warrior and stuff. But Mapleshade ended up killing all of his family from that one promise. He was a great leader and a very good fighter. When Graystripe moved to riverclan to take care of his kits, Crookedstar enjoyed spending time with his grandkits.
On a scale of 1-10, He would be a 9.

3: Yellowfang: In ”Rising Storm,” she gave up her life to save Bramblekit and was one of the bravest cats in the old forest. She was a gifted Medicine cat and an inspiration to Cinderpaw after she was struck by a monster on the Thunderpath. She also made me laugh a lot while reading about her. She appeared in Jayfeather’s dreams many times, and he actually seemed to care for her.
She was a warrior before she became a Medicine cat. In ”Yellowfang’s Secret,” She had a power that allowed her to ”feel” the pain of other cats. On a scale of 1-10, She would be a 10.

2: Bluestar: A great warrior. A great leader. She was the daughter of Moonflower and the sister of Snowfur. She was known to be a wise leader and an expert fighter. She showed great integrity when she gave up her kits to save Thunderclan from what would been it’s destruction If Thistleclaw became leader. She mentored Firestar as an apprentice and later saved him from the Pack of dogs. On a scale of 1-10 She would be an 8.

1: Firestar: He was the leader of Thunderclan after Bluestar. He was the greatest leader the forest had ever seen. He was known to always do what he felt was right. Even in the darkest days, he could find hope. He had no trace of the soft, pampered kittypet he used to be. Skilled in combat, he Had the instincts of a true warrior. He also took in many loners, Rogues, and kittypets. He died from wounds that he got from fighting Tigerstar in a 1 on 1 deathmatch
On a scale of 1-10, he would be a 10.

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