My Opinion of Bramblestar by Wrenkit

Wrenkit shares their opinion of Bramblestar.

Art by Fox-Desert

Hello I’m Wrenkit and today my article is about Bramblestar.

Even though his father,Tigerstar was evil,mostly because of Thistleclaw,and Bramblestar’s half brother,Hawkfrost,also evil,because of Tigerstar,Bramblestar wasn’t. He was kind and generous, for instance,in Bramblestar’s Storm he saved the kittypets when their twoleg nests flooded,not what all cats would have done. Though he is a bit too generous sometimes like by letting the kittypets become warriors,I mean which leaders, except for Bluestar,Firestar,and Bramblestar,would have done that,not me. And he is patient and NOT deadly. Like in Sunset when Firestar got trapped by a fox trap, he could have killed Firestar to become leader but he didn’t. Instead he freed Firestar and killed Hawkfrost. Killing a cat would ussaly be against the warrior code but since Hawkfrost was evil and Brambleclaw was the complete opposite Brambleclaw killed to protect his Clan leader by risking his own life. Well Brambleclaw would have died protecting any nice and not evil cat. He would be the perfect leader,if he wasn’t why do you think StarClan gave Leafpool the vision of a bramble thicket that are actually a bunch of claws protecting the camp when ThunderClan needed a new deputy. It’s great that he exestied because so much would have gone wrong if he didn’t exist. Without him,the Clans probably wouldn’t have found a new home,Firestar would have died and the Clans would be ruled by Hawkfrost,A Vision of Shadows wouldn’t be made,SkyClan wouldn’t have been brought back because there would then be no Alderheart or Twigkit to find them,in other words,I’m glad that there is a Bramblestar.Aren’t you? Now let’s take a look at his bad side shall we? First of all he was a little like Hawkfrost at first and like Hawkfrost he was trained by Tigerstar in his dreams. Like being trained by a Dark Forest cat is completely vicious and shows that you are a super bad cat. He wanted to be like his father at first. Though that’s pretty much everything that is bad about him. But changing from the cat that he was at first,a cat like Tigerstar,to the one he is now,a kind and genorous cat,shows true loyalty .

It looks like we’re coming to an end of today’s article. Please tell me what you think.
Goodbye and may StarClan light your path.

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