Half-Clan Cats: Good or Evil? Analyzing Stonefur and Mistystar’s Characters by Cheetahpaw

Cheetahpaw analyzes a few half-clan cats to determine whether or not they are really cats to be wary of.

Art by Graystripe64

Most of us probably know what half-clan cats are, but in case you don’t, half-clan cats are cats that had one parent in one clan and another parent in a different clan. Some cats, like Hawkfrost or Squirrelflight, have half rogue or half kittypet blood, but are still considered half-clan. Obviously, half-clan cats are not all the same. No entire breed of cats can be brought down to good or evil. There were both good and bad cats, but some of them made very significant impacts on the Clans. I will be assessing some of the half-clan cats and the impacts they had on the Clans.

Mistystar and Stonefur

Mistystar and Stonefur are the kits of Bluestar and Oakheart, making them half ThunderClan and half RiverClan. Mistystar and Stonefur didn’t know they were half-clan until their mother, Bluestar, told them right before she died. Their Clanmates didn’t know they were half-clan until way after becoming trusted warriors of RiverClan, so they weren’t faced with any scorn or had to prove themselves as loyal until the reign of TigerClan, under Tigerstar’s leadership, begun. Unlike many half-clan cats, Mistystar and Stonefur were not ashamed of their parents after they both died. However, before Bluestar died, they did resent Bluestar and tried to attack her.
As kits, Stonekit and Mistykit were raised at first as ThunderClan cats for their first moon or so. After Bluestar had to give up all three of her kits to become ThunderClan’s deputy, Mistykit and Stonekit didn’t remember their mother, dead sister, Mosskit, or being ThunderClan cats at all. Oakheart brought them to RiverClan to be trained as loyal warriors. They believed that their mother was Graypool, the she-cat that Oakheart asked to raise them, until Bluestar told them who their real mother was. Stonefur and Mistyfoot trained as warriors of RiverClan and became trusted and competent warriors. As of A Dangerous Path, Stonefur becomes the deputy of RiverClan under Leapordstar, a new leader at the time.
After Tigerstar united ShadowClan and RiverClan under TigerClan, Tigerstar tries to force Stonefur to kill a half-clan apprentice, Stormpaw. Stonefur refuses, and ends up being killed by Darkstripe and Blackfoot in an unfair fight. To the very end, Stonefur was a loyal RiverClan warrior and died for his Clan. Stonefur may not have made a very significant impact on Clan history, but he was a wonderful warrior and was remembered for seasons to come by RiverClan.

“Mistyfoot and I never even knew that Bluestar was our mother until a couple of moons ago. We have been loyal RiverClan warriors all our lives. Let any cat who thinks different come out here and prove it!
-Stonefur in The Darkest Hour page 167

After Stonefur’s death, Leapordstar asks Mistyfoot to be deputy in Stonefur’s place, despite recently being discovered as half-clan. Without going into much more detail, Mistyfoot continues to prove herself each moon after his death. She did great things for her Clan during her time as deputy. During Dawn, she is discovered to have been captured by two legs, and Hawkfrost replaces her as deputy. He gives up his position after she comes back, but it is later mentioned that he wished she had never come back. Mistyfoot lead her clanmates along with Leapordstar during the Great Journey. Finally, in Fading Echoes, Mistystar becomes leader after Leapordstar dies of illness.
Mistystar remains to be a wise and well-respected leader of RiverClan. RiverClan definetly had some problems under her rule, for example, Darktail invading RiverClan. Mistystar always helped RiverClan get priced back together after their problems, and the other Clans continue to respect her despite her being half-clan.

“Thank you, Blackstar. You can be sure that all the Clans will remember their dead for as long as the forest lasts. Ancestors of all the Clans, look down on us here and guide us through the hard days to come. Welcome the new starry warriors among you, and keep the memory of them fresh in our minds. We honor them, and all of you, now and always.”
-Mistystar in Bramblestar’s Storm, pages 55-56

In conclusion, Mistystar and Stonefur were amazing cats that did great things for their Clan, despite being half-Clan. Even though it is against the warrior code for cats from different Clans to have kits, I think that most half-Clan cats affected Clan history in positive ways. I do agree that half-clan cats or cats with mates in different clans can make their loyalties shaky, especially in battle with their loved ones. However, most of the half-clan cats proved valuable and loyal warriors to their Clans, despite a few exceptions.

Thank you for reading my article! This is my first one, so stay tuned for other character assessments on half-clan cats such as Hawkfrost, Mothwing, Stormfur, Feathertail, Lionblaze, and many more! I originally tried to put all of the half-clan cats in one article, but I ended up writing really long summaries. Thanks again! Until next time!

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  • The Mistystar and Stonefur part, Stonefur is actually Stormfur, Stonefur mentored Bluestar’s kit Stormfur. And it was Stonefur that was killed, because Stormfur went to join the Tribe of Rushing Water and mated Brook where small fish swim (Brook).

    • Buddy, Stormfur was actually Feathertails brother aka Greystripes kit, BlueStar had Stonekit aka Stonefur. This happens often that people confuse these two cats for one another, it is true that Stonefur had Stormkit as his apprentice but do not forget that Stormkit is a lot younger than Stone due to Greystripe being his father.

  • All Half-Clan Cats are Not Evil

    “I may seem like a enemy cause of my status by the heart tells us who we are any cat who defines that will face the claws of death

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