Defending the Dark Forest Cats by Wrenkit

Wrenkit defends the series most notorious villains.

Artwork by MossclawArt

Hello, I’m Wrenkit and today my article is about defending the Dark Forest cats.
Don’t think that I’m on the Dark Forest cats’ side because I’m defending them because I’m not. I don’t like what they did more than y’all do, but most of them need to be defended. So I’m going to defend some of them now.

Like a lot of Dark Forest cats, he became evil because of loss. He lost most of his family, blaming Bluestar for his mate’s death. But Snowfur is Bluestar’s sister though so she wouldn’t kill her. A monster killed Snowfur when she accidentally ran onto a Thunderpath. The only family he had left was his kit. If you had read Spottedleaf’s Heart(at least some of it, I haven’t finished it yet)and maybe Bluestar’s Prophecy, you would see him as kind.

He is also one of the cats that are evil because of greif. But also of a bad mentor, Thistleclaw. When Tigerstar was a kit, he was the only surviving one of the litter, his father, Pinestar, left to become a kittypet, and Tigerkit got saved by ShadowClan. No wonder that when he was banished he went there. When an apprentice, a mentor like Thistleclaw is not a good idea. He was taught savage battle moves which he was to young for. Tigerstar was forced to attack a helpless kittypet who was actually Scourage.

When her kits died, she had a dream of them crying for help. In order to save them, she killed three cats for revenge to get the kits to StarClan(or save them somehow). She killed the cats who were responsible for their death: Ravenwing, Frecklewish, and Appledawn. When the kits went swimming in the river, their medicine cat, Ravenwing, saw that they had RiverClan blood. He went back to tell the Clan, which then banished Mapleshade and the kits from ThunderClan. They decided to go to RiverClan, but when crossing the river, the kits were drowning. Frecklewish was watching but didn’t come to save them. When Mapleshade got to RiverClan, they neglected her, even her mate, Appledawn. When Appledawn was out for a walk, Mapleshade killed him. She killed all those cats to save her kits.

It is actually a little of his mother’s fault. Yellowfang shouldn’t have had a mate or kits in the first place. That was her punishment, to give birth to a cat like him. Since she was a medecine cat, she had to give him to another queen. The only queen though was Lizardstripe, who nipped, scratched, growled, and did other things like that him, making Brokenstar even eviler.

This is the end of the article
Hopefully, you’ve had a change of heart
May StarClan light your path, and not the Dark Forest

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  • 1. Thistleclaw
    Most of what you said is true, but in Spottedleaf’s Heart, I did not find him to be kind. He was manipulative of Spottedpaw. He thought that if she didn’t agree with his point of view, she was completely wrong. He made Spottedpaw–Spottedpaw who was just a young apprentice–believe that a warrior much older than her truly loved her. She was so easy to deceive because she didn’t understand. Spottedpaw trusted him because he was an adult. Thistleclaw threatens her and asks probing questions, trying to make her too afraid not to agree with everything he says. I was cruel beyond cruel that he would traumatize Spottedpaw! I’m not particularly a fan of Spottedleaf, but she was an innocent and confused victim of a child predator. It is wrong that Spottedpaw should be treated that way, or any cat for that matter.
    2. Tigerstar
    Again, most of what you said is true. I think he became evil because of influence. But he wasn’t ‘forced’ to attack Tiny (Scourge). Thistleclaw told him to, but Tigerpaw could have A) said no or B) only give him a small scratch or cuff him on the ears along with a warning not to come back. But it was Tigerpaw’s choice to nearly kill Tiny.
    3. Mapleshade
    I agree, but I do think there was a pretty good reason for her to go to the Dark Forest. By the way, I don’t know if it’s a typo or not–you might already know it, but just in case you don’t: Mapleshade’s mate was Appledusk, not Appledawn 🙂
    4. Brokenstar.
    I agree. I think Brokenstar could have turned out better if Lizardstripe was more kind and nurturing. But at the same time, that doesn’t justify all of Brokenstar’s evil doings. It is still murder and kidnapping, no matter what the motive Brokenstar had; Lizardstripe’s effect on him doesn’t make what he did okay.

    • I believe Tigerpaw was goaded on by Thistleclaw during the Tiny episode, and I don’t think he saw what he was doing as wrong; that’s what he was taught about defending territory.

      • That is true. However, even if that’s what he was taught, he still had a choice. Maybe he could have recognized that what Thistleclaw was instructing was wrong. At the same time, you could be right and Tigerpaw was too far gone. Other cats had a large effect on Tigerpaw’s life. Pinestar’s decision of becoming a kittypet, leaving Tigerpaw bitter and ashamed of his father and feeling like he had something to prove the Clan, is one of these effects. Thistleclaw’s violent nature as well. But he could also see the good actions of others, too, like Bluefur.

  • I . . . I would quite like to train in the Place of no Stars . . . All of the villains are soooo epic, but I wouldn’t know where my loyalties lie . . . 🙁 meh, that can wait. Yay! I love deese cats! Hawkfrost for the win :p or sol for that matter . . . WHY CAN’T ONE CAT JUST KILL HEATHERFAIL?! SOZ HEATHERFAIL LOVERS, BIT SHE SHOULD GO DIE. SMOKEPAW AND BRINDLEPAW SHOULD TOO.

    • Noooo 😮😢 What did they ever do??? Heathertail isn’t a bad cat. BREEZEPELT on the other hand……well whatevs I like both characters. And their kits are fine too. Brindlewing and Smokehaze are such good names anyway. 😀

  • I’m not trying to be mean, but why would you defend Thistleclaw or Brokenstar? Thistleclaw trained in the dark forest and was just plain evil. He was also a child predator and deserved to be in Dark forest. Brokenstar was all Lizardstripe’s fault. Yellowfang was technically still a warrior when she got pregnant. She only became a med cat because of her starclan darned power. But great on defending Mapleshade!

    • i’m in love with maple shade!!!!she was just driven mad by grief!!!!your brain makes you do bad things when your in grief too!!!more people need to remember to tell maple shade to remember that her kits were watching her from star clan!!their up there watching and wanting their mother to know that they don’t want her to kill for them!!!who knows, they might be falling in love or planning on getting kits!!!thank you for defending maple shade!!!also is it just me or is anyone else mourning maple shades death along with scourge and other dark forest cats!!!!??

      • Um. Then what about Frecklewish. Her brain, bc DUH, she was grieving, might have made her do some bad things too. Like not save Mapleshade’s kits.

  • Mapleshade killed Ravenwing, hurt Frecklewish and killed her own mate Appledusk when she was trying to kill Appledusk second mate, Reedshine mother of Shellheart. Appledusk leaped on her and she killed him. Just to say, that part Appledawn is actually Appledusk.

  • Has anyone else here noticed that Mapleshade was driven mad from grief of her lost kits but she was also the one who suggested killing off the kits in the battle with the Dark forest to make the mothers have less to fight for. Sorry I thought was interesting I’m going to go now