Why I think Thistleclaw was Bad by Purpleshade

Purpleshade explains their feelings on Thistleclaw. 

Hello everyone! This is my second article. Some people say that Thistleclaw didn’t deserve to be sent to the Dark Forest. Personally, I cannot see why they think he’s okay.

First, look at how he treated Tigerpaw(claw,star). He orders him around and just makes him battle train. Sure, being a little lovey dovey with Snowfur is nice. Haven’t some bad guys have mates? They are still evil and deserve the Dark Forest. He basically threatened Bluefur(star) because she TALKED to her NEPHEW. What in the world is wrong with that?

He told her that if he thought she was making Whitekit(paw,storm) soft, he would prevent her from hanging out with him. Didn’t Bluefur(star)’s relationship make his son happier? Why didn’t he just tell her nicely to stay away instead of doing threats? Also, we all remember Thistleclaw ordering Tigerpaw(claw,star) to attack an innocent kit. (Later became Scourge) Just because he didn’t attack the kit himself doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be blamed. Sure, Tigerpaw agreed. He was doing what Thistleclaw had trained and told him to do. Obey and listen.

For me, Tigerpaw became evil because of Thistleclaw. He didn’t do his duty as a mentor and actually teach him that life wasn’t just one battle after another. It even mentions in Spottedleaf’s Heart about how he trains him. The whole entire book each time he basically trains him. Hunting, nope. Elders, StarClan help them. Proof of this even goes to the Prophecies Begins. The elders mention to Tawnypaw that Tigerstar never liked doing the elders ticks. My question: Why didn’t Thistleclaw actually tell him to do the elders ticks? All he did was battle train. Was this good mentoring? Does this make him any better?

In Crookedstar’s Promise, Thistleclaw appears again. He trained with Mapleshade out of all cats and LIKED IT. Secretly he was planning to kill Bluefur(star) because supposedly it was her fault that Snowfur died. Was this being a good cat? Hey, my mate died! A monster hit her. Let’s blame her sister who tried to help her! Also, in Spottedleaf’s Heart he KILLED A CAT. Was this very noble or just? Sure, Mapleshade ‘ordered’ him to do it. Thistleclaw had every right to refuse. People say he also was loving. How was he so loving? He wouldn’t even give up he lousy Dark Forest for Spottedleaf. Loving? Apparently.

If he truly loved Snowfur, he would respect her sister and what his son wanted. Whitekit(storm) liked Bluefur(star) to hang out with him. Why didn’t Thistleclaw respect his descision? He died challenging a rival patrol. Bluestar even remarked that he has his claws unsheathed to the last. Was dying in an unesscessary battle nice and happy of him? I don’t even want to list the Dark Forest training when Ivypool was spying. That list can go on and on. Honestly, I really don’t get how people can say that he should’ve gone to StarClan. The second someone mentions his name I can list several awful things he did. Is that sad or what? What do you guys think?

Hope you liked my article!

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